Not A Simple Kiss
by Sami

Davis dropped his keys in the novelty Frodo mug below the key rack. He hung his coat on a lamp next to the closet. He left his shoes where he slipped them off. He was trying not to think and it was working. When he poured salt into the hot water that was supposed to be tea he realized that he was succeeding. Pushing away the empty mayo jar filled with salt water he realized that he had to think sometime. He couldn't just ignore what happened.

It was horrible. It came just after he thought that he had a chance with Tru. Earlier she had sat on his desk and they had talked about things other than death. Turns out that she loved the Hobbit but not The Lord of the Rings. They went lunch together and didn't have any awkward silences. Everything was great until Jack.

It was later when he was going to pick up a book he left when Davis had heard arguing, he had walked farther along the hallway, until he knew it was them. He thought it was just a fight over a person Tru had saved. Never would he ever have thought that it would be a lover's quarrel.

He was done with thinking when his knuckles turned white from clenching them. The thought of Jack's lips on Tru's was sickening. He never had liked Jack and the feeling intensified when he knew what he was. To see that bastard touching the most important person in his world inspired Davis to commit heinous acts of violence. When his fists started aching he knew he needed sleep and stop his head.

Davis scratched his beard as he pulled down his comforter. He tucked himself in and using breathing techniques he was sound asleep.

...Davis was walking down the morgue hall. Voices arguing floated by him from the office. He couldn't heat what they were saying. It was just noise. A perverse urge made him walk closer to the office door.

He was close to the door and had a good view. He could already see them kissing. It was just a simple kiss. It was filled with hate, desire, anger, and overwhelming passion. Tru looked over at him as Jack nibbled on her ear. She winked at Davis while Jack pushed her against a wall. He kissed her neck and collarbone. She ran her hands up and down his back and whimpered. She smiled at Davis....

He opened his eyes and lay gasping in the darkness. That wasn't what happened. He had left as soon as lips touched. He still hoped that the kiss was a one time thing brought on by stress. But mostly he hoped that today would be a do-over day.


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