Just There (Million Miles Away Remix)
by Charles

Remix of Just There by Hecate.

William thinks about that night. The party that new students still talk about, even now. William thinks about Mike. William was really really drunk that night, and Mike, for some reason, latched onto him.

Mike Dexter, the man who had made his life living hell decided that William was the one who should listen to him. William was drunk and so he doesn't remember all of what Mike said to him. But he remembers that Mike apologized. But that was after they started drinking together.

William's not sure how that happened, who suggested that they just drink, but they did. And William discovered that Mike, when he wasn't weeping about his ex-girlfriend, was actually a nice guy. They talked about girls. Well, Mike talked about girls and how they were all tricking them in some way. William just listened.

The rest of the party is an alcoholic haze for William until the cops arrived. He remembers fleeing with Mike, wanting to take his hand. The two of them, ending up in the backyard, where his now former friends stripped them and used Hostess baked goods in an indecent manner and took compromising pictures of Mike and William bound together.

William managed to procure copies of the pictures, and he treasures them. They're a reminder of what might have been.

William smiles and winces as he thinks of how he regained conciousness in the jail cell. He still can't believe that Mike took the fall for both of them. But he can believe the morning after in the diner. Where Mike and his jock friends mocked William mercilessly despite what happened.

William thought that perhaps Mike had changed. He was disappointed to discover that he was wrong.

But William has had the last laugh. William is the one who's worth millions of dollars now. William can have anyone he wants. He might want Mike. William's not sure if that's what he really wants. Some nights, William regrets sending those pictures of the two of them to the car wash where Mike had a job. Other nights, William thinks that's just what Mike deserves.

William thinks about that night, but only when he drinks. The alcohol helps dull the pain.


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