Sense Memory V
by Tesla

Scully sat down at her computer, trying to figure out where and how and why she had ever been in a bar with Mulder. A bar with a quiet back room and a pool table, with a high opaque window covered with a blue "Coors" sign.

laughing Take it slowly, before the pool table part.

After hours; or it was closed, because as she tried to remember the flashes of memory, she knew that they were alone in the bar. safe

They weren't drugged, they weren't drunk they were lucky to be there, they were lucky to be togetherand they hadn't been out all night. It was stillMulder put a pocketful of quarters in the jukebox and they were dancing and laughing

She put her fingers on her eyelids and tried to remember. Music. Nice, kind of slow-dancing music. her jacket and raincoat and his jacket and raincoat were on a table. "Lock up," said--

That was before the music. She and Mulder had gone somewhere to look at something, that wasn't an emergency, that didn't have a body or a crime scene or any one else. Someone told them to lock up when they were finished. Mulder put money in the juke box.

Dance with me, Scully

Mulder, you goof

Mulder's slow, open smile. Dance with me, Scully. And one hand on her hip and the other hand holding hers. Smiling

The flickers were fading. She couldn't quite hold on.


Mulder walked down the sidewalk, hands in his pockets, sunglasses on. He and Scully had been in a bar, looking at something. Something, off-duty, perhaps. There was no one else in the bar. He had the keys. The only ghosts were the scents of liquor and beer and cigarette smoke.

He could smell it.

He could smell Scully's hair.

A car drove by, the radio mellow and sweet.

Music had been playing.

But it wasn't any good. The further he was from Scully, the less sure he was of any of the flashes of knowledge, of any of the sense memories.

He turned around and walked back to the office, sweating a little in the late afternoon sun. sweat at her temples, his back prickling with it under her small hands as he came inside her

He had no idea what to ask her.


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