Six Degrees
by Sami

Eve met her in Rome.

Eve was on business, planting people in the new council, when she came across the most fascinating creature since Lindsey.

It took a week of watching her delight in Sumerian texts, frown over pretentious Watchers, and flirt with Slayers not worth her time before Eve acted.

Eve made her move in the library and within the week her girl was in love. Dawn was her name. Little sister to the Slayer, Buffy, the former soul mate and true love of Angel. Everything lead back to him didn't it? He was like Kevin Bacon. He was her soul mate's obsession and her obsession's sister's soul mate. Everywhere she turned she could play six degrees to Angel. She loved Lindsey but Lindsey was Angel's, Angel's enemy, Angel's boy, Angel's failure, Angel's this, Angel's that, and lastly Angel's. She needed someone who was hers. Someone to mold and shape and twist into Eve's.


Dawn was like Lindsey. They were pretty, dark, talented, and around the same height. Dawn's fingers could do the same magic as Lindsey and Angel's. (So, she has Angel issues, too. But Dawn didn't.)

Eve was used to being the best and winning and succeeding. How else could a twenty-five year old human with almost no magical abilities become a liaison to the Senior Powers without a lot of spunk and drive? On her back? Then Angel came along and took her Lindsey away and made her run and hide. Yeah, she has Angel issues. But at least she has company in that department. She's going back to Dawn. Dawn will burn her Angel issues to ash.


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