Just A Moment (Of Her Time)
by Vala

It was just a dark and dingy motel room off the highway in the middle of nowhere. No one would care if a human disappeared because the kind of people that stayed here had no one who cared if they lived or died and she could think of nothing sadder. She'd seen many things in her four hundred years and still, this was the saddest.

It only took a moment for the life to leave them. Just one moment of her time. For them, the dying felt like venom had been pumped through their veins and they were frozen. Shell shocked. Pinned to the cardboard bed as their cheap faux plastic glasses fell to the floor, bouncing just twice.

For them, the dying seemed to take longer than just the moment it took of her time.

She may have been human again, but she'd tasted blood and she wanted more.


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