Narciso In Chains
by Patricia R.D.

Turns out the Senior Partners were a little angry after all. That and "pleasantly surprised" their former Golden Boy finally showed he still had it. But still, Angel is to be kept alive... for the time being.

"Of course They have something in mind for Angel," Lilah says casually as the whip lashes across Lindsey's stomach, smiling in calculated pleasure when he jerks and bites his lip hard to avoid crying out loud_ Not that he could, his voice hoarse and weak after what seems centuries of nice, hard torture. "It's all a matter of sitting back and waiting a little."

Lindsey looks up at her, blood painting his lips and chin crimson as he whispers, "You're starting to repeat yourself, Darlin'. How about a new tune?"

She leans closer. "I would go with 'I can help you if you play nice', but that one you should have guessed already." Her voice is low and sweet now. "Because you know I'll be your new playmate the moment the Senior Partners decide you can go back. And let's face it," her tongue feels like battery acid against his bruised cheek. "I'm a million times better than little Miss MousyLiason will ever be."

Eve. He'd forgotten about her. Kind of hard to think of the sweetheart you left behind when your former partner in crime spends a lot of her time fucking your chained self. He almost feels sorry for Eve_ just a girl playing both sides for the thrill and the romance of it. How easy had he taken her, shaped her like soft clay into a powerful ally and lover. He should probably be more concerned about her well being, but she'll have to make it on her own. Besides, there's not a lot he can do right now.

"Thinking about the prostitot again?" Lilah teases. "The thing you fucked in the dark so you could think it was your favorite blonde vampiress?" She laughs and Lindsey has to get ahold of all of his willpower to avoid spitting bile and blood at Lilah's face. Instead, he licks Lilah's neck, tracing the scar with the tip of his tongue with extraordinaire expertise. It's almost enough to make the bitch come right there. But truth to be told? Sometimes he has to let her wait.

Because he knows she has the upper hand now. She's the Golden Girl who tell the Senior Partners when Lindsey might be ready for a comeback. And so he screams for her when she whips him until his skin is broken and bleeding. He kneels on burning coals and goes down on her with his scruffy face until she cries out a familiar name. And he rests his bloody back against the hard floor as she rides him, teasing him with sharp weapons and even sharper words. Because he'll do whatever it takes to go back and make Angel pay.

And once he's won back the favors of the Big Bosses, he wants to take it at lilah too.

Oh yeah. Angel and Lilah, chained to a tree...


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