The Star
by Vala

"This is beneath him. It is his own -- that which he has to work with and can use." --The Star

She was The Star.

She was beneath him. She was his own -- that which he had to work with and could use.

And that he did. Use her. She was beneath him. Literally.

She had stumbled, fallen.

At his feet.

As she always had, for over two hundred years. But never had she been weak before. Never before -- until now.

Human weakness. It manifested within her and lived off her soul.

Her soul. She had one (now) and so did he. But hers wasn't used and battered and hidden beneath layers and layers of rubble, blood-covered hands (from when she had a soul), and evil so pure it shown. She hadn't lived purely for the evil when she was a vampire. She had lived for the food, the luxuries, the (immortal) life, the love, and The Star that she would too soon become.

She was The Star, now and forever. She was beneath him. She was weak.


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