Drown (The Grave-Snatcher Remix)
by Niu

Remix of Drown by Niu

He cannot breathe and despite not needing to, he wants to feel air burning it's way down into his lungs to remind him that he is alive.

But he's not.

The body is unfamiliar to his mind and the's constraints more so, but not to his body. This wrecked flesh knows what binds it, who binds it, and it fights to be free through any means possible. It pulls at his thoughts, fraying them. Little tendrils of him split away as the body tightens its grips and pulls.



He startles into wakefulness, wincing at the light and confusion at the limbs encircling him.

Then he remembers.

"Will," She murmurs into his throat. "Were you dreaming again?"

He tastes the name in his own mouth, twisting it over and turning it about. It tastes of goodness and sin, sugar and salt.

He turns onto his side, his back to the woman and finds himself face to face with the source of the sin and the salt. The pirate raises an eyebrow.

"I couldn't breathe."

"And how," Jack asks, "is that any different from now?"

He feels himself slipping under as hands, rough and smooth, take control of his body and he falls back into sleep.


He cannot breathe but he's sure he needs to, fills his lungs with water only to find that it is of no consequence to his body.

The moon filters through the indigo deep, and Will wonders how he got here, to this body, in this box. He wonders too, who 'Connor' is, and why he hates him.


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