by Vixxxen

Belle is stuck in happily ever after.

After the change, the marriage, she's caught by a man that she would have never looked at before. He's kind, considerate. They read together, feed the birds, and do good deeds while waiting for their family to start.

She's bored to tears.

She tolerates his soft caresses and romantic words, all the while burning for... something else.


They didn't learn about the clause until right before their first anniversary. The fairy showed up again, and being the reformed man that he is, he let her in. She asked him a few questions, congratulated him, and then let it slip that since the last petal fell before he was transformed, that one day a year, he would revert for a night. To the Beast. He was horrifed, and Belle was outwardly. Secretly, her heartbeat sped up and she thought about the possiblities.


The date came around, and he locked her in the East Wing, for her protection, he said. A scant hour later, her door broke and the Beast came crashing in. She backed up against the wall, chest heaving, as he hurled himself over to her. This wasn't the kind, loving Beast she had known at the end. This was a wild thing in front of her.

"Thought you could hide from me," he growled. "You are mine!" He took one sharp claw and slit one tie on her dress. The laces fell open, and she felt exposed, and more alive than she had in a long time.

"Mine," he growled at her again, and ripped the rest of her clothing off. "Say it!"

"Yours," Belle answered, and submitted.


The next morning arrived, and she was alone. She was lying on what remained of the bed, sheets scattered around her. She felt the stickiness on her neck and the scratches on her back, and smiled. On the nightstand, there was a note. In human form, his hand was elegant, but this was barely understandable. Mine. Don't forget. Until next time. With it was a lock of hair that she folded in it and placed in the blessedly normal stand.

So she sits patiently, smiles when she's supposed to, and waits for the next time.


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