Body Language
by Charles

Metatron learned a long time ago to read the body language of people. They said a lot without ever saying a word. It also came in handy when you were the voice of God and She was in a particularly pissy mood.

But Metatron finds that it's useful right now while he and Silent Bob are playing miniature golf. Metatron asked Silent Bob at the first hole, "Why is it that you hardly ever talk?"

And now, on the eleventh hole, without Silent Bob saying a word, Metatron has not only learned why Silent Bob doesn't talk but his entire life story, how he and that little stoner met, why Bob won't abandon Jay, and why he has a secret ambition to be a dancer in Las Vegas.

Silent Bob takes his first shot and then shoulders his putter. "Tell me about you," he says.

Metatron is taken back, it's the first time someone has wanted to hear from him. He takes his first shot with his putter, turns to Silent Bob, opens his mouth, and for the first time in his existence, Metatron is speechless.


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