Are You Now Or Have You Ever (The Silence Remix)
by Michelle K.

Remix of Are You Now Or Have You Ever by Simon Field.

Toby doesn't look at Sam when the other sidles up to him in the hall. He doubts that what he was to say is really more important than the Senate Oversight Committee, but he lets him go ahead anyway.

After all, he could be right. Outside chance, but it's there.

When he hears the -- unknown to him -- name Sammy Halfeck, he's thinking the outside chance is running far away in the other direction, never to be heard from again.

The National Inquirer mention solidifies his suspicions.

Then, he hears the words "somebody," "staff," and "porno," and he thinks this at least has the opportunity to be....

Well, he was going to think interesting, but that seems to be pushing it. Horrible is more like it.

Sam seems disturbingly happy to have the weight lifted from his shoulders, while Toby is not pleased at all -- he can almost see the scales tipping from 'good day' to 'day from hell.' Toby wonders if Sam is the porn actor, but that's thrown to the wind when Sam suggests talking to CJ. Unless he is currently filming a porno and this is a convoluted set-up.

Sadly, the idea of Sam and CJ sexing him up to the wack-a-cho beat of unerotic music doesn't make the day any better.

Somehow, Sam leads him to CJ's office, which she is leaving -- do any of them ever stay in their offices, after all? -- and which Sam takes as an opportunity to wave her over to their two man parade of doom.

CJ has a much more demonstrative -- but no less alarmed -- reaction to Sam's news. In fact, it's too alarmed, but no one else seems to hear it.

So, that's a plus. Sorta.

But the more important thing is finding the former "actor" in their midst. Toby knows it's not himself.

The idea of CJ in porn...he's not so sure. But, to tell the truth, he would be a little interested in seeing it. Just....


That doesn't help the fact that he's actually going to have to look into this. Nor do images of Donna's 'sexy wiggle thing' or the intriguing knowledge that CJ's noticed it.

The mention of Josh's 'hot butt'?




But giving it to CJ could. Heh. That's what she gets for joking about this.

And making him think about Josh's ass.

And noticing Josh's ass.

Sam makes a tiny, almost strangled noise. Toby glances over inquisitively. And, then, there is it: Sam in porn. Well, in confession sense, not in a literal, here's a playing video sense.

So. That happened.

And now it's going to be a mess for days to come.

He thinks he's going to kill Sam. Or force him to join the Republican Party.

As soon as he figures out which fate is worse.


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