Heat Wave
by cheebs!

It was only May, yet The City was in the grips of one of the worst heat waves within Tru's memory. She arrived home from school to find the brownstone stifling and, as usual, deserted.

With an annoyed groan, Tru removed her white tank top and dropped it as she went to check the control for the central air conditioning. The display read gibberish and a red light blinked at her.

"Shit!" Tru exclaimed. "'Oh, central air's better, it'll keep the whole house cooler.' Yeah, works in theory, Dad, when a brownout doesn't fuck with it," she muttered, resetting the thermostat before trudging upstairs.

Mercifully, Tru's bedroom was not quite as hot as the downstairs since it had been in shade for part of the day and her blinds had been drawn. She turned her fan on high as she stripped off her sweat-soaked shorts and sports bra, intending to take a shower. The breeze dried her wet skin, raising gooseflesh on her tight belly and firm breasts and pebbling her russet nipples, arousing her further than a day spent without panties already had. She quickly decided a shower could wait; it was just easier to get off without anyone else home. She halted the fan's rotation and aimed it squarely at her bed before lying on her back, head on her pillow, knees up and spread. Her eyes slid shut as her finger unerringly found her clit, already hard and slightly swollen.

Had she thought to close her door first, what followed might never have occurred.

Unbeknownst to his sister, Harrison hadn't taken his usual subway route home with his friends, instead opting to take the express line in order to be in the comfort of his own home nearly thirty minutes sooner.

Upon his arrival, the youngest Davies found the house still unbearably warm. He immediately went into the kitchen where he pulled off his shirt and doused himself with cold tap water, then went into the other room to check the a/c. Finding it running, he went to the stairs but before he could ascend, a guttural moan reached his ears.


Receiving no answer, Harri hesitated and called again. Still there was no reply. Spotting Tru's top tossed onto the floor, he became curious. He climbed to the next floor as silently as he could so as not to alert Tru - nor anyone she might have with her - and he crept along the hallway, determined to find the source of the sound.

Needless to say, he was rather surprised when he rounded the corner and saw his sister humping her hand, hips jerking, head thrown back and completely oblivious to his presence. Unsure whether he'd just walked into a fantasy or a nightmare, he froze, presented with a head-on view of Tru's pulsating pussy.

Oh, yeah...this definitely falls into the category of fantasy, he thought. He grinned to himself and leaned against the wall to watch while he could...which wouldn't be long, judging from her breathy, staccato grunts. He felt his cock begin to stiffen uncomfortably in his jeans, and reached inside to shift.

Just at that moment, the phone rang.

Her orgasm abruptly halted by the harsh intrusion, Tru whined in annoyance. She wiped her hand on the sheet, mentally noting to change it later, and rolled over to grab the cordless from her bedside table. Movement in the hallway caught her eye. She froze, hand hovering above the handset. With a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, she turned her head slowly, fairly certain of who she'd see.

Oh God...Harri! Tru's gaze drifted over her brother - who'd frozen in fear and embarrassment, much as she had - and down his arm. And he's...oh God. She felt slightly ill.

They stared at each other as the phone continued to ring: twice; thrice; on the fourth ring the machine picked up. The fan became the only sound, its whirring masking all else, including their labored breathing.

Harrison was the first to move, pulling his hand from his pants. The simple action seemed to break Tru out of her stupor. She curled into a seated position and pulled her top sheet over herself as best she could. She grabbed a random plushie and pitched it at Harri, screeching his name.

He smirked and successfully ducked. "What? You're the one who left the door open."

"Because it's hot! And anyway, you aren't supposed to be home yet," she added, catching sight of her alarm clock's display.

"Like you said, it's hot. I was planning on a/c when I got home. Brownout?"

"Must've been," Tru replied. "You wanna close the door now?"

His smirk broadened. "Sure thing, Sis." He took the last few steps to her doorway, then stepped through and closed the door behind him.

"Harrison!" she shrilled.

"Hey, don't let me stop you. I mean, it's not like I haven't seen it all already."

Unamused, Tru glared, her eyes hazel narrowing dangerously. If not for the blush spreading across her freckled cheeks, Harri might have worried; though he'd recently undergone a long-overdue growth spurt, he hadn't become any stronger, just taller, and his athletic sister had always come out on top when they fought. He was certain, however, that she wouldn't come out from behind the flimsy protection of the sheet. He assumed she'd call him a perv and yell at him to get out, and he'd be able to retreat to the privacy of his own room and take care of his aching erection.

What he didn't count on was her retort: "So show me yours."

"What?" Harri couldn't believe his ears.

"Show. Me. Yours." Tru over-ennunciated and paused between words for emphasis. "C'mon, Har, whip it out."

Noticing the twinkle in her eyes, Harri quickly realised he was being bluffed and decided to raise the stakes. "I'll do better than just whip it out: I'll get off. Right after you do."

Tru had never been one to back down from a challenge, and she wasn't about to now. The corner of her mouth twisted mischievously. Still clutching the sheet to her chest, she slid beneath it, assuming her previous position. Her free hand disappeared from view.

Harrison began to protest but was suddenly unable to find his voice as her eyes locked on his. He felt himself drawn into their depths and moved closer without realising it. He watched her eyelids droop to half-mast, heard her breathing quicken through her parted pout.

Arousal became frustration for Tru as she found herself too distracted by the other's presence. Biting her lip, she whimpered as her finger skated over her clit faster and faster. She was so close she could practically taste it; so close she could feel every muscle, every nerve, getting ready to let go any second and it would be so good, so wrong but so very necessary because if she didn't cum soon she was going to scream. She closed her eyes, hoping to fool herself into thinking he'd left, if only for the minute she needed. Her other hand relinquished the topsheet and vanished beneath it.

The brunette buried two fingers deep as she could within herself and ground against the heel of one hand while roughly pinching her nipple with the other. There was weight on the end of the bed, and she knew he'd sat down to watch, just as she knew all there would now be to watch were maddening lumps where her limbs moved. As if on cue, the sheet was pulled off. She was surprised at just how much wetter she became - or was it just the draft accentuating it? - and how desperately she wanted to be touched by him. Some part of her mind screamed at her how very wrong that thought was; she promptly told it to fuck off.

It wasn't long before another finger slid in alongside hers. She opened her eyes and found Harri sitting between her legs, looking at her questioningly. After a moment, she nodded her consent and recommenced. Her hand moved faster and faster as her excitement grew, punctuated by soft, low moans.

Tru's hand was moved out of the way by Harrison, who added another finger and curled them both just so as he thrust. Her voice rose in pitch and she arched up off the bed, hands grabbing at the fitted sheet. Her hips bucked and twisted wildly as if trying to escape the intense, nearly painful sensation. Harri's expression changed to one of concern and he stopped moving.

"Don't..." she forced out, breathless.

Harri began to withdraw, but was stopped by her damp grip on his wrist.

"...don't stop!"

Harrison resumed, following Tru's hips as best he could. It must have been enough, because it wasn't long before she stiffened up and wailed, and he felt her clench at his fingers repeatedly.

Tru's eyes rolled back and her vision exploded in white starbursts against the red-lined blackness of her eyelids. She heard someone cry out, as if from a distance; it took her a moment to recognise her own voice. Her body seemed to be made of air as it floated away on a cloud of ecstasy.

Her breathing ragged and heavy as if she'd just completed twice her daily run, Tru came back to reality. Her vision returned slowly, a grey haze which gave way to shapes to colours to Harri still sitting between her legs, an expression of amazement on his face. She gave him a lopsided, satisfied grin.

Harrison returned Tru's smile with his own uncertain one. "I...ah...guess I should go." He got up and walked to the still-open door.


He halted, one foot out of the room, one in, but didn't turn around. He heard the bed creak under her shifting weight, felt her hook a finger through one of his front belt loops and allowed himself to be turned.

Tru sank to her knees and undid his jean button, then went for his zipper. She paused to look up at his sharp intake of breath. "Should I stop?" she asked.

Harrison shook his head, which was suddenly filled with every rumour he'd ever heard about Tru's afterschool 'extra help' and what she really did for those A's. He pushed them aside, along with how incredibly wrong this was, his awareness ending with the pretty, nude and very willing woman before him.

She pushed his back to the wall, pushed his jeans down over his hips and he sprang forth, near-purple and painfully erect. Her eyes widened appreciatively: it wasn't the biggest she'd seen, but far from the smallest and thick. She wanted it in her in the worst way. Fire built again in her belly, licking along her labia and clit, causing her cunt to pulse with a life of its own. She considered it - considered him - but when she looked up at him again the look of near-terror was enough to dampen such thoughts.

"Harri, should I stop?" she queried again, half-expecting him to answer affirmatively. His pained groan was enough of a reply. She leaned in and kissed the tip of his cock, darting her tongue out to catch the bead of pre-cum. Glancing up, she found him watching intently, his eyes a darker blue than she'd ever seen. Smiling gently, she took him in hand, circling his girth with her fingers, and guided him into her mouth.

Harrison's world narrowed to the wet warmth surrounding him. It was all he could do to remain standing when she began to suck, pressing the flat of her tongue against the underside of his prick, taking him in slowly. He watched it disappear between her unbelievably soft lips. Unable to control himself, he thrust a few times and emptied into her mouth with a strangled cry.

Tru sucked him dry, cupping his balls in her hand and squeezing gently, listening to him groan as she swallowed. Satisfied he was done, she sat back on her heels and wiped a stray drop of cum from the corner of her mouth with her forefinger, which she licked clean.

Tru crawled the few feet to sit beside her brother, whose knees gave out in post-orgasmic bliss, causing him to slide to the floor. She coiled and snuggled into his side, tucking her head into the crook of his neck. She opened her mouth to speak but, unsure of what she wanted to say, closed it without a sound and pursed her lips as she found the right words.

"Where'd you learn that?" she asked finally.

"You left your Cosmo in the bathroom," he replied.

"Guess I'll have to leave it there more often," she commented.

Harrison wasn't sure he'd heard correctly. "Does that mean you want this to happen again?"

After a beat, she finally answered. "I...I don't know. I think so. I mean, it was a bit weird at first...but it was nice. Better than nice," she quickly amended.

"Yeah," he agreed.

They sat in comfortable silence for a while. Harri was the first to come out of his stupor enough to notice that the door was still ajar. He motioned to it with his head. "Hey, you better close that before Dad gets home."

"He's been out every night this week with that bitch, Har." The distaste for her father's dating - especially so close to the anniversary of their mother's death - was evident in her voice.

"Yeah, but do you really wanna chance it?"

Tru laughed quietly, tiredly. She pushed the door away from the wall with the flat of her hand, then lazily toed it shut.


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