What The Hell Is This?
by The MongKey

It was always going to happen. There was only so long Max and Original Cindy could be living in the same apartment and not have The Sex. OC was into girls, and Max just happened to be about the hottest girl in the dump they still called Seattle, even when she wasn't in heat.

If only Max hadn't spent the past few weeks living in denial about her growing feelings, she might have even prepared OC for the experience of getting down with a transgenic girlfriend.

Yet again, Max had a particularly hard day getting her ass thoroughly kicked by that freak Ames White. When Cindy had arrived home early having feigned food poisoning to get away from a bad date, Max was curled up on the couch with ice packs and ice cream. Cindy insisted on giving her a massage to soothe away the aches and pains, and boy, did it ever.

Max was face down on her bed, a little towel covering her recently well-kicked ass, and when Cindy's hands effortlessly glided over her golden skin, hitting all those spots, she found herself moaning a little too easily. And the lavender massage oil was definitely making her feel, well, just a little bit antsy.

"Oh... Cindy, that's really good," she moaned for what must have been the eleventh time, squirming slightly against the bed.

"Original Cindy has spent her lifetime studyin' the female form, she damn well should know how to make a girl feel good," smirked Cindy. "And if you don't mind me sayin', yours is a fine example of that form."

"Say whatever you like, just don't stop..." pleaded Max.

On a hunch, Cindy moved her hands up from Max's shoulder blades and gently rubbed her behind the ears. The hunch was right - that old feline DNA kicked in big style and Max began to emit what could only be described as a purr.

"Oh Jesus, oh fuck, Cindy... mrowl..."

Max rolled over, her exposed, hard nipples pointing up at Cindy oh so invitingly.

"God Cindy, if you were only a man..." panted Max.

Cindy's hands cupped Max's breasts, kneading them gently, the sheen of oil and perspiration mixing on the skin.

"Girl, Original Cindy's going to eat your transgenic pussy better than any man you ever had. You'll feel so good you won't know what damn day it is anymore."

"No - wait - there's something I should tell you-"

Cindy looked down at the towel which somehow still covered Max's modesty, and dropped one hand down to stroke the obvious prominence beneath.

She raised an eyebrow.

"Sugar, what the hell is this?"


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