Reflections (At A Tori Amos Concert) (The Hey Mars Remix)
by Jill B. Wilde

Remix of Reflections (At A Tori Amos Concert) by cheebs!

Waiting for me,
you grew wet there
in gentle foothills,
in the dew drops of the mountains--
I wish I'd been such drops of dew.
~~ Lady Ishikawa

Your tongue thrums and moves
Into me, and I become
Hollow and blaze with
Whirling light, like the inside
Of a vast expanding pearl.
~~ Marichiko, according to Kenneth Rexroth

She nuzzles the earlobe a bit; Rei-chan curls up into a tighter ball, but eventually flips over on her side from her stomach and Serena burrows into those marvelous breasts.


Serena lets Rei's voice sink in, a marvelous thing, something new, something precious.

The audience seems to be reviving after having the life energy nearly sucked out of their prone bodies.

Rei looks her in the eye, and swaggers, as much as one can in the middle of singing a song, shoulders puffed, chin angled like a charmed knife. She relaxes and spreads her arms open wide, and looks at the mercurial heavens,

keeps singing, and sings--


Serena thinks,

so pretty.


"When was it?"



"When did you decide..."



"....that you, that I..."



"that you and I..?"


Darien is the future, Serena thinks.

No, Darien is the intended future, she corrects.

The way F-A-T-E spells Crystal Tokyo, centuries passing in the blink of-- a star.

A baby, some friends.

FATE of THE WORLD. universe in its entirety,

and it belongs to Darien as King To Be, Serena as Queen For Him.

She blinks.

Lovely coffeehouse, lovely girl playing the guitar that her girlfriend couldn't possibly learn with her clumsy fumbling fingers in this lifetime.

She blushes.

Good thing these clumsy fumbling fingers are more than good enough "GREAT! uhhnnnnnn...YES!!... uhmmmmm......OOHHHHHHHHHH, SE REEE NAAAAAAAAAAAAAA "

And all is SuperNOVA-

Rei sings:

Call up your friends, dilly, dilly
Set them to work
Some to the plough, dilly dilly,
Some to the fork
Some to the hay, dilly dilly,
Some to thresh corn
Whilst you and I, dilly dilly,
Keep ourselves warm
Lavender's blue, dilly dilly,
Lavender's green

She smiles, an amused one meant for her.

Now I am King, dilly dilly,
You are my Queen

Yes, true.



"Hey, Steve."

"What, Yoshimitsu?"

"Those chicks were hot."

"Yeah. Yeah, they were."

"That one's got a rack."

"Ohh, yeah!"

"And her girfriend ain't half bad."

"All that one needs is a school girl uniform."

"Yeah, don't you wanna just bend her over.."



"You done taking a piss?"

"That was five beers, man."


" ? "



Yoshimitsu got the hint as Steve nudged them both into an open, then closed stall.


and I knew you

Serena smiles while turning towards Rei,

pigtails and all

who tugs on her left one.

girls when they fall

So Serena rests her head on Rei's shoulder, and cuddles into the warmth growing like an afterthought into the fast closing space between them.


Granpa places the other setting on the low wooden table.

Yuu flushes a bit while serving the rest of dinner.

It smells delicious.

But his smile is genuine and sincerely welcoming.

It tastes fantastic.


On the seventh, the setting ("extra") became a
permanent fixture ("another")
at the household.
("temporary/ new one")


After the first time, Granpa kissed Serena welcome on her cheek when she walked into their home.

When dinner was finished, she and Rei ("Rei and me!" "Rei and I!!" "REI!!! <3 mine!1 <3")

went into her room and talked.

When Serena was leaving, Yuuichiro kissed her on the cheek.

He said, come again.

This time she blushes.


That moment, in the bathroom.

Her fingers were so slippery.

The water was warm, soapy.

Sponge, so soft!

And she kept her eyes averted, because she thought that Rei would not want her to see too much.

She was wrong!

thank the gods, thank the gods!!


Serena's Mom adores Rei.

Serena's Dad gives her stock tips.

they are the ones that count.


"Mina!! We love you! Thank you so much for getting sick last night!"

So Mina tries not to laugh at Rei.

A set up's no fun, if you can't keep a secret.

The goose must be kept blindfolded to be cooked!

In which case, Serena was doing a fantastic job on her love-goose.

Here comes the kono yaro now.

"Eheheheheh! Yes! Thank you!"

Koso. Koso.


Usagi-chan, Rei thought blearily.

It rang again.

Rei opened the door. Serena was beaming.



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