from the point of no return, you're leaving
by Oro

Cold snow in her red hair, transparent-to-white drops shining in the city lights, indignant against flashes of American flags and snow, snow, snow. It falls down and she's smiling, Ginger, her lips cold on his mouth, her fingers cold on his neck, his face.

Practically carrying his assistant back to his apartment, trying to warm her smooth, white neck with kisses; he'd act like they can do it, like he's a free man for her, like it's not such a big cliché to fuck her and then hand her a paycheck. Practically carrying her up the stairs and over the threshold like a bride, but she still knows that the moment Andi lifts a finger he'll run, run, run.

Cold lips made warm against his breath, she calls him a wimp and a pussy and a fucking liar, and he lets her because he doesn't have much to say to her. His hands on her hips make her stay, closer to him is closer to a fantasy; later, she lays naked in his bed like she belongs there. Later, she sinks into a sex scented daydream that nearly entirely came true; only nearly, never enough to satisfy.

(It's a lovely, bourgeois sort of a vision; she wants it to stay like this forever.)

Her look, dangerously loving and straight into his eyes, sets alarms in his mind so he says something like, "you know we shouldn't have done this," and she has to agree and break and crumble and not let it show. Her fingers are sweaty, still laced in his, suddenly unresponsive to his thumb's circle motions on the curve between her index finger and thumb; suddenly drawn away.

Tears, like snow, on her cheeks; she is turning away from him. All of that shiny red hair, like fire in his face, and maybe he was wrong to begin with. Her skin burns into a frost where his hands touched, inside and outside and through all of her folds.

"Asshole," she mutters softly through disappointment, naked and vulnerable and many things she never meant to be with him, never meant to be with him in the first place; it just happened, she will tell herself later before biting her tongue until the copper liquid slides on her tongue and into the back of her throat.


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