Multiple Orgasms
by Glenn

Brian wanted to fuck...needed to fuck.

Babylon had been a bust. Many were willing but he wasn't interested. He had fucked them all, fucked them to an inch of their lives and they fucking loved it! Now, he wanted new blood, fresh meat.

So now, he roamed the dark corridors of the baths for willing prey. Looking, searching, selecting, discarding: Had him. Too hairy. Too small. Too...Perfect!

He was standing by the end of the room. Tall, muscular, dark- haired, young. The half-light threw shadows across his face but it didn't detract from the beauty of the deep- set eyes, aquiline nose, the full lips.

Brian then abruptly ceased his hunt. And waited.

Several men tried to entice his quarry but he seemed uninterested. He let them down firmly even as he scanned the room for something better. And found Brian's eyes gazing at him intently. The man's eyes widened, as if jolted by some invisible energy. And looking at Brian, he smiled.

Still, Brian waited.

The man began to walk towards him. It was then that Brian smiled, baring teeth in anticipation.


Ben couldn't help but grin.

He and Michael had been snuggling against each other on the bed. Wrapping his arms around the other man, he pulled him flush against his body. Michael's back to his chest, his ass to Ben's groin. He kissed Michael good night and settled down to sleep.


Half-asleep, Ben opened his eyes just a fraction.

Wiggle. Again. Hmmm...Ben wouldn't have thought anything of it. Michael was a snuggle bunny and was always trying to find a comfortable position to--

Michael's ass began moving against his crotch. Slowly. Seductively.

Ben smiled as heat suffused his cock, sparking arousal. And he did a little grind of his own. Dipping his hips ever so slightly to place his hard-on right against the cloth- covered cleft of Michael's ass.

He smirked as he rubbed. Lingeringly. Sinuously.

A moan. Soft and muffled, almost as if Michael was trying to suppress it. But still, a moan. Ben had a feeling that whatever game Michael was playing, he seemed to have lost as his sigh was laced with frustration.

And the older man knew what prize he wanted.

"What do I win, baby?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Benjamin." Michael turned towards him, his eyes pretending innocence. But the way his breath caught as he talked, Ben knew his lover was more than just a little bit excited.

"Don't play games if you don't want to pay up, Michael."

"What are you going to do?" Hmmm, definitely interested.

"What do you want?...Do you want me to kiss you? Kiss you here...and here...and here..." And Ben proceeded to do so, raining soft, quick kisses on his forehead, his cheek, his jaw, his nose...Michael tried to capture Ben's mouth but the older man didn't want to be caught just yet. And he acquiesced, even if he did grumble a bit under his breath.

Then, taking the smaller man's chin, Ben kissed him. Soft and gentle. Hard and deep. Ben kissed him until they were both gasping for breath. "Is that what you want, baby?"

"Or this?" That was when Ben's lips swooped down to his neck. Licking down the side and finding the juncture where it met the shoulder. And sucked. Drawing a whimper from Michael.

Michael tried to face but Ben clamped his arm around him, not letting him go. "Or this?"

He then moved his hands over Michael's body. Roaming over his chest. Fondling nipples. Ghosting over the ridges of his abdomen. Caressing the navel and the little trail of hairs underneath. Then fingers snagged the hem of Michael's shirt.

And started pulling.



Justin tore the last of Ethan's clothes off his body and flung it, not caring where they landed.

"Justin, I want to shower first, ok?" It had been a long day for Ethan: classes, rehearsals, study group...

"That's not all you can do in there..." Justin countered with a smile.


"Oh yes!" Justin was kissing Ethan now, running his tongue across the other's lips.

"Oh!" A little breathless.

Suddenly, the blond youth was being hauled into the bathroom by a grinning, re-energized Ethan. Justin had to giggle along with his boyfriend! Who would have thought that underneath the serious and romantic facade, beat the heart of a sexy, fun-loving slut! Being with Ethan for the past few months was fun and uncomplicated, so much different than--Oooh, that's nice.

Ethan had wrapped his arms around him, and was rubbing his body against his. Like a cat. In heat. He immediately began to respond to the tactile invitation. Holding the dark-haired youth's head, he kissed Ethan. Hot, deep, mind-blowing.

His tongue slipped into parted lips, and twirled against Ethan's. Urging, teasing, seducing it to play.

Slowly, the tongue moved against his, playing tag and dancing away. Until Justin took one last swipe and withdrew. They were smiling as they broke away from each other.

Grasping his hand, Justin led him into the shower, waiting for Ethan to get settled under before turning the knob on full-blast.

"Fuck, I'm going to get you!" Ethan pulled his laughing lover in, drenching him completely.

"Oh shit!" He gasped at the icy shock brought by the abrupt change of pressure.

"Oh shit indeed! That wasn't very nice, Justin." Ethan pouted, making his lower lip jut out in disapproval.

"Awww, poor baby Let me help make it better" And as Justin pressed his body against his, his boyfriend proceeded to make every part of Ethan's body feel oh so much better.


Blake felt good.

In fact, he was flying high. And he didn't want to ever go back down again.

The rough pressure of bodies pressing him down on the ratty couch. The frenzied hands that tore at his clothes. Especially the hot, wet mouth that closed over his dick. They all helped in escalating the wonderful mind-fuck he was currently experiencing.

At the back of his mind, Blake should have known this would happen. Scott and Carlo had been hinting at a threesome ever since he met them. And now that he was staying with them for a while, he couldn't grin his way out of it any longer.

As if he wanted to, anyway. Carlo was a gorgeous, stocky Italian with the most beautiful face he had ever seen, while Alex was your typical All-American blond surfer complete with sun-kissed skin, to-die for body and the biggest dick he's ever seen outside porn movies.

So that when Alex began to kiss him, he kissed back. Hungrily. Desperately. He pulled Carlo off his dick for a kiss, moaning in excitement as he tasted himself on the Italian's lips. He slid his tongue frantically into the other's mouth, trying to get his fill.

"Oooh shiiit..."

Alex had found his nipples and was teasing them into hardened nubs with his tongue, his teeth. Nipping at them quickly, harshly. But not enough to draw blood. He tried to grab the blond locks to push him down but found himself restrained. Opening his eyes, he saw that Carlo was holding himself captive.

He moaned, struggling against the strong hands that kept him immobile. But Carlo just grinned at him, a drug-induced haze clouding over but not entirely hiding his beautiful brown eyes.

He suddenly remembered someone with eyes more beautiful...

And his cock seemed to harden even more.


The blond twink groaned and writhed in SurroundSound.

Ted looked on as the pale youth on his TV struggled against his restraints as two hulking studs played with his hard-on. One man was holding almost cruelly onto the twink's balls as the other swallowed his hard-on.

He didn't really like this kind of porn too much. But surprisingly, it was good. In fact, it was fucking great! He could hear his breathing grow louder as his hand rubbed his dick harder. And as he watched the events unfold before him, Ted's breath caught.

The blond's throat flared as he deep-throated one man. His body jerked in shock. A low moan came from him, muffled by the huge dick in his mouth, when the other inserted his finger roughly between his ass. And started to finger-fuck him.

Ted started to move his hand a little faster, sliding it up and down his arousal. In time to the double-ended fucking that the guy was receiving. Letting the pre- cum lubricate the shaft, slicking it up, heightening the pleasure.

He swiped his thumb across the tip, smearing the head with the sticky fluid, before sliding his hand down the shaft again. And again.


Brian jacked his cock off one last time, before presenting it to the kneeling man - Darryl, Derek, whatever.

And immediately, Brian felt the slick wetness of his tongue across the head. Through half-lowered lids, he looked as the man tongued the head, delving into the slit.

He then tried to thrust into the trick's mouth but the man wasn't so easily directed. Instead, he chose to lick one side of the shaft. Upon reaching the balls, he went back up the other side. Before swirling around the head over and over again.

Brian's hips jerked. And he grabbed hold of the man's shoulders, as the heat in his groin increased.

Catching the trick's head in an almost cruel grip, he placed his cock right against the man's lips. His eyes serious and commanding.

"Do it."

That was when what's-his-name smiled. And opened his mouth.


Michael was on the brink of heaven.

His mind was soaring, the pleasure unimaginable. And never waning, never abating. Only the purest sensation. Climbing but never peaking. Expanding but never erupting. Kept on the edge, whimpering in need. Unable to do anything but endure the exquisite torture Ben was exacting on him.

There were no more words between them. Only hands and fingers, lips and tongue. And teeth.

A finger-stroke against his ribs.

A wet trail along the length of his cock.

Michael whimpered.

Ben smiled.

A twist of a nipple.

Then a bite on the other.

Wetness enclosing his cock.

Michael jerked against the posts he was tied to. And moaned in frustration as Ben released his hard-on, which slapped against his stomach. Trailing clear strings of precum across his abs.


"Uh-uh, baby."


Michael's whine had transformed into an unintelligible whimper as Ben blew on his already straining cock.

And caressed the plump balls below. He washed them with his tongue, mouthing one then the other. And then, miraculously, beautifully, his cock was being sucked in. Lips passing over the head, pausing by the ridge of the head. Tongue fluttering against the sensitive underside.


He was engulfed. Fully. Totally. Completely.

Ben's nose nudging the wiry hair at his groin. his chin bumping against the rough skin of his scrotum.

Perfect bliss. He thought that nothing would be more perfect than this moment.

He was wrong. Ben began to swallow.


"Yeah...Oh yeah...Aaahh..."

That had been the scope of Ethan's vocabulary ever since Justin began deep-throating him. Ethan's dark beauty contrasted excitingly against white tile as he laid sprawled against the bathroom floor.

Breathing slowly through his nose, Justin began the long journey back. Edging away from balls, up the veined shaft. Feeling the cockhead scrape against the loosened muscles of his throat. Lips skimming higher until it touched the flared ridge. One final swipe at the leaking tip and his mouth released Ethan.

Ethan's eyes blinked open, a frustrated wail issuing from his lips. He looked at Justin, lips shiny with spit and pre-cum. His eyes pleaded with his lover, who rasped out one command:

"Roll over."

And like the good little boy he was, Ethan did. Eagerly presenting the tempting globes of his ass to his lover. Who grazed his fingers along the inviting curves, massaging the firm muscles underneath heated skin.

Ethan felt lips kiss his nape, a tongue flicking across the skin. Tracing the ridges of his spine.

Climbing and dipping, down the length of his spine. Leaving trails of fire in its wake.

Further down to the small of his back, where the twin slopes of his buttocks rose. Sucking at the slight indentation at the small of his back, hard enough to leave a mark, thumbs parted Ethan's cheeks. And he felt the Justin's tongue unerringly find the bud of his asshole. Tickling the tip across it, earning a low cry from Ethan. Slapping one cheek gently, Justin then slipped his tongue inside.

Ethan closed his eyes, fireworks shooting across the sky of his mind. His body was like one raw nerve, every twitch and flick causing sparks of pleasure to radiate from his asshole and wash over his trembling body. Over and over again.

Until Justin stopped. He gasped at the hollowness he felt from the tongue's absence.


A slick finger slid smoothly into him.


Blake moaned as a second finger slipped in, stretching him.

The drugs may have dulled his senses but the moment Alex pushed him down on his hands and knees and started playing with his asshole, his body had erupted into a molten mass of sensation. He had always taken delight in being a bottom, and now, Alex was doing everything in his power to fuel his desire.

He felt lips caress his rigid cock. Carlo had easily slid underneath Blake, and had turned his attentions on his cock. He had almost forgotten about him. But he wasn't about to now, as Carlo attempted to swallow him whole. Setting his body ablaze.

Wanting to return the favor, he grabbed onto the thick cock standing erect below him and started to suck. On the head. Hard. Fast. Swirling around the head. Nipping down at the furry balls tightening at the base.

He was about to bear down on it when...


Alex's fingers brushed his prostate. His whole body arched in reaction, the cock shoved against his face forgotten. Sweat was running down his face and shoulders, as his body trembled at the electric sizzle of pleasure. He panted as Alex found it again, making him howl against Carlo's meaty thighs.

As he struggled to inhale, he felt the muscles in his ass spasm. Trying to loosen themselves up for another finger to enter. He grunted at the discomfort; he shifted his legs wider, opening himself up more to receive the onslaught. Welcoming the brief flash pain before the muscle relaxed to accommodate the stroking of the fingers within him.

He was delirious with need, trying to fill up the hunger stoked by the fingers that were plunging into him with relative ease. Trying to fill up the hollow ache thaw was haunting him everyday since he left Pittsburgh.

But a few seconds later, that didn't matter; nothing mattered anymore. Nothing except for the three fingers thrusting and turning within him.


What a slut!

The two men in the video had alternately been fucking his mouth and fingering his ass, and the twink fucking loved it! Groaning and wriggling, thrashing and begging the two leather men to let him have it.

Like the way Ted wanted to give it to him. He wanted to thrust hard into the blond's mouth, feeling the muscles of his throat work to take it all in. He yearned to rub against the pink flesh of his asshole, to stroke and massage it until it fluttered open. Eagerly, Wantonly. Hungrily.

Ted started moving his hand faster, sliding along the shaft hurriedly as he watched the young man get fucked from both ends. His blue eyes blinking from the perspiration that flowed into them, his face contorting with each thrust.

Taking his hand into his mouth, he slicked up the long, lean fingers. Then trailed one digit along the crack of his ass. Fondling the skin until he reached the tight ring of flesh. Circling the rim, brushing against the strained folds, teasing the opening. Feeling it relax and loosen up. Then lovingly, gently, he pushed his index finger.

He brought his head back, to burrow his head back against the pillow. Shivering in delight. He had to do it again, thrusting his finger up into him, the tip skimming across the prostate.

Jesus fucking Christ!

Opening his eyes, he strained to watch the screen. And saw the one hulking stud position himself behind the blond, his sheathed dick resting right against the trembling flesh of his asshole.

All it needed was a little push.


Michael's body grew taut with the intrusion.

Sparks of pain rippled from his ass as he lowered himself onto Ben's crotch, the head of the condom-covered cock barely breaching the strained opening.

Ben had been lying flat on his back on the bed as Michael straddled his hips. But when Michael froze and swore harshly, he had sat up to calm down his lover. Running gentle hands along his back, soothing and massaging the trembling flesh. Raining kisses on his face and shoulder. Cooing, whispering softly:

"Relax, baby...C'mon...It'll get better soon...Aaahh, that's it, baby..."

And little by little, his muscles unclenched, the hot, moist channel loosened and opened up. Michael shifted, opening his legs wider and bracing his knees on the bed. Preparing himself to ease down the huge cock that was slowly setting fire to his insides. Impaling himself until finally, Ben was buried deep within him.

He paused to get himself accustomed again to the length and breadth of Ben, sweat running down in rivulets, washing over his torso, dripping onto his lover's muscular chest.

"You ok, baby?"

He smiled down at the handsome man beneath him, and moved. Up...down. Slowly. Languidly. As if he had all the time in the world to enjoy. He thrust himself down onto the rigid thickness in languorous rhythm.

Ben was in hell. He wanted to thrust up badly. Hard. And fast. But when he tried to step up the tempo, Michael's thighs and hands had clamped down on Ben's hips, holding them captive. So he endured the delicious, maddening punishment for as long as he could.

Then he growled low, startling Michael a bit. Giving him time to break free and grab hold onto his hips.

Looking up at him, he saw Michael smile back and give a little nod. That was when Ben knew it was time. He began the wonderful, blissful task of fucking the daylights out of his lover.


Brian pulled out, leaving only the cockhead within to be clenched desperately within the tight muscled opening. Jerking his hips, he jabbed at the hole. Quick, shallow forays into the sensitive flesh. Then after what seemed like an eternity, he pushed in forcefully. Then pulling out completely, the hole gaping.

Smirking at the moans of protest.

He leaned over the sweat-slicked man, his hands reaching around to pinch at hardened nipples. Twisting and pulling the dark nubs over and over again, as he began to plunge his cock in.




Pounding into the sweet tightness, his grunts rising in chorus with the trick's excited moans. Shifting position, Brian angled his cock so that it scraped against the prostate, Making the dark-haired man arch up, his body begging to be stroked there again.

"You like that, huh?"


"Beg for it!"


"Fuck me! Yeah, that's it...c'mon, fuck me!"

And Blake was gloriously, royally fucked.

By Alex.

By Carlo.

And then, by Alex again.

Now, on all fours, he was being kissed savagely by the well-built brunet while being plowed for all he was worth by his partner. He was riding the thin line between pain and pleasure, as the thick rigid member thrusted into him again and again.

He felt arms surround his chest, tugging him up to kneeling position. Alex had sat up, bracing himself against the nearby wall. And Blake was now skewered upon the biggest dick he had ever been fucked with, the change in position forcing him to take it deeper and deeper into him. Touching, brushing, tormenting the sensitive nerves that seemed to proliferate in his prostate...

"Fuck yeah!"

And he began to thrust down, fucking himself hard on Alex's cock. He grabbed hold of Carlo, pulling him up, settling his hands on the other man's hips and sucking his cock into his hungry mouth. Establishing a sensuous rhythm. Pistoning Carlo's cock into his mouth, as he humped Alex's.

Throat muscles flaring.

Asshole clenching.

Cock leaking.

Being fucked like a cheap slut.

And he loved it.


"Justin, please..."

From his position on the floor, lying there with his legs over Justin's shoulders, he pleaded with Justin.

He was close, almost nearing the brink as he was stimulated again and again. He wanted to jerk off but

Justin had slapped his hand away, stopping him from even touching his cock.

Whimpering in frustration, he was powerless as Justin pounded his ass, making him cock bounce and bob which

was now leaking pre-cum profusely. Strands of the clear, sticky liquid clinging to his stomach and crotch.


A hand touched his cock.

Then slid up and down.



Faster still.

And Ethan suddenly soared over the edge into oblivion...



Ted jerked his cock one last time before he started shooting. Loads of semen splattering across his stomach, glancing against a hardened nub of his nipple, creaming the hairs on his chest.

A split-second before the blond porn star began to climax, he had looked straight into the camera. Blond hair spiking in different directions, face shiny with sweat, blue eyes wild with lust, bottom lip plump and swollen, he finally realized why he was so aroused. Why this particular man made him erupt so hard?


Blake's ass was convulsing in agitated rhythm to every explosive release, every mind-shattering spurt of semen. The slick channel was clenching rapidly, tightening almost brutally over and around the cock embedded within him, that it squeezed Alex's climax from out of him.

And he heard Carlo shout.



Brian roared the moment he felt himself let go. Panting hard, he gripped his dick, slapping it against the man's face before spraying come all over his perspiration-soaked face and hair. Jerking off, he wiped the remaining come across the man's quivering lips before falling onto the mattress.



That's what Justin felt, as the tremors faded away and his body slowly grew quiet. Drawing him close, Justin soothed his lover's shuddering body as Ethan experienced the tail end of his own release.

Drawing a breath unevenly, Ethan gestured for Justin to come closer so he could whisper in Justin's ear:

"Well, that was good."



"I'll show you good!" And for a few minutes, Justin showed Ethan how good he was at pillow fights. Ending when Ethan revised his opinion to 'Fantastic.'

"No. You're the one who's fantastic, Ethan."

Another flurry of kisses before...

"I love you."


"I love you too, baby."

Spooned up behind Michael again, Ben tiredly leaned down to kiss Michael. On the forehead. On the tip of his nose. And finally, a chaste kiss on Michael's sweet lips. Then wrapping his arms securely around Michael's waist, Ben let his fall against the other man's shoulder. Nuzzling the soft, moist skin.

"Good night."


And finally, the trick was gone.

Brian had wasted no time in kicking him out, too fucking tired to deal with the inanities of small talk.

And with a wave of his hand and push on the door, he said good-bye to the trick forever. And walked the short distance to the bed.

Flopping onto the mattress, he closed his eyes. And soon, fell asleep.


Blake slept peacefully.

Secure in the knowledge that even for just a night, he would be okay. With Alex and Carlo on either side of his body, snuggling their warm bodies against his, Blake could pretend to himself that he was content.

Even that he was happy.

He could pretend that he was sleeping somewhere else, wrapped in someone else's arms. Protected. Loved.

Cherished. He could always do that.

What's the harm in it, anyway?


Ted had been dreaming.

Of wonderful, beautiful things.

He was safe. Loved. Happy.

Until he woke up.

In the dark.



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