The Morning After
by Don't Make Eye Contact

Oz woke up gradually. The smell of the room coming into focus around him before he even opened his eyes. He could smell blood, vomit, semen, urine. The smells weren't new, the room was saturated with them.

A motel room then.

He remembered why he always preferred to sleep in his van.

He could also smell Faith.

Her smell coated him.

There was another smell there too that he couldn't quite...

She rode him, grinding her hips viciously, porn moans filling his ears.

The memory slid into his brain. It was hazy but the memories of the raw lust hit him hard.

He opened his eyes and looked around. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt that were a few sizes too big. He felt the talisman wrapped around his wrist and hand. It's presence reassured him. The full moon had been a few nights ago but he felt like he needed the calming spells on it all the time right now. He wished he could remember more about the previous night.

He sat up and looked around the room. There was a note on the table.

You were great.

Tucked under the note were a couple of hundred dollar bills. He picked them up, confused.

He walked barefoot to his van and found some clothes to change into. His memory of the previous night was mostly blank. Bits kept coming back. Images, sensations. He started driving. The window open as he tried to let his sense of smell take over, tried to get a feel for where he had come from. Trying to track his own and Faiths scents to trigger his memories.

He drove past the bar and then reversed. The bar looked familiar, a shithole of a place in a squat concrete building. It wasn't closed and when he walked in it looked like it never closed. The sunlight was making a brave attempt to get through the filthy windows but it was still dingy and seedy inside. There were a few people in booths and at the bar. Oz found the place at the bar where he had sat. Faith's scent was strong here too. He remembered...


Oz smelled Faith the moment he walked in the door. He almost walked straight back out again. He didn't want to think about anything to do with Sunnydale.

But he needed human contact, being alone with his own thoughts was starting to make him lose his cool.

Faith was someone familiar and maybe that wasn't a bad thing. He sat down next to her and ordered a whiskey.

Faith knocked back another shot of absinthe and glared at Oz blearily. "Did Buffy tell you to track me down?"

"No." He thought about adding that he hadn't even known she was out of her coma but a simple 'no' was enough to get the point across.

"Why not? Aren't I a big enough fucking threat to her?" Faith glowered at Oz.

"Couldn't say."

"Been to the old homestead recently, Rover? Seen Red?"

Her voice was edged with cruelty. Oz wondered if she wanted to be able to tell him, to hurt him. He didn't rise to the bait. He didn't have any anger left in him over that. It was too heartbreaking. "I have. I hope Tara makes her happy."

"Christ you're a fucking wuss. Someone I loved like that got a new squeeze I would go crazy, I'd..."

"Shoot the new guy with a poisoned arrow?"

"Something like that." She sagged as the fight left her.

They fell into a depressed silence. Faith broke it. "We need more to drink."


He hadn't been drunk then. It came back to him easily. They had bought a couple of bottles and got a booth. It seemed like Faith needed the human contact too. They talked for hours. He told her of his cure and how the beast still came out. She told him about waking up and trying to take Buffy's body. He tried to avoid looking her in the eye. When he did he saw how far gone she was. How detached from her emotions she was. Like he could talk.

He had been staring into space for a few minutes before the bartender asked him what he wanted but Oz just said "Nothing" and walked out. He followed the trail that he and Faith had left.


Oz looked up at the moon as Faith pushed him against the wall. She bit and sucked at his neck and down his chest, ripping his t-shirt off. Oz could tell she was trying way too hard to feel passion, to lose her pain in the sex. He didn't care. He wanted the same.

She undid his belt and jeans and then her mouth was round his cock. He kept staring up at the moon, trying to enjoy the blowjob. Faith was enthusiastic and skilled. She didn't pull away as he came in her mouth. She stood up and wiped her lips.

Their eyes met and he saw the deadness, he looked away.

"Come on. I've gotta be someplace and I'm taking you with me."

"Sure." He didn't have any other plans right then. Or ever.

She reached into his jeans and pulled out the keys to his van. Without a word he went to the passenger side and soon they were driving through dark streets in a warehouse district.


He leaned against the wall as the still strong scents made the memories surface. He felt a stab of guilt and hated that he did. He hadn't even looked at another woman while he was away from Willow. Now he should be looking at other women, he should be fucking the pain away.

He should...

Faith was naked, she smelled irresistible, he couldn't help...

He had. Flashes of it kept coming through. He rarely drank these days because he hated the loss of control, he hated not remembering things like this.

He got back into his van and tried to remember the route they had taken. The streets looked different in the sunlight and the scent trail was hard to pick up. He started to drive up and down the streets randomly, trying to find something that would trigger a memory.


Faith hammered on the metal door. A pissed off hulk of a man answered. "What the fuck are you doing her tonight?"

"Get everything ready, I've got a surprise."


"Shut the fuck up and do it."

"If you are fucking with me I'll..." Faith gave the man a look and he walked back into the building, leaving the door open.

Oz felt dizzy, he was drunk, there was a confusing mash of smells around him, Faith was pushing him through the door and kissing him again.


Oz stopped the van when he saw the door. He got out and approached it. He could hear movement inside so he hammered on the door. A few moments later it opened up and the same hulking figure said "what" in a way that suggested the answer had better be damn good if the person knocking wanted to keep their scrotum.

Before Oz even had a chance to answer the huge man smiled in recognition. "Oh its you. Come on in. I was hoping I'd get to see you again."

Oz followed him in and stopped, his eyes taking in the room. It was a lot to take in. There were several cages, large and small. There were chains and shackles. The smells were overwhelming him now, the memories close to the surface.

Ripping clothes, her tongue, chains, his penis inside Faith as she fucked him.

The biggest cage had a chains attached the floor.

Faith hitting him repeatedly in the face, grappling him, pushing him back and chaining him down.

He stared at the camera, the lighting equipment. It was a porn set. Faith had brought him to a porn shoot. And not to watch.

The big man sat down in the directors chair. "Is Buffy with you?"


"Girl you came here with last night?"


"Figured Buffy wasn't her real name. Not surprised she'd want a fake name for what we do though eh?"

Oz ignored him and gripped the bars as the memories came.


Faith stripped out of her clothes in a businesslike fashion. She grabbed Oz and pushed him into the cage. The big man and another man, this one smaller and bald came back into the room. The smaller one gave Faith a phial of some red liquid that she drank back in one swig. She threw the phial against the wall to smash it and then walked into the cage. The big man locked it tight and started up the camera.

Faith was naked. She smelled irresistible, he couldn't help grabbing her. Kissing her. He didn't even notice what she was doing until she had removed his talisman. "What..." he tried to ask but the smell was driving him crazy. The lust rippling through his body and hitting the wolf inside him.

Faith held him upright. "Don't bother fighting it. Potion I drank makes me irresistible to werewolves, Rover."

"But... Faith..." He couldn't speak as he felt the wolf taking over. He focused his minds on the chants, the spells the monks had taught him but it wasn't working. He could feel his bones ripping and reshaping. His muscles twisting. Faith let him drop to the floor as he changed.


"What kind of films do you make here?"

"Don't you remember, pal? Oh I guess some of you guys don't. We do Lycanthroporn, mate. When we can get em. Werewolf porn makes a fucking mint. A lot better than suckflicks, those are ten a fucking penny."

Faith hitting him repeatedly in the face, grappling him, pushing him back and chaining him down.

"Faith brought me here for this."

"Yeah. That girl is fucking genius finding a werewolf that can change when it isn't the full moon."

Oz couldn't control the lust and rage that was boiling in him. He strained at the chains as Faith fucked him. She rode him, grinding her hips viciously, porn moans filling his ears. He wanted to rip her throat out and fuck her.

Oz sank to the floor as the memories flooded into his mind. He could remember it all now. Every feeling, every smell. He remembered Faith fucking him. The pleasure of sex with a werewolf's senses was almost too much for him to cope with.

He got to his feet and made for the door. Then he stopped as what he had been smelling started to make sense to him.

"You have another werewolf here."

"Oh yeah. Now we have a pair. Now I want you to come back here on the next full moon so we can have a pair of werewolves. You would not believe the cut you will make of a video like that. What do you say?"

"Take me to her."

"Sure. She aint much to see while she's human but I'm told that in wolf form she is quite the looker." He led Oz through a door and gestured to a heavily bolted door. Oz peered through the tiny barred window. Inside was a woman, she was naked and huddled in the corner. Oz looked away.

"I'm going now and I'm taking her with me."

The big man's voice took on a hard edge, losing the friendliness. "Listen, kid. You don't want to make jokes like that. That bitch belongs to me and you aren't taking her anywhere."

"You're making me angry." Oz said, looking back in the cell. "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

"Don't threaten me you little fucker." He opened his jacket to show a gun. "And it's got silver bullets in it so what the fuck are you going to do?"

Oz slipped the talisman off his hand and let it drop onto the floor. He let the anger take over. He leapt and changed in mid air.


Oz woke gradually. The smells coming into focus around him. There was blood everywhere. He got to his feet and looked around. The remains of the big man were nearby. Oz found the talisman where he had dropped it and slipped it on. Repeating the calming mantra in his head. He searched around and found some spare clothes in a neat bedroom where the big man had slept. Some mail told him that the man's name had been Vic Rose. Oz tried not to think about it. He dressed and grabbed some extra clothes.

The woman whimpered as he opened the door. He approached slowly. "Don't worry. I'm taking you out of here." She looked at him disbelieving. He put the clothes down and backed away. She got dressed silently.

When she was clothed he held out a hand. "Come on. We need to hurry."

She hesitantly took his hand and got to her feet. Oz led her out of the building. She flinched a bit when she saw the blood and Vic's corpse but only for a moment, then she seemed to relax. "Did I do that?"

"No. I did."

She gripped his hand tighter. He unlocked the van and asked her to wait before he grabbed a can of gas from the back. "I'll be back in a minute."

"He gathered all the videos he could find and poured most of the gas on them but he made sure he spread it around. He took a last look at Vic

Slicing, tearing.

Before lighting the gas and running out of the building.

He knew of a commune for werewolves up in Canada. The werewolf he had rescued would need help and the woman who ran the commune was kind and understanding.

Jaws on Vic's throat. Feeling the spray of blood as his teeth pierce the flesh.

He would drop her off and find someplace to be alone. He needed to be away from people. Away from anyone.


And without looking back he drove away.


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