Sense Memory IV
by Tesla

She hastily took her hand off the gear shift, and Mulder was devoutly grateful. As it was, he hardly dared breathe.

He could feel her hand on him. He could hear her laughing in his earScully breathlessly laughing, head thrown back, like a child on a swing, and he was the one pushing her. They were walking to the pool table, but it was like dancing. It was like dancing, him with one hand at her nape, the other at her hip, she moving backwards under his hands, his tie wrapped around both her fists

He had to get out of this car. He had to get away from her and think about this, and not be having flashbacks, they were flashbacks, why-- how--missing time? Drugged? How could he suddenly just remember how hot and wet, how like melted wax or hot pancake syrup, hot liquor, was her sweet how could he possibly have forgotten entering that, her silky tightness gripping him, so much better than his fantasies? At the time he thought it couldn't be a dream, it was true and right

He turned his head away from her, and glanced sideways from under the screen of his sunglasses. She was holding onto the steering wheel like she was piloting a ship, a sharp line between her eyebrows.

Her little hands with the clear polishred fingernails making little white marks on the felt of the table. He pulled off the pantyhose and her pumps, and he saw her red-tipped toes and couldn't breathe.

Mulder couldn't breathe.


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