Comfortable (The Happiness Remix)
by Patricia R.D.

Remix of Comfortable by HYPERFocused.

Just thinking about the battered, all plaid pattern and broken springs, taking the place of honor in Lex's office, I can't help but smile, happy memories flooding in.

It's not just me, of course. Lex keeps the couch in his office as a reminder of the happiest time in our lives. A time that has nothing to do with Lex's rise in the fortune 100, or his improvement of Smallville's working conditions.

The couch is a reminder of our first kiss.

Lex is always open about it. If he's in a really good mood he'll even reminiscence how my lips tasted of Hershey's Cocoa, how it was late fall and we were enjoying a snack my Mom had prepared for us.

The thought of Mom makes my smile waver. And I know Lex feels the same. Because thinking of Mom brings memories of Dad, gone so little ago. So soon. Neither my powers or Lex's wealth were able to stop it. His death is the one thing that taints our happiness.

It was a shock for of us when I made the first move. I'm still not sure how I gathered the courage to do so. I just knew it had been too long. So I put down my cup of cocoa and made the first move. Sure, it was closed mouth kiss, at first. Then I got bolder, instint guiding my lips and tongue, making Lex respond quickly. He's the experienced one, but I can tell he's enjoying it, everything a pleasant, wanted surprised for him.

Back to the couch. That boy is still going strong, his only problem now the srping. I don't mind taking that side. It's not like I feel it, and besides, I want Lex comfortable.

Lex. Who right now should be finishing his interview. Does he talk about the couch? I bet he does. And the couch leads to talking about the two of us. And if he's in a good mood, the talk can go on for hours, remembering. Better call him.

"Hi. How's the interview going? How long till it's over? How is she? Give her a kiss for me? Tell I'm sorry I missed her. I love you. Please be home soon."

then I hang up and it's a matter of waiting for the man I love. The man who everyday goes to a luxurious office where the start is an old couch with happy memories.


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