by Katrina McDonnell

"I should have the information sometime this afternoon." CJ opened her office door to let Danny out and spied Josh leaning against the filing cabinet. "You need something?"

"Carol's getting it. Hey, Danny."

"Hey, Josh." Danny turned back to her. "I've got a plane to catch at five, but I'll pop in before I leave."

"I'll tell them to hurry up then." She was a little stiff and polite due to Josh's presence.


Josh started gesturing strangely and, not in the mood for his games, she demanded, "What?"

With a big grin, he replied, "Look up."

There was a sprig of mistletoe hanging in her doorway.

"And?" Her heart beat double time, but she maintained her outside composure. Of course, she was refusing to look at Danny.

"It's tradition."

It was best to just get it over and done with, so she turned and placed a quick chaste kiss on Danny's lips.

Josh immediately stated, "That was lame," and, in a fit of madness, she decided to shut him up for good.

Grabbing Danny's head between her hands, she returned to his lips with a force and passion that had been dormant too long. They hadn't forgotten how they fit together. His hands slipped down her back to her hips and pulled her against him. She knew they were getting too carried away, but she didn't care right at that moment.

Danny suddenly nipped her lip and pushed her away, the arousal in his eyes and what she'd felt developing against her leg enough of an explanation.

She smiled at him and took two steps back into her office, before noticing their audience had doubled. Josh looked stunned and grabbed a folder from Carol before making a rapid getaway.

"I'd better go," Danny mumbled and followed.

CJ accepted the papers Carol handed her and, suspicious of her assistant's facial expression and manner, asked, "When was the greenery put up?"

"No idea," Carol replied with a shrug and returned to her desk.

Needing to read through a pile of notes before the next briefing, CJ decided to tackle her later. But as she turned she could have sworn she heard Carol whisper, "Merry Christmas, CJ."


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