Progressions: First Contact
by Tigermoth26

Daniel takes a step forward until he and Jonas are standing toe-to- toe. "I was thinking of something more along the lines of this..."

Jonas barely has time to draw in a gasp of breath as the soft heat of Daniel's mouth is pressed against his own and Daniel's hesitant fingers curl around his groin, squeezing gently.

The contact ends and Daniel steps back again, the distance between their bodies, however, still remains close. Daniel's torso is very broad and very muscled, and Jonas's gaze has dropped to Daniel's chest and doesn't seem to be able to come back up again. There is a moment of silence in which the pungent stench of sweat locked up in a room too long reigns victorious. Arousal and adrenaline run uncertainly through Jonas's veins as he struggles to string together an appropriate response in his head.

"I think," he mumbles hazily as he drifts forward toward Daniel's very broad and very muscled chest, "that I understand what you're getting at."


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