Cherry-Kiwi Lip Gloss
by Sami

Cordelia totally blames Harmony and that stupid, stupid luscious comment, coupled with low necklines and tight jeans. Then Willow, with her college lesbo phase, talking about Harmony being a vampire and not into girl on girl action. Which should make Cordelia scared, not disappointed. That was what Cordy is repressing. She doesn't need another sexy vampire hanging about. Especially if it's a chick-vamp that she finds sexy. Which she shouldn't given the fact that she LOVES men. She also really hates that every vampire she knows has great hair. Why must Harmony's hair be so pretty and shiny?

Harmony is just sitting here painting Cordy's toenails and prattling on about Aura being in lesbian porn. Isn't that just the luck? There is yet another attractive lesbian in her life, whom she should think of as attractive in the platonic sense, not in the hey-lets-experiment' way! Harmony can't be that clueless throwing up lesbonic subtext every five seconds. Aren't vampires like totally bi anyway? Cordy is sure that is true, at least from her observations of Spike and Angel. Harmony is like trying to seduce her or something. She doesn't blame the poor girl, but still. Is Harmony wearing cherry-kiwi lip gloss?

"And she is soooo trying to copy you with the acting. Really, who is she kidding? Now she's all upset because everyone knows. What does she expect-?" Harmony rambled on.

"Harmony. Toes. Paint. Remember?"

Cordy had to make her stop. Harmony was gesturing with the nail polish cap and her breasts were moving and jiggling. Cordelia is convinced that Harmony is trying to seduce her. Harmony just looks over innocently, as though she wasn' t just jiggling.

"Go on. About Aura. Hey, does she know that you're dead?"

The door slams open and Wesley and Angel rush in, armed and ready for stupidity. Cordelia has never been happier to see a man. The boys stutter and yammer and Cordy, like the good actress she is, plays the part of the indignant friend and not the chick thinking about joining the 'other' team. A break from Harmony would be great. Some reflection, maybe some demon fighting, followed by light flirting with Gunn would be just the thing to get her on the straight and narrow. Cordy needs to get laid...with a man, and soon because Harmony is looking pretty luscious again. She totally blames Harmony and her damn jiggling for her new found 'fascination'.


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