Life And Death
by Sami

Tru expected Jack to be cool to the touch. What with being death and all. But that hand rubbing her naked hip was anything but. He was burning. She wondered what she felt like to him. What was Life to Death? Was he as surprised as she was? That Death was tender kissing her face and neck while Life cut furrows with her nails on his back? Tru knew that they were at war. She hadn't forgotten Luc.

Jack just looked at her and let his hands wander. He didn't really have an expression, he never really did, though Tru thought she saw contentment hidden deep. She knew this was wrong. She shouldn't be in Jack's arms. She really wished that she hadn't tried to slap him.

She had just finished saving a stabbing victim. Jack was heading off to try to 'balance the scales' when Tru just reacted. They were alone in the park. The moon was full enough for her to see him surprised when she turned him around and pushed him into a tree.

"Tru, I have work to do," Jack said coolly.

"No, you have people to kill."

"Do I have to explain my job again?"

It was his calm indifference to people's lives that made her slap him. Or try too. Jack caught her hand and pulled her to him. Then she was the one against the tree.

"Damn, Tru, can't you just give up?"

"Never," She said with a defiant lift to her chin and a set look to her eyes. Then he kissed her.

She can't even say that she struggled. His lips on hers was revolting...when she thought about it. The revulsion didn't leave but was joined by something primal. When she pulled Jack closer she felt as if it had happened before. There wasn't any awkwardness just familiarity. It was as if they had been lovers for years not recent enemies.

She wasn't thinking of Harrison, Luc, or Davis or how she was betraying them. She wasn't thinking at all. Just feeling. She was feeling Jack's jeans as they groped on the way to his place. She was feeling the stubble on his face scratching her lips as he fumbled for his keys. She was feeling revulsion holding on as guilt was washed away as suddenly as their clothes disappeared and her back hit the mattress.

Now here they were three hours later. Searching each others eyes while laying in each others arms. Tru brought her lips to his and she knew nothing had changed. They would fight, hate, and work against each other until one was dead. But she realized as he pulled her closer that at the end of the day they were the only thing that they could rely on.

Life would always try to beat death and wouldn't ever stop fighting. Death would always rise to the challenge. No matter if Life and Death aren't represented by Tru and Jack anymore. Their feud would always go on. No matter what battles, no matter what bodies, no matter if they fought or fucked. It always will go on. Nothing had changed.


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