The End Of All Things
by Zeelee

You, Me

It was drizzling. Gambit hunched into his jacket, attempting to shield himself from the wet cold. He glanced over at his companion, who was hovering two feet above the ground, her head tilted to catch the rain drops on her tongue. "Tomorrow de world's gonna end, neh?" he said, his voice gruff.

"Not tomorrow--more like sometime next week." After years in New York with Magneto her sweet southern accent had disappeared. He missed it, missed the way she clung to him when they were eighteen and stupid, before she made her choice and he lost himself in the sewers.


Here, Now

He went back to staring at the ground. Remy could only look at her for so long before bile began to rise in his throat. Whenever he saw her these days, he found himself wanting to say words he knew would hurt her, words that would reach through the air and cut her like knives. "So it's de end of de world, and you wanted one last chat wit' old Remy, is dat it?" he said, trying to keep his voice light. "To make up f'r all de times ya never talked wit' me when we had time, I guess."


Beginning, End

"Remy, you old fool," she said, her tone sad and wistful. "My choice was never about you or Magneto; it was about armies, and war, and where I was needed."

"Didn' stop it from hurtin', chere."

She shrugged, her face indifferent again. "Ain't my fault ya took it personal, Gambit, I never meant it that way." She is a captain, a soldier, a protective mother; she doesn't have time for things like love.

She blows him a kiss, a shadow of her old self, and then takes to the skies, preparing to save the past, present and future. He turns and disappears into the night, gathering himself for the final apocalypse.


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