Real Life Doll
by Wendy

Dru liked to play with real life dolls once in a while. And of course, Darla liked to satisfy Dru's whims. Especially when they turned out to be so much fun as this.

Dawn later wished that whoever showed up to rescue her had been blind. But her luck wasn't that great. It, she supposed, had all started with her storming out of the Hyperion that morning. Despite having been in life threatening situations with all the people she was staying with, and feeling herself to be grown up and more mature than her years, Dawn realized she wished to be treated as such sometimes. Not too much to ask.

She had thought she could go back to being the little sister when the big fight with the first evil was over. She definitely thought Buffy would stop with all the speech making, but no. Buffy was as determined to remain Head Slayer as she had once been to be Head Cheerleader, which of course left her for less time for Dawn than ever. So she thought a little alone time was good. And LA used to be her home, so she should manage okay. She knew her way around, and which streets to avoid.

It was just her misfortune that vampires didn't share her local knowledge. And of course, it would have to be someone she knew enough about to actually be more frightened than usual.


"Would you like to be my dolly?" Drusilla said, stroking Dawn's hair back from her face.

"I'd say yes," advised Darla, suddenly pressing up behind her. "Dru doesn't like it when people turn her down."

"I thought Angel killed you." Dawn muttered, anything to take her mind over what was happening.

"Didn't hold. And of course, my sweet Dru here made me into the woman I once was again." Darla smirked.

"Grandma became my dolly. But she's all grown up and I need a new one. You'd be a pretty dolly. We could have a party, with cake and pretty dresses. Wouldn't you like a party, little girl?" Dru started to pout.

"I think we should party somewhere less open, Dru. Especially if we want to take our time over this morsel." Darla licked her lips. "I know how good Summers blood tastes."

And with that, they linked their arms through Dawn's and dragged her off down the street.


The shop had been Darla's choice. Dru had merely clapped in delight as Darla pointed to the costume shop with one long, perfectly manicured finger. Darla took care of the shop assistant as Dru started exploring. Darla had said that such places made her feel at home, and as she had bound Dawn to a chair with some scarves, Dru stroked the various multicoloured outfits and started stripping off.

Darla paused to watch. "Dru sweet, you'll get cold."

"But I want to try them on. Don't you think I would be a good superhero? Flying is terribly fun." Dru removed a tacky red, yellow and blue outfit from the racks, and held a tiara to her head.

"You should find a dress for your new dolly." Darla suggested, and turned to Dawn. "All the quicker to eat you in, you understand." And with that she strode to the racks and started looking at them. "Who should I be today?"

Dawn sat bolt upright in the chair, hands straining at the bounds. "You'll never get away with this. Buffy will come looking for me." She couldn't see what was going on, but she could hear the odd giggle and whispered comment. And the constant rustling of clothing.

"Big sis ain't coming, sweetheart. I hear she's too busy trying to make me an endangered species again. Makes a change from being dead." Darla's catty comments cut through Dawn like a knife.

"She took my Spike away, you know." Dru commented, distantly, as if she was about to cry.

"She's done one good thing in her life then." Darla muttered under her breath. "Now, Dru, remember. Grandma is going to replace that idiot as your boon companion, your hearts ease. As your poet. Isn't that right? Like it used to be?"

Dawn heard Dru give one sniff and then heard the sounds of kissing. "Eugh. You two are kissing back there." She felt she had to say something.

"Wouldn't think you would have a problem with that, Dawnie? Heard that the witches were closer than close." Darla's voice came closer. "Maybe you wish that you were part of that? Closer than close? I mean, you can't even be close to your big sister anymore."

"That's." Dawn started, and then jumped as she felt sharp nails digging into her shoulders.

"You're not a Slayer. You're not important." Dawn could see long dark hair as Dru bent over and ran her fingers through her hair. "And you are old enough, aren't you Dawnie." Dawn could feel the singsong quality of Dru's voice lulling her fears, and making her bold. It was almost hypnotic.

"Yes." Dawn said, and Dru slid her hand down her back.

"And you would like to be my dolly?" Dru moved to face Dawn. "Yes." Dawn admitted, looking deep into Dru's eyes. And she kissed back as Dru's lips met hers. Darla started untying the scarves, in between stroking one head or the other. Soon her lips were engaged with Dawn's, as Dru's became busy elsewhere.


All too soon, Dru had Dawn lying on the floor on some of the discarded costumes, the lace from a French maid outfit digging into her back. Not that Dawn was paying much attention to anything, as Dru was somehow managing to keep her nails from hurting as she stroked Dawn in all sorts of intimate places. Darla had taken over the kissing, and was spreading her talents freely. After Dawn had finished gasping, she lay there as Dru moved her attentions to Darla, and watched and learned. Dru fixed Dawn with another one of those lingering looks and suggested that she try on that shepherdress outfit.

And with Dawn attired as Little Bo Peep, complete with bonnet, staff and little lost lamb, Darla crawled up her long skirt and started the whole pleasure process again. Dru put on the flattened French maid's outfit and started to gather cups and saucers rom the staff room, all the while talking to imaginary people, and occasionally crying, "I've found a sheep".


It was to Dawn's eternal embarrassment that at the moment Buffy and Angel smashed the door of the shop open. And slammed her out of whatever trance she had been in, as she would maintain later. Angel did kinda back her up on this. Darla merely licked her fingers, laughed out loud and she and Dru ran off into the night, and left Dawn to do all sorts of uncomfortable explaining. And to cut a long story short, this would be why they were now in Italy.


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