by Manic

This certainly wasn't the normal way to celebrate a graduation. Normally, there would be an after-graduation party or four, staying up until dawn and breakfast at the IHOP the next day. But this was not an ordinary town, school or graduation ceremony. It isn't everyday your mayor turns into a snake - tries to eat the seniors, the librarian blows up the school, and there is the little matter of the war against the undead.

Welcome to Sunnydale, Capitol of the Weird-West of the Rockies.

Sunnydale had never been was the most normal of towns. That the high school blowing up was a cause of celebration throughout the town was proof enough of that. Parents that had students still attending the school or about to enter the high school were actually relieved. Most believed their children's life expectancy quadrupled once they had to be bused to the next town for school. It just wasn't normal that the 'Remembrances' section of the yearbook took up twelve pages. The fact that funeral agencies in town advertised in the high school paper and even sponsored a dance gave credence to the aura of weirdness that surrounded Sunnydale.

So it really wasn't that much of a surprise that when the high school blew-up, fifteen graduating Seniors disappeared and were never seen again (except in that really strange bar across town named Willie's that the polite people never went to), the mayor was abducted by aliens and the seventh rampaging biker gang blew up the previously unsuspected PCP lab in the gym.

With all this mass denial going on in Sunnydale this warm June night, only a select few were able to separate the facts from the absurd. The majority of the graduating class of 1999 had gone straight from the carnage of the ceremony (those that weren't killed, maimed or turned) and headed right on over to the Bronze for the post-graduation night blowout. This party was second only to the post-cockroach party at the Bronze, but still a distant third to the "we got our liquor license party" thrown a week later.

Buffy had no problem distinguishing reality from the mass-hysteria of the masses. Her one moment of exhilaration at the averting of Yet-Another-Apocalypse was struck down the moment Angel faded off into parts unknown. Even Oz's gentle reminder that she'd graduated from high school couldn't counter the melancholy that invaded her body and mind. Without meaning to she left her friends and began to circle the town looking for something -- anything- to Slay. However, it seemed that the unintended result of an apocalyptic battle was, that for the most part, all the combatants, those not already dead or dying, went off to lick their wounds or party. For Buffy that meant no slaying, there wasn't a demon to be found anywhere.

It took about three hours to make certain that there were no lingering demon hordes and then she was back where she started, at the high school. Well, the simmering, smoking ruins of the high school that had flames still flickering at parts. It also had a really gross odor wafting down from the remains of the now barbequed mayor snake. Buffy sat down in the bleachers by the football field and read her diploma in the moonlight. Proof in black and white that she had attended high school. Funny, there were days when she thought that she was never really there. She might have been invisible girl, without the homicidal tendencies. Although she did have some homicidal tendencies, especially concerning a certain vampire or three. Either way, this smoldering ruin wasn't what she envisioned when she first started high school. Nothing had really happened the way she wanted it to. Not any more. When exactly had her life left her control?


Buffy, startled, whipped up and around to come heart-to-stake with Giles.


"A penny for your thoughts. A friend told me that's the expression to be used when someone looks as faraway as you just did." Giles replied.

"I just- nothing is ever easy."

"Most things never are." Giles answered

"I guess you'd know." Buffy said.


They sat in silence watching the school smoking in the distance.

"I never thought I'd say it, but I was a little sorry to see Snyder get eaten." Giles remarked


"I was looking forward to scaring the idiot."

"Well you can be a little intimidating."

"Not to you."

"No," Buffy bowed her head and glanced at Giles from the corner of her eye, he was focused on something in the distance. "What are you looking at?"

"The future."

"What do you see?"

"Perhaps the question would be better served directed to you."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you graduated today, college in a few months. What does the future hold for Buffy Summers?"

"Angel left tonight."

Giles looked at her and Buffy met his eyes. "Do you want me to be sorry?"

"No, I guess not. This has been a hard year between us hasn't it?"


"You could try to deny it."

"I think we've lied enough to each other." Giles replied.

"Yeah." Buffy returned to watching the school. The sky was growing lighter. "I guess itís a new day."

"Not quite. Some say that the hours before the dawn are the time where the extraordinary can happen."

"Like what?"

"Whatever you want."

"What if all I want is for someone to be with. I feel all cold inside. Like there's nothing left to do."

"Dangerous thoughts for the Slayer."

"I thought it would be -- I guess so."

"Come on," Giles rose and held out a hand to her.

"Where are we going?"

"To warm up, the morning cold is setting in."


Buffy joined Giles in standing and followed him through the town and until they ended up at his apartment. Giles glanced down at her and opened up the door. As usual, he never invited her in.

"Why don't you ever lock the door?"

"What's the point? The only things I don't want inside my apartment are vampires and only one has ever come in."

Buffy really had no response to that. They'd invited Angel into their lives and that little fact had almost destroyed them all.

"Will Faith ever get better?" Buffy asked.

"What made you think of that?" Giles asked while he went into the kitchen to get something to drink.

"Are you making tea?"

"Only if you want some, I'm in the mood for something a little stronger."

Buffy had the sneaking expression that Giles had been in the mood for something stronger for ages, but she really didn't feel like pressing the issue. Things had been tense enough without an intervention for Giles.

"I would have killed her."

"Yes," once again Giles didn't seem to be in comfort mode. "It's a powerful thing to fight for the life of someone you love."

"But he left me."

"Do you wonder why?"

"Not really." Buffy watched as Giles poured himself a drink and joined her on the couch. "I just -- it feels so alone. I feel alone."

"You aren't. Perhaps you are the first Slayer who truly isn't alone. Except when you choose to be."

Buffy contemplated Giles' words as she watched him slouch on the couch and sip his drink. He'd certainly relaxed during the years she'd known him. And now, she began to wonder, what held him here? Why did he stay?

"Wesley still whimpering?"

"I think he's sedated right now," said Giles with a wry grin.

Wanting to know something else about the enigmatic man next to her, she reached out to touch the scar on his forehead. Giles grabbed her wrist to stop her.

"You aren't going to let me touch you?" Buffy asked. "Why do you want to?"

"It's the magic hour Giles, run with it."

"Bu-" Giles got no further as Buffy moved her other hand and began to caress the front of his trousers.

Automatically, Giles spread his legs to allow Buffy's hand better access. She continued to rub him through his clothes focusing her eyes on the growing bulge there. He slouched down further on the couch, took a sip of his drink and let his glass drop to the end table. Giles moved his hand over Buffy's and pressed down, stopping her movements.

Buffy could feel Giles through the fabric as well as the heat from his hand where it touched hers. She looked back up at him.

"Be very sure Buffy," Giles ground out.

She nodded and moved to straddle him. With her knees on either side of his legs, she reached between her own thighs to touch Giles' penis once again. Giles put his hands on either side of her face, drawing her into him and bringing his mouth to the junction of her neck and shoulder. His hands grasped her scalp on either side and caressed her head, letting the strands of her hair run through his fingers. Buffy rocked a bit on her knees and turned her head to lay her lips on the inside of Giles' wrist.

Giles reached down and turned her head slightly and moved his lips to meet hers. Just like that, they were kissing. Giles pressed his lips lightly against hers, with a teasing touch. She moved both her hands to his shoulders to brace herself. His hands moved from her head to her back and began to rub circles into her skin as he continued to kiss her ever so softly.

Giles shifted beneath Buffy and moved his hands underneath her shirt. He traced patterns into her bare skin as his kisses grew in intensity. He pulled Buffy closer until her chest was pressed against his and her arms wrapped around the back of his head. Giles' hands against her skin moved until one hand was between her shoulder blades and the other slipped beneath her waistband. His fingers dipped into the crease between her cheeks while her back arched and she couldn't stop the moan that came from her. Giles' fingers flicked open the catch to her bra and it hung loose inside her shirt. Giles moved his other hand outside of Buffy's pants once again and cupped her backside. Both his hands reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it off her body. He then slipped first one strap than the other strap down Buffy's arms until her chest was bare to the air. Buffy leaned back into Giles' hands and ran her hands down and up his chest. Giles thrust up once towards Buffy, groaned into her mouth, and then coaxed Buffy into standing up.

Together they stood before the couch. Giles leaned down at Buffy and they kissed once again, their hands running up and down the other's back. Buffy clutched at Giles' neck with her nails when he moved his left leg between hers and gave her purchase. Giles hissed when Buffy's nails dug into the back of his neck. He pulled away and gestured to her to follow him as he picked up his drink and then walked up the stairs to the loft. Buffy walked behind Giles, unwilling or unable to let go of the hem of his shirt as she climbed. Once by his bed, Giles turned into her arms, embracing her as he did.

He drew her close once more and again their lips met the other. Giles pushed Buffy backwards until her knees hit the edge of the bed and she sat down on it. Then he leaned over her and cradled her face in his hands as his tongue plundered her mouth. His knee came down and rested to the side of her. He leaned down and moved them both back until they were lying side-by-side on the bed.

Their legs tangled as they fully embraced each other. Once begun, they couldn't seem to stop their urge to kiss. They seemed to breath into one another until one breath became the next kiss. Giles' arms came up around Buffy. He slid one to her hip and the other to her face, running a thumb along her hipbone while he kissed her. Buffy felt his hardness against her as Giles moved against her. Her legs spread apart and Giles settled in-between her thighs.

Buffy and Giles couldn't stop writhing against each other. Every movement by one of them was met in counterpoint by the other in a beautiful sensual dance. Before she knew it, Giles had spread himself atop Buffy and was kissing her neck, elbows bracing himself, his hands entwined in her hair. Buffy clutched Giles' head as he moved on down her body, his lips and hands stopping at her mid-section. Giles kissed her belly then pushed up and off the bed.

He took one foot, then the other in hand as he removed her boots and socks pulling her closer to the edge of the bed as he did so. Next he unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off with her underpants. Buffy lay naked before Giles. She watched as Giles stood at the side of the bed and stripped out of his shirt. She reached out with her foot and placed it on Giles' fly wriggling her toes against his erection. Giles pressed his hand atop her foot and walked closer to the bed, lifting her leg as he went.

He kicked off his shoes and socks and knelt on the bed, still holding Buffy's foot against his penis. He slid his hand along the underside of her calf and up her thigh. Buffy pushed herself up on her elbows and pushed herself further up on the bed. Giles lay down between Buffy's legs and kissed the top of her pubic mound. He lifted her legs around his head and slid his tongue into her flesh.

Buffy's fingers wove through his hair as his tongue moved in circles over her clitoris. Giles then began to flick his tongue against her flesh, making her jump each time his tongue met her wet, swollen, heat. His hands slipped beneath each of her legs and lifted them. Her stomach contracted and she gasped as Giles thrust into her with his tongue, then flicked along her labia to her clitoris and back again. His fingers rubbed her legs and cupped her ass as he licked his way inside and outside.

Buffy moved her feet to his back and rubbed them up and down his back as Giles kissed the top of her mound before returning his attention to her clitoris. He moved his left hand and inserted one finger inside of her and focused his lips and tongue on that sensitive knot of nerves.

"Giles-" Buffy couldn't help crying out as she felt the power of her orgasm gathering at the base of her spine. She shook with the force of it as she came, pulsing around Giles' finger and throbbing into his mouth. Giles kept tonguing her as she cried aloud. He continued to lick her as the last pulses of her orgasm moved through her. Buffy panted and came down from the intense feeling that Giles stirred within her.

Buffy let her hands leave Giles' head as he sat up and removed his trousers and pants, stripping bare beside her. He reached over to the nightstand and took a sip of his drink. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand he gathered her into his arms and kissed her. Once again, their limbs intertwined as they lay side-by-side. Buffy felt Giles' erection pressing into her side, hot and heavy. She rolled onto her back and invited Giles between her thighs.

Giles reached into the nightstand and removed a condom from the drawer. He bit open the package and rolled the condom onto his penis. Buffy watched from beneath hooded eyes as he did this then held out her arms to Giles. Giles moved her thighs and guided himself into her. His penis stretched the sides of her vagina, filling her completely. Buffy's back arched and her hands reached up to his. Giles intertwined their fingers and their joined hands moved to either side of Buffy's head.

Giles thrust in and out of Buffy. He moved his hips in rhythm trying to bury the whole of himself into her. He leant down and kissed Buffy, then moved his head to the side and breathed into the sheets as he thrust into her in a controlled frenzy. His hands left hers as he braced himself up on his elbows and almost exited her completely before thrusting back inside her.

Buffy reached up and drew Giles back down to her, lifting her knees around his waist to bring her clitoris into greater contact with his erection. Her hands slid to his back. She couldn't stop her nails from digging into Giles. He hissed once more and gave a short thrust and then wrenched from out of her grasp. He'd pulled out of her during the movement. He grabbed her legs and Buffy found herself moving down on the bed towards Giles. She let him pull her to him, then screamed as he pushed her legs to either side of his, rested them on his shoulders and then thrust back inside of her.

Giles held onto each of her legs and moved inside and out of her. Buffy felt her orgasm moving within her, seemingly to flower inside of her and then push outside of her and shake her to the very core of her being as it leapt back inside. It was the most intense feeling of her life. It went on and on. She felt that if Giles let go of her legs, she would collapse through the floor.

Giles had stilled his movements at Buffy's orgasm and now he thrust once more with his hips and held himself steady inside of her as he came. In the aftermath, she lay flaccid beneath him.

He held onto the condom as his penis left her, removed it and tossed it in the wastebasket wrapped in a Kleenex. He ran his hand along her hip, finding that spot on her he'd touched earlier that made her shiver each time he stroked it. He reached over her and grabbed at his drink, sipping it once more.

Buffy rolled and looked up at Giles. She felt a little unsure of the entire situation and soon became a little more than panicked. Giles looked rumpled, a little grey and was definitely not Angel. Differences, big differences. Where Angel had no chest hair, Giles had it. It had tickled her as he had lain on top of her. Where Angel was cut, Giles, while not flabby, was less defined but maybe a little lean. Giles looked different than Angel, so very different.

She'd just had sex with Giles, her very much older looking Watcher. Angel might have been way older than anyone, but he definitely didn't look his age. Giles did. He looked it. He was experienced, he'd made her scream and now he was looking at her like she should- Buffy really had to leave now.

So she did. With all the haste she could muster and with as little fuss as she could Buffy started gathering up her clothes. Putting them on as fast as she could, Buffy tried to avoid Giles' eyes. Which was kind of difficult as his gaze her as she went. Once she bent down to put on her shoes, still sans shirt because that was downstairs, along with her bra, because that was where Giles took it off. Downstairs. Which meant she'd have to go downstairs in the light of day and try to find her shirt in front of Giles who was naked on his rumpled bed where they'd just -- had -- sex. With each other. And screaming had been involved.

Giles seemed to understand the total and absolute freak-out because this was Giles and he always got it. He reached down and Buffy had to fight to hide the flinch that she felt happening and grabbed his pants and pulled them on. Buffy huddled on the side of the bed, hiding her breasts with her arm as Giles walked downstairs. He came up a few minutes later with her shirt and bra in one hand and another glass of liquor in the other.

Giles handed Buffy her shirt and bra over her shoulder. She hurriedly put her shirt on, pocketing her bra. With scarcely a word to Giles she tried to keep from running out of the apartment, but her super stealthy exit was flawed by the fact that she tripped at the top of the stair and almost tumbled down the stairs. Fortunately Slayer reflexes saved her.


Buffy flashed a quick grin at Giles and high-tailed it down the stairs and out of the apartment. When she got to her house she saw the message light blinking on the answering machine. She deleted it and went up to shower. Magic hour was over and it was time to face the day, and the fact that she was alone. Angel had left her.


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