Robin To Batman
by Sami

Charles Gunn sat hunched over in a chair. He was in a recruiter's office. He looked down but every once in a while he would glare at a pilot/army dude waving at him from a poster.

'What the hell is he so happy about? Ain't like the Army is that great.' Gunn thought as he glared. 'All right they pay for college, give you food and housing, and send you to cool places but it don't beat L.A.! Aw, fuck it. There's probably a catch somewhere. Carlos is going to get screwed.'

Carlos was the reason he was here. Carlos was like Robin to his Batman or Iolus to his Hercules and Gunn had to at least go with him when he enlisted. After waiting a fucking half an hour Gunn was seriously wishing that he hadn't come. How long did it take to sign your damn name up? Besides Iolus kept dying and Robin was annoying or in Tim Burton's version always messing up Batman's plans. Just as Gunn was running down a list of the reasons Tim Burton screwed Batman; a big hulk of a white boy walked in. Pressed button up blue shirt, khaki, and fucking loafers. Loafers. Good lord, where the hell did he come from?

White Boy must have seen the death glare Gunn was sporting because he sat a crossed from Gunn. Which was fine with him since White Boy's big blonde head blocked pilot dipshit from view.

Gunn was antsy and cranky, he had never been good with sitting and the hamster wheel of a waiting room wasn't helping.

"Hey, could you pass me that newspaper, please?" White Boy asked in some sort of country-farmy accent. So, Private Corn Fed Hick was reporting for duty.

Gunn picked the paper up and held it out. Corn Fed smiled in a friendly good-natured way, stood up, and retrieved it.

"Thanks," Corn Fed said before flipping through the paper. He stopped at the Funnies and pulled the section out. That surprised Gunn who thought that he'd go to the tractor section or some shit like that.

Carlos finally came out walking with an army guy who was shaking his hand and patting his back like Carlos did something.

"Welcome to the Army, Moreno."

Carlos said, "Thank you, Sir."

And not a minute to soon Gunn and Carlos were walking out. Gunn heard the army guy call Corn Fed, Riley Finn. 'Huh, Riley, that a girl's porn star name,' Gunn thought as he reached the smoggy L.A. air and kicked closed the door behind him.


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