Lolita In Rome
by Sami

It was stupid, I know. He's, like, in his late twenties and, yeah, I'm in my late teens. But he was so cute and that accent... You know how hard it is to find anyone who's American and halfway decent around here! Even you have to admit that he's cute... Hey, don't act so high and mighty. It's not like you've never been with someone older than you. Least Lindsey and me were born in the same century! And he's human! So, that's a plus, right... Buffy, you're acting like it's huge a deal... It is not. I'm legal in both the U.S. and Italy... Least Lindsey had a last name... I do too know! It's Macdonald, FYI... Don't little sister me. I'm 18. If I want to have a torrid affair, I can! Oh, yeah, you so have! Do you need reminders? Spike. Angel... I'm so out of here... You're right I am going to find Lindsey... No, you can't break his legs!


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