Rabbit Proof Fence
Dead Heart
White man came. By cheebs! G
Red Dwarf
Couplets Out Of Rhyme
Kochanski forgets. By Kyra Cullinan. PG
Reign Of Fire
Company B: Terra Incognita
Personal differences have to be set aside for the greater good. By Karen. PG
Promises To Keep
"There are moments that define us individuals and as members of such a close knit community as their small refuge, Quinn thinks as he stands among the haphazard pile of stacked crates, barrels, and bags that is the storage room, clipboard in hand." By Karen. PG
Where The Sky Is The Limit
Alex and Quinn aren't in love. They don't need to be. By Northlight. PG
Money makes the world go round. By Bastet. R
Rescue Me
Death and the Good Citizen
Tommy Gavin begins to see ghosts, those of the people he was unable to save: is it a sign of a mental breakdown or is there something to these spectral visitations? By Karen. G
Revolutionary Girl Utena
All Of These Things Are True
Pictures from the time after. By Charlotte. G
Utena Rosebush
The legend of Utena Rosebush and how it began. By Charles. PG
The Ring
Samara never sleeps, but Aidan does. By Buffonia. PG-13
Five Things That Never Happened To Samara Morgan (And Yamamura Sadako)
She wants the whole world to know what it means to be her. She never sleeps. By Gale. PG-13
Good Intentions
Reiko dreams. By nostalgia. PG
Samara in the white room. By kbk. PG
The Taint
Sadako, in a neon future. By nostalgia. PG
Road Trip
Any Other Wednesday
"When they finished eating, Rubin kissed him again, and Josh kissed him back and thought that maybe this wasn't like any other day at all." By Abi Z. NC-17
It's been a few long days, and Josh can't sleep. Luckily, he has a helpful roommate. By Abi Z. PG-13
Things To Do At The Movies When You're Bored
Dude and Nixer go see a movie. Dude gets bored. By Charles. NC-17
Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves
Devil's Child
In the forest. By Katta. PG-13
Robin McKinley
Between Lifetimes
Luthe waits. By Northlight. G
Vermillion And Roses
Is Lisa right to be concerned about Rick's recent behavior and lack of morale? By Karen. PG
The Favour of the Gods
The household of Julii. By Lin. R
Reversals Of Fortune
Who whom? By Lin. NC-17
Ronin Warriors
Green Eyed Monsters
One of the Dark Warlords disguises himself as a beautiful girl in effort to divide the Ronins. Will they unravel the plot before it's too late? By Karen. PG
What is talent? By Lavender. PG-13
Kiss My Tiara!
"...I'm actually grateful to have some boundaries clearly laid out for me. With a little discipline..." By Nina. R
Like A Virus Like My Last Hope
"She doesn't know whether to trust it, the quiet insistence in Tess's voice." By Briar. R
People grow up, things change. Love isn't forever, but it might as well be. By Sara. R
Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles
"I think I am becoming a god." By Rachel. R
Mike On The Game: 100 Words
Living off of poker is like hooking a leg up and an arm down at the same time. By Match. PG-13
Playing To Lose
Mike is so, so whipped. By Bastet. PG-13
Emma remembers how she dealt with a previous nemesis. By Wendy. R
Sailor Moon
Reflections (At A Tori Amos Concert)
Usagi, Rei, and a concert. By cheebs! NC-17
Reflections (At A Tori Amos Concert) (The Hey Mars Remix)
"My girl body and your girl body now." By Jill B. Wilde PG-13
Saiyuki Gensomaden
Hard Labour
The boys have to fix a bridge to cross a ravine. By Tosca. PG-13
Samurai Jack
Everywhere A Sign
Jack finds a little bit of home. By Zara Hemla. PG-13
Raspberry Water
At the edge of Aku's territory, what do you eat? By Zara Hemla. PG
Small Fish
"It's his voice. It will be his face under the startling tumble of white. Him. But - not him, as Delirium is not Delight, and Change is not Destruction. As Despair is no longer who she was in the beginning." By FayJay. PG
The Scar
Not Enough, Never Enough
Come to discuss politics, but leave peaceful. By Zara Hemla. R
Scarecrow & Mrs. King
Love doesn't end after death. By Angelia. G
Scooby Doo
Coolsville I
It had started out of desperation. By Schuyler. PG-13
Coolsville II
They have their secret in common. By Schuyler. PG-13
My Spiders From Mars
"There's a precedent for guys like him. He just needs to immerse himself in the culture." By cgb. R
My Trip Up The Down Staircase
"I'm a doctor, I'm a doctor, I'm a pretty doctor." By not jenny. PG
all of it real
"It's like this, sometimes, a glass of wine and the sand between her toes." By not jenny. PG
That Summer
"No matter how hard he tries to avoid it, he always seemed to be where the bombs were going off." By cgb. PG
Hudson's firm opinions on things are tested when he sees Freddy's distress. By Katta. PG
Reading Material
Ford finds something in his bed that causes him to explore the differences between a submarine and a monastery. By Katta. R
Second Sight
A Closer Look
Sometimes, time can give a new perspective. By Katta. PG
The Sentinel
And On The Eighth Day...
A Great Miracle happened there. By HYPERFocused. PG
Death Takes A Holiday
Love and Death. By HYPERFocused. NC-17
Every Angle
Art appreciation. By s.a. PG
Fastest Gun In The Northwest
"Come on, Jim, it's okay. Really. It could have happened to anyone." By HYPERFocused. NC-17
Instamatic Karma
"Once more Naomi had taken it upon herself to meddle in her son's life..." By HYPERFocused. PG
As Blair's health degenerates, Jim finds himself spending more and more time remembering the good times they had together. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Personal Casualty
"I do not imagine in days I will touch your face, trace with my fingers what it has lived without me." Or -- Unrequited love sucks, as Jim will tell you. By Wistful. PG-13
Jim and Blair's first meeting in Blair's office doesn't quite go the way the anthropologist expected it to. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Velvet Underground
"The velvet throw still smelled like home, even after all these years." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
Shattered Mirror
Scar Tissue
It was her, just her. By Sami. PG-13
Sherlock Holmes
The Great Detective on love. By Dr. Nemesis. G
Sin City: The Movie
Bad Penny
"Dwight always comes back." By Tara O'Shea. PG
Career Girl
One thing that never happened to Becky. By LindaMarie. R
Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
She watches me when I walk around the room. By Melwil. R
Six Feet Under
Five Signs Of Insanity
David slowly loses it. By Oro. R
Life goes on. By Michelle K. PG-13
Not Going Quite As Planned
"Ruth is sitting at a table in the bar, still rather bemused at what just happened." By Kaite. PG
Sentimental Coffee Cups
It'll be so great. By Michelle K. PG-13
Rico is distracted by a part of Nate. By Dolores. R
Nate and David go out for drinks and to hash out some of their problems. By Annie. PG-13
All Heaven With Its Power
"Sometimes Clark thinks his X-Ray vision is more of a curse than a blessing." By HYPERFocused. PG
All That Glitters
Everybody's a rabid fanboy. By Pablo. PG-13
Am I On Pause?
Whitney wants to get his life back on track, but this isn't the way to do it. By Pablo. NC-17
And Saw Naught Lovely But The Sky And Stars
Lois Lane takes a deep breath and learns to save herself. By Kessica. PG
Another Auld Lang Syne
Chloe hated New Year's Eve. By Victoria P. PG-13
Another Girl's Paradise
Chloe and Lana, in the dark. By Kaite. PG-13
Chloe's easy, especially around Clark. By dafnap. PG
Apples (The Good Girls Don't Remix)
She's breaking every promise he'll never know she made. By Match. PG-13
Around The World In A Day
They go. By zahra. PG
Assumption Of Risk
A line is crossed, and Clark makes an irrevocable decision regarding his life in Smallville. By M. Scott Eiland. PG-13
"Rising out of the nothingness of sleep, Lex feels so warm, so good, his senses slowly awakening to a medley of pleasure." By Signe. R
banking on the (good)will of others
Lex will welcome her with open arms and she will greet him with a slap. By bantha fodder. PG
Basic Training
Whitney and the differences of coffee. A Cup Of Coffee At Talon. By Francis. PG
Bright As Yellow: Darkness And Light
In which Chloe wants an interview, but ends up with something better. By Käthe. G
Bright As Yellow: Quiet
In which Chloe wants an interview, but ends up with something better. By käthe. G
Broken Body, Broken Mind
Clark has a voice in his head. By HYPERFocused. PG
Burnished Copper
Chloe longs for a mother. By Victoria P. G
Cabin Fever
"The apartment was perfect, down to the last detail." By Tara O'Shea. PG-13
Chain Of Flowers
Pamela's memories are pressed between the pages. Say "goodnight," but not "goodbye." By HYPERFocused. PG
Cheesecake Or Death
The not-exactly-amazing encounter of a big gay alien college student and his closet-geek workaholic billionaire boyfriend: Wherein Clark does not commit arson, Lex doesn't quite sacrifice himself to avert an impending doom, and no one shuffles off this mortal coil despite all protestations to the contrary. By Shrift. NC-17
Chloe The Dragonslayer
In which Smallville gets stranger than usual, Chloe saves the world, and the Kent cows are gay. By Käthe. G
A Christmas Tale v2.0
"'Twas the night before Christmas..." By zahra. PG-13
Crimson Afterglow
After Clark's little 'want, take, have' episode, he and Lex need to talk. By TaleWeaver. PG
Coffee Talk
Chloe on investigative journalism and soul sisters. A Cup Of Coffee At Talon. By Francis. PG-13
"It's the one place in the world where I was happiest." By HYPERFocused. PG
Comfortable (The Happiness Remix)
Because it's more than a simple couch. It's made out of memories. By Patricia RD. PG-13
Comic Books Make You Gay And Other Subversive Thoughts
Homoerotic what? By zahra. PG-13
A Conversation In The Snow
'Tis the season. Clark makes a visit. By Zahra. PG
Clark's pen pal skills need sharpening. By Pearl-o. PG
Countdown To The Inevitable
"She'd known for seven years, four months, seventeen days, five hours, and twelve minutes by the time he finally figured out that she knew." By Tara O'Shea. PG
Crop Sales
Jonathan, crop sales, and a lucky Martha. A Cup Of Coffee At Talon. By Francis. PG
If Lex were here right now... By Pearl-o. NC-17
Full naked is always better than half. By s.a. G
Driving In The Dark
Clark has trouble concentrating. By Pearl-O. PG-13
Drowning In Syrup
Chloe and the joys of homecoming. By Pearl-O. PG-13
The Eight Deaths Of Lex Luthor
This is how it goes. By Cosmic. PG-13
Eighteen Drabbles About Lex Luthor
Lex's life. By HYPERFocused. R
"The storm had only started an hour ago. It had been in the air all day, everything thick and still and waiting for it." By Pearl-o. PG
Electric (The Sparks Remix)
Something electric in the air. By Firecracker. PG
"It is like sniffing ether, and everything is sweet and sad and far away." By käthe. PG
Even Honesty Is Financial Speculation
"Doesn't this seem a little dysfunctional to you?" By zahra. NC-17
Whitney's addicted. By nepthys. NC-17
Fallible Theory
Ends and means, plus justification for the stuff in between. By zahra. PG-13
Five Imaginary Incidents From The Lives Of Unimportant People
Things that didn't happen to Nell, Pamela, Ryan, Julian, and Desiree. By Pearl-O. PG-13
Fly With Clark Kent
Facing the West like it's their only way out of this life. By Keren Ziv. R
Forbidding Mourning
Clark returns Lex's comics. By Victoria P. G
"So, I've got this idea, Lex." By HYPERFocused. R
The Gloves
Chloe thought she had left the past behind. By Käthe. G
Good Girl, Bad Girl
Chloe watches Lana sleep. Some dark images tag along. By Patricia RD. PG-13
Good Girl, Bad Girl (The Good Girls Don't Remix)
Despite the appearance of monsters, sunsets, and boys next door, Lana is not in a movie. By HYPERFocused. PG
Happy Endings
Chloe, Clark and Lex share one last night together. By Victoria P. NC-17
Her Habitual Disguise (Discarded)
Lois Lane at the prom. By Keren Ziv. G
Hero Complex
"You don't know me as well as you like to think you do, Chloe Sullivan..." By Princess Twilite. NC-17
Home Plate
Wherein we ponder the zen of baseball: home plate is where you begin your journey, and it is also your journey's end. By Shrift. G
Clark comes home after a long day and finds Lex waiting. By Victoria P. PG
Lex and a salmon know the feeling. By FayJay. PG
I Stopped Looking And Then Just Crashed
Sometimes all you need is a friend. By Käthe. R
I Was There
Pete, coffee with cream. A Cup Of Coffee At Talon. By Francis. PG
Impossible Odds
Chloe knows all about impossible odds. By Käthe. G
In His Place
It's unsettling when people aren't in their right place. By Signe. NC-17
In The Pumpkin Patch
Clark takes Lex pumpkin picking. Mild wackiness ensues. By Victoria P. PG
Indigo Kiss
Keeping the memory. By Signe. G
Intimate Strangers
Better late than never. By FayJay. PG-13
Island Nation
According to Mr. Luthor, "every man is an island and every island a nation" ('The Rise Of Leadership', Alexander Luthor, 2015). Chloe Sullivan, of the Metropolitan Times, Online UK Edition, tests this theory with surprising results. By Nehal. PG
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
"Summer scene, and they are all lounging by the Small Public Pool." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
Clark can tell the difference between visiting and belonging. By Pearl-O. PG-13
Jonathan Kent Woke Up Gay!
Jonathan Kent wakes up gay. Obviously. By Charles. PG-13
Jonathan shares some words of wisdom with his son. By Victoria P. G
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
It wasn't every day that Lex bought a debauched angel his own church. By zahra. R
The Last Night On Earth
Everything ends. By zahra. PG
Let Your Shadow Out
In which Molotov Cocktails are thrown, Lex becomes a sort of savior, and Chloe's world is blown apart. By käthe. R
Letting The Telephone Ring
Being happy in a rut. By s.a. PG-13
The Lines We Amend
Chloe Sullivan's past wants to visit -- and rifle through her refrigerator. By käthe. R
Liquid Running
That familiar ache. By Signe. NC-17
Little Pitchers
She loves it when Clark comes to visit. By Pearl-O. PG
Marks The Spot
The slow evolution of Lois Lane and Clark Kent. By Kessica. PG
"If you wake up at a different time in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?" By zahra. PG
Chloe just wants to be normal. By dafnap. PG
You can see Clark Kent. By s.a. G
Morning Edition Revelations
The subtle way to break it to your co-workers that you're dating. By Gunbunny. PG
My Beautiful Friend or Five Things That Never Happened To Adam Knight
In some other universe...there's a ghost named Clark Kent hovering around in the background of Adam Knight's life. By zahra. R
Natural Habitat
Chloe comes to Smallville. By Tara O'Shea. PG
Next To You
"I just can't help myself being next to you." By Käthe. G
Nice Car
A slip, two souls, no Superman. By sangga. R
No Pace Perceived
Lois watches. Clark remembers. By HYPERFocused. PG
No Sugar
Lex, with cream, no sugar. A Cup Of Coffee At Talon. By Francis. PG
The October Game
Homecoming time in Smallville: Clark, Lex, and bad memories made in a cornfield. By TaleWeaver. PG
On A Subject Of Some Regret
You can't always get what you want -- but you might get what you need. By zahra. NC-17
Once In A While
Right now, when it's all still good. By Pearl-O. NC-17
One Hundred Years
Beginnings inevitably lead to endings, but there can be joy in the journey. By Signe. R
One Night At The Metropolitan
"It was like... this Norman Rockwell-on-acid facade you just couldn't crack with a sledgehammer sometimes." By Tara O'Shea. PG-13
One Thousand Miles
Lucas has come a long way. By zahra. PG
Orpheus And Icarus In Metropolis
That reunion scene. By zahra. PG-13
Out Of Place
"The good old rule sufficeth them, the simple plan, that they should take, who have the power." By Signe. NC-17
"You remember what happened the last time we tried using my speed when we were making love, don't you?" "It was the best two minutes of my entire life." By HYPERFocused. NC-17
Pale Purple
"Why is your sky purple?" Pete asked. By HYPERFocused. R
Passion Fruit Purple
Many permutations and she gets stuck with this. By dafnap. PG-13
Perpetual Slumber Party
Lana moves in. By Tara O'Shea. PG
The Prodigal Replacement
My name is not Clark Kent. By zahra. NC-17
Quipping The Light Fantastic
Chloe works hard for an exclusive. By Nehal. PG
Rainbows, Puppies, And Other Miracles
Lana and Clark have to have a Talk. By Amy. PG
Chloe and the business of Lex. By Francis. NC-17
In one of the many possible futures, Chloe deals with herself to be with Lana. By Francis. R
Revisionist History
It was where she had always been; it was where she belonged. By käthe. PG
Revolutionary Kind
"I'm not worried about your state of mind / 'Cause you're not the revolutionary kind.' By zahra. PG
Rings And Sores
There's more than one way. By Pearl-O. R
The Ripple Effect
Chloe, Pete and Lana find themselves on the trail of a mutant who should be harmless, but whose appetite for a different kind of destruction is causing havoc in the halls of Smallville High. By TaleWeaver. PG-13
Rocking Horse Winner
"If any one faculty of our nature may be called more wonderful than the rest, I do think it is memory." By Gradients. PG
Her first year back in Metropolis -- from samurai to self-righting doll. By sangga. R
Rumors Of My Death
A new life, a new home, an unexpected reunion. By HYPERFocused. PG
A beloved figure who wears a lot of red, and flies through the air. What, you thought we were talking about Superman? By Amy & HYPERFocused. G
"It was the Warrior Angel valentine that started it all." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
Clark knows how Lex likes him. By s.a. R
Clark touches Lex's scar after Cassandra's funeral. By Thamiris. NC-17
Seeing Through
Clark has a moment of weakness and the eyes for it. A Cup Of Coffee At Talon. By Francis. PG
Clark does his best Johnny Cash impersonation. By LindaMarie. PG-13
It's never too late to learn. By Pablo. PG-13
That year when you know everything and nothing. By Hope. R
Skin Your Knee
Clark is almost a grown-up. By Pearl-O. PG
The Sky Is Empty
Clark talks to God, but... By Pablo. PG-13
The Slant
"It's the one place in the world where I've been the happiest." By HYPERFocused. PG
Clark is like a teenaged boy. By Kassie. R
Six Scary Stories Of Clark And Lex's First Official Date
It's scary. By HYPERFocused. PG
Song Of The Executioner
Castaway; and cast away. By HYPERFocused. PG
Some Angels Did Once
It's that everlasting moment before the end and the stretch is intoxicating. By Buffonia. R
South Of The Kingdom
One of us has betrayed the other. It's just not clear whom. By winter baby. R
The Space Between
He's taken huge landing-on-the-moon steps that weren't a fraction of the magnitude of this one. By Signe. R
The Smallville "What the fuck is Clark doing in blue spandex" first-time-Superman-is-seen-on-tv moment. By Gunbunny. G
Square One
Phew, for a minute there I lost myself. By zahra. PG
Strange Love Addiction
Love is about the little things. By Käthe. R
The Suit
When begging, bribing and bullying don't work, Superman has one more trick up his sleeve. By Signe. PG-13
Sugar Rush
Clark needs something to make him forget about worrying. By Pablo. PG-13
The time between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder; a waiting for promises to be fulfilled. By Tara O'Shea. PG-13
Think Fast
"Clark really didn't like Miami Beach." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
Third Sunday In June
"It was an early Sunday morning in June, and Clark was still a little tired." By HYPERFocused. PG
The Truth About Icarus
Death is a flight away from truth -- and other lies Lex tells himself. By Thamiris. NC-17
"Despite the prevalent sense of Upstairs/Downstairs that reigned in the household, at five Lex caught the chicken pox from the gardener's daughter." By zahra. PG
Clark has trouble sleeping. By Pearl-O. NC-17
Watch It Fade
Lex tells Clark things about his mother sometimes. By Pearl-O. G
Weight I'm Under
Chloe Sullivan, falling again. By Princess Twilite. PG-13
Whistle While You Work
In which there is Lex, fluff, and Clark in college. By Pearl-o. PG-13
When I Am King You Will Be First Against The Wall
If he hadn't already seen Rashomon twenty-three times, he wouldn't have had any idea what was going on in the movie. By zahra. PG-13
When I Was Born For The Seventh Time
A how-to guide. By zahra. R
Wish I Never Saw Your Face
Lex in the future and why he wears the ring of kryptonite. By Beth C. PG-13
The Year Of The Dragon
Happy Chinese New Year. By zahra. R
You Can't Fool An Old News Hound
The Editor of The Daily Planet steers his star reporter away from a story. By M. Scott Eiland. PG-13
Snow Crash
The Not-So-Secret Thoughts Of A Bored Kourier
Y.T. wonders about Hiro and Vitaly. By Selena Ulrich. R
The Not-So-Secret Thoughts Of A Bored Kourier (The Fangrrrl Remix)
Who's got the latest on Vitaly Chernobyl and Hiro Protagonist? Atomic! By Kate Bolin. R
Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
From The Silent One
Did you really think Dopey was just the group idiot? By Gabe. PG
So Close
dance floor
"Half of Hong Kong is asleep and the other half is on the dance floor..." By Francis. PG
Sorority Boys
On Bunching
Nylons. Bunching. By Princess Twilite. PG-13
A Phallus In Pigtails
He's so very genderfucked. By Shrift. R
Soul Survivors
Sometimes the illusion of life is better than the reality of death. This isn't one of them. By cheebs! NC-17
Still alive, below the waist. By cheebs! R
South Of Nowhere
De Nile
What's what river in Egypt? Oh, right... By Cheebs! PG-13
The Sea Is Dark, And All Its Gods Are Dead
Biding time until touch is more, and the sea twists in the tempest. By Jengrrrl. NC-17
Those Whole Girls (Run In Grace)
"So, Los Angeles is a little different than Spencer imagined it would be." By Jengrrrl. PG-13
You're Gonna Get Burned
Ashley knows that Spencer has been watching her. By nailbunny617. PG-13
South Park
Kyle wants to know his name. He's never wanted that from anyone before. By Hetre Z. PG-13
All Roads Lead To Rome
Peter has this unerring ability to frustrate Harry More than anyone else. By zahra. PG-13
"You keep secrets from each other because you can't bring yourself to be honest." By Kate Bolin. R
Sex With The Most Repressed Man In The Known Universe
It turns out to be not so bad after all. By sangga. NC-17
The Story Of Your Life, Starring Gwyneth Paltrow
You wonder who will play you, in the movie version. By not jenny. PG
Spirited Away
Bridge Across The Maybe Sea
There are so many reasons to stay. By Zara Hemla. G
Given Name
Not everyone had a helpful little card in their pocket. By Lady Grey. G
Kohaku River Magic
Decades later, Chihiro still hasn't forgotten Haku. By backfromspace. PG
Zoe finds solace following the end of the world. By Sängerin. G
Aftermath: Danny
Danny (and Sam) in the aftermath of the EERIE. By Sängerin. PG
Aftermath: Tom
Tom's thoughts following the events. By Sängerin. G
Any Sensible Chap
She doesn't understand that any sensible chap would fall in love with her the minute they saw her. By MelWil. PG
Avoiding The Cracks
Ruth, Malcolm, Sam and Colin leave the grid. By MelWil. PG
Childhood Memory
"Mum, did you have a boyfriend called Matthewtom?" By Sängerin. G
Cold Comfort
"Ruth won't meet your eyes when you walk onto the Grid." By Sängerin. R
The Comfortability Of Fear
Ruth comes home to find Malcolm waiting for her on her front step. By MelWil. PG
Conflicted Interests
The wish to protect Mariella went beyond duty to admiration and beyond admiration to desire. By Sängerin. R
Crazy Carpet Patterns
Patterns are driving him crazy. By MelWil. PG-13
Tessa presses a little yellow card into her hand. By MelWil. R
Debriefing Now
Do we have to do this now? By sangga. R
"It is our first duty to serve society, and, after we have done that, we may attend to the salvation of our own souls. A youthful passion for abstracted devotion should not be encouraged" -- Samuel Johnson. By sangga. R
A Dorothy Complex
She kept a pair of red shoes in the back of her wardrobe. By MelWil. R
B was a breath of very fresh, very welcome air. By Sängerin. NC-17
Dreaming Of A Future That Cannot Be
"The real fantasy was the person who hovered on the edge of her daydreams." By Sängerin. G
The sound echoes in his ears and he wonders if he's human anymore. By MelWil. PG-13
Empty Places
Ruth tries to fill the empty places. By MelWil. PG-13
Five Images Of Exhibitionism
Tessa had never shied away from using sex to get what she wanted. Most of the time she had fun while doing so. By Sängerin. R
In Transit
Who else, in a predictably dull airport bar, would actually begin to talk to a fellow traveller? By Sängerin. PG
In Valparaiso With No Lonely Planet
"I knew you'd never have the courage to come looking for me." By Sängerin. PG-13
A Life In Cardboard
Somewhere in the basement of Thames House was the evidence of Tom's many lives, stored away in boxes. By Sängerin. G
A Little Bit Of History
Zoe and Christine first met in a club. Spooks/MI:5 By Sängerin. PG-13
Little Girl Lost
"Christine is pale and icy-blonde, so thin she looks as though she could break." By Sängerin. PG
Life, death, and the understanding of truth. By Soulstarsinger. PG
Pained Voices And Broken Eggs
Loyalty is a bitch sometimes. By MelWil. PG
"Check encyclopedia reference - 'Tom smiling'. See fireworks going off, sunset walks along the beach, champagne frothing out of bottles, my heart galloping at a million miles an hour, my cheeks warming to pink..." By sangga. PG
All that's left is making predictions. By MelWil. PG
Rain On Windows
It's all falling apart. By Melwil. G
Shaking (Version 6: Hands)
She couldn't stop her hands from shaking. By MelWil. PG
Silver Paper And Sequins
He can't remember when it started. By MelWil. PG
Still Gone
"She wondered if she's ever stop wanting to cry." By MelWil. PG
She wants you. By MelWil. PG-13
Substitute For Something
Danny and Ruth cling on to each other because it's all they have. By MelWil. PG-13
Theme, Variation
Tessa has always made you feel like this; inadequate and uncomfortable, even when she is praising you. By Sängerin. R
Understanding The Questions
"Everyone knew that Christine Dale was the coldest operative in England." By MelWil. R
Sports Night
Better Go Catch It
There's something wrong with Casey's fridge. By Mosca. PG
Certain Women
"It was only 10:00, and already the party was getting dull." By HYPERFocused. PG
Chasing Darkened Skies Above You
"Last days of summer." By Oro. R
Diversionary Tactics
Wherein Danny gets trapped in smelly musical theater, Dana goes slightly mad, and Casey alienates entire galaxies in the space of a single show. By Shrift. PG
dried imperfections
Sixteen moments of Dan and Casey. By Oro. R
Everybody Wants To Be Someone's Here
"Subtext, sublimation. You're all about words beginning with 'sub' tonight." By Victoria P. G
Five Things That Never Happened (To Dan Rydell)
It goes something like this: death, sex, agony, agony, kid. By Shrift. NC-17
Flirtational Theory
Wherein Casey doesn't want to talk, Danny blows smoke, aspersions are cast on the Starland Vocal Band oeuvre, and the anti-Keanu stubbornly refuses to put in an appearance. By Shrift. PG
For We Are Manly Men In Ties
The scent of defeat, the cry of a chicken, the allure of cheese fries -- these are all things men know. By Shrift. PG
Getting Off
The train ride is over, but the trip has only just begun. By HYPERFocused. R
Her Virtues Slighted Be
"She was so scared, at first, of getting back together with him." By Oro. PG-13
(I Can Turn You) Inside Out
"She stands out from the crowd, tall and proud and fucking perfect with her red lips and her long legs and her beautiful skin." By Victoria P. R
In My Dreams I Slashed Your Tyres
"They would never survive like this." By cgb. PG
"Four A.M., and Dan is wide awake..." By HYPERFocused. PG
Like A Practical Joke (if you take out the punch line)
"Jeremy can tell that Dan was not kidding earlier." By Oro. PG-13
Mercy As A Default Position
"She can taste on Sally's lips all the men she's gone through." By Oro. PG-13
Nutrition And Other Needs
"Casey. You really should have come to L.A." By Pearl-O. PG
Dan watches and reflects on his relationship with Casey. By Beth C. PG-13
A Proportional Response
"Pixley picked the place..." By Oro. PG
Skating Away
"He was feeling particularly stir crazy, which was slightly unpleasant, but bearable." By HYPERFocused. PG
Parents And Children
"Admittedly, the reason for their lack of slumber had been a good one." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
Things To Get Arrested For In Singapore
In which Dan is a groveling dead man, Casey's in denial about his addiction, and there is unprovoked slander of chunky peanut butter. Things could be worse. By Shrift. PG-13
To Casey, On His Thirty-Fifth Birthday
Danny's first draft. By Mosca. PG
TV Camp
Sam Donovan doesn't try to make friends anymore. By Shrift. G
Where'd you go, man? By bj. PG
Zombie Jamboree
"We've known each other for ten years, and you never told me about your grape phobia?" By Shrift. PG-13
St. Elmo's Fire
Talk About Failing Upwards
20 years later, Kevin is still talking about the meaning of life, and Al is still telling him to shut up -- and Leslie is nowhere to be found. By Alejandra. PG-13
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Amsha's War
Guilt. Angst. The usual. By nostalgia. PG
And Life Goes On
It has been almost eleven years since the crash. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine PG
An Apple A Day
Some games are even more complicated than cricket. By nostalgia. PG
Closing The Circle
Keiko loves her husband, it's just that she doesn't like him very much right now. By kbk. PG-13
Ezri knows that Julian loves Miles, but she has secrets of her own. By Your Cruise Director. PG
Drinking With A Child
Miles gets drunk, gets laid, and angsts a bit. By nostalgia & kbk. PG-13
Each According To His Ability
An exercise in wilful opacity. By nostalgia. PG
A Five-Point Tour Of The Alpha Quadrant
Five places where O'Brien doesn't live. By Mosca. R
Five Things That Might Have Happened To Julian Bashir (If Anyone Had Asked)
"Never, ever, ever has he felt this good." By nostalgia. R
Fly Away
Sentience hurts. By Kyra Cullinan. G
Head Full Of Noise
Ezri Dax never wanted to be joined. By Karen. G
Odo's on Bajor again. By Mosca. PG
Sometimes there is no right answer. By nostalgia. PG
Julian This, Julian That
Secrets. Slash. By nostalgia & kbk. PG-13
let's do the time warp again
"My memory could be playing tricks on me, but have you gotten stranger?" By not jenny. R
Lies Of Omission
Keiko has only cheated on Miles on two occasions. By Nostalgia. PG-13
like she walks
"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" By not jenny. R
Love On A Battlefield
"She can think of at least half a dozen preferable locations where she would rather be." By Karen. PG
Ninth Host
She is no longer entirely sure which of her thoughts are hers. By nostalgia. PG
Once And Ever Again
An alternate explanation for the O'Briens going off to Earth. By nostalgia. R
Someone brings a new plant aboard the station. By Karen. PG-13
A Second Glance (The Falling Is Like This Remix)
Sometimes you slip. By Kyra Cullinan. PG-13
Sitting On The Couch And Waiting
Keiko waits, and considers her options. By Kate Bolin. PG-13
Keiko calls to wake her husband, again. By Your Cruise Director. PG
Stop The War, I Want To Go Home
War is hell. By nostalgia. PG
Survival Mechanism
Worf returns to DS9 and approaches Ezri about a painful subject. By Sara Goose. PG-13
"We are, we were, we will be." By nostalgia. PG
Thou Shalt Have No Other
Ben Sisko, someone else's God. By nostalgia. G
What Ails You
Everyone has a weakness. By nostalgia. PG-13
What Ails You (The Confessional Remix)
It was a moment of weakness. That took place over a few months. By Don't Make Eye Contact. PG-13
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Between The Boys And The Bees
"It causes problems, this eavesdropping on the private fantasties of her fellow crewmen." By Kaite. NC-17
Dea Ex Machina
"He has never been a religious man, although in his more paranoid moments he truly believes there is a higher power out to get him. But he knows enough to kneel in service of a Goddess." By Kaite. R
Everybody Else's Girl
Someday, she'll be her own. By Mosca. PG
Everybody's Got A Story
On the holodeck, Troi isn't just a pretty face. By Kaite. R
Feel Good Time
"The counselor walks into her quarters, and stops to look at the surprising picture before her: the ship's head security officer appears to be raiding her closet." By Briar. R
Just Because It Feels Good (Doesn't Make It Feel Right)
"It doesn't matter that they're fucking as if there's no tomorrow, because this is the Enterprise, and there might well not be." By Kaite. NC-17
Never Been
Someone uses someone else. By Kaite. NC-17
The Speed Of Sound
"She wants something that genuine and unfamiliar..." By Kyra. PG
Too Many Stars And Not Enough Sky
After her first night with Worf, Deanna's having one of those days. By Kaite. NC-17
"No one gives her flowers anymore, not since the funeral wreaths." By Kaite. PG-13
Star Trek: Voyager
all of this is window dressing
"Fortunes told, only fifteen credits apiece." By not jenny. R
All Those Stone Emotions
A nastier version of Seven's battle with humanity. By nostalgia. PG
Almost Home
Shattered sky is broken. Soaked songbirds cease to sing. I am drowning in blue. Star Trek: Voyager NC-17
The Art Of Losing
Happily ever afters are harder than they look. By Kyra Cullinan. R
During the war with Cardassia, Lieutenant Janeway attempts to understand her CO. By Abbey Carter. R
Broken Things
Janeway does not forget. By Firecracker. R
Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Susan Nicoletti and Kathryn Janeway, infatuation and music lessons. By Liz Barr. R
Degrees Of Separation
As far as Seven was concerned, the only redeeming feature of Earth was that it was mostly clean. By Netgirl. PG
"Captain Janeway tastes bitter and fruity like hot black coffee and replicated wine..." By tigermoth26. NC-17
Family Value
I always knew I'd lose her to Starfleet, but I didn't imagine the loss would be so total. By Abbey Carter. PG
Four Things That Could Have Happened To Chakotay
"Bridging the gap between sleep and conscious awareness was getting to be something of a challenge for him, or perhaps it was simply the task of distinguishing between the two." By Karen. PG-13
Gray Mode
A Neelix-eye view of events, and then some. By Abbey Carter. R
If Wishes Were Horses
"Reliving events in one's life is usually a good thing, when one has time indulge in reminiscing, but not when you are flickering through entire eras in a matter of nanoseconds." By Karen. G
In Love With An Insomniac
"Sleep is elusive for her almost every night." By Karen. G
"Seven approaches with a sneer like royalty. Slides red/black against silver like lithium waiting to burn. 'I will destroy you.' She declares, and her voice is a challenge wrapped in a body made of steel." By Tigermoth. PG-13
Lost Years
Miral Paris reflects on her sister's disabilities. By Abbey Carter. PG
Numbering The Stars
After Voyager gets home, Janeway reconnects with her former CO. By Abbey Carter. PG-13
Orgasm Day
Seven loves Kathryn. By Tigermoth. NC-17
Seven develops an interest in history. By nostalgia. G
Are you wasting away in your skin? By Firecracker. R
Porcelain (The Ill-Fitting Tribute Remix)
You come home and you're a hero. By dafnap. R
Putting The Bitch On
Janeway thinks back on her career. By Abbey. PG
Stockholm Syndrome
What's a culture, when you get right down to it? By nostalgia. PG
Tart Green Fruit
"Seven dropped the Captain's gaze and swirled her fingers through the bathwater. She smoothed it over her firm ripe breasts and let Kathryn watch the water taste her naked skin." By Tigermoth. NC-17
Tales From The Government-In-Exile
Kathryn Janeway, post-homecoming. By nostalgia. PG
Two Lives
Assuming that Janeway was killed by Chakotay's mutiny, they write each other. By Abbey Carter. PG
Star Wars
Among A Hundred Brothers
"Among a hundred brothers, there is one..." By TangledAria. PG-13
The tide pulls him in. By Rachel. PG
Behind The Leaves
Obi-Wan's body is faded with age but his memory is not. By Rachel. PG
Dark Days
The escape to Hoth was cold and dark. By Twinkledru J. PG-13
After all the good has gone, Obi-Wan feels comfortably numb. By Nostalgia. PG
A Fistful Of Sky
A missing scene on the planet Hoth. By Karen. PG-13
For Destruction Ice
Han knows enough of hate. By Rachel. PG
For What You Dream Of
Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the balance of the Force. By Nostalgia. PG
She just wishes there was something they could do. By Kate Bolin. NC-17
Not Nailed Down
Yoda catches someone stealing parts off his ship. By Katta. PG
One Breath
The Exile faces down Darth Sion, with unexpected consequences. By Allison E. Lane. PG-13
The People Who Survive
"Wars have never hurt anybody except the people who die." By Rachel. G
it's like this every morning now... By Evangeline. PG
Luke and Leia find each other, despite the distance. By LindaMarie. R
Stargate: Atlantis
And Think Of England
It's Simon because it has to be. By nostalgia. R
Ariande's Got A Gun
"A flick of the hand to the left, a button pushed to the right, a second of hesitation, a moment they left too soon." By Taylor. R
"Marshall Sumner had a lot to think about." By Peja. PG
Ellis Island
The new world order. By meyerlemon. PG-13
The Great Game
"All Agent Barett wanted was a cat. And a date. By Paradoqz. PG-13
Monday Afternoon
"Who cares what day a fling began?" By Lin. PG
the more things change
They're only cliché because they're true. Also, not everything tastes of chicken. Like a parable, only not at all. By not jenny. R
Mututally Assured Destruction
"You know," John paused and said as casually as he could, head cocked so he could see Rodney's white face in his peripheral vision. "With you holding on to me like this, if I blow up, you blow up." By Shrift. PG
The Reverse Of Fascination
"I have only one idea left," Rodney said, because this situation was dire. It was desperate. It was this, or Rock Paper Scissors, and he didn't have a handy copy of the official strategy guide. By Shrift. NC-17
Sonny In Space
Cadman and McKay discuss the finer points of Battlestar Galactica season two while Cadman bounces up and down in his lap. By Jennifer-Oksana. R
Strangers In An Empty Space
The difference between a group hallucination and a lie. By Tahlia. R
Technical Knockout
Cadman and McKay have The Talk. By Jennifer-Oksana. PG-13
Walking On Sunshine
A boy, a girl, a lot of banter... By Jennifer-Oksana. NC-17
Stargate SG1
A phenomenon or occurrence that is not normal. By Vanessa Nichols. PG
"Sometimes events are symbolic, representations of something real." By cgb. PG-13
And All Shall Be Well
A coda -- three timelines that exist, but don't, but sort of do. By tahlia. R
and then let me walk away
"you tasted so sour and i am so bitter" By not jenny. PG-13
"And Then They Make Sex!"
He do Carter! By Keren Ziv. PG-13
One woman, five opportunities. By Vanessa Nichols. NC-17
But You Are The Wall Crumbling
circumference equals pi times radius squared. By not jenny. R
Cake, Chocolate. One Slice
"The Colonel takes one last glance at the rack of desserts against the wall. Cake is cake. He pilfers a slice, wraps it up, stows it in his pants' pocket." By Tigermoth. G
Complete Control
"You were in complete control?" "That's right." By Vanessa Nichols. NC-17
A Dark And Empty Reflection
She sleeps in a palace. By Emily M. PG-13
They drift. By Dale Edmonds. R
Echoes Of An Empty Place
"This really is the final mission, which is why it's funny that it should be her going through the wormhole." By cgb. PG-13
Eight Minutes
Sam and Jack meet three weeks before Sam's wedding. He has something to tell her. By Mexx. PG-13
"Part of her will always long for the time when she had passion instead of peace." By Emily M. PG
The Fabric Of Our Lives
Comfortable. By HYPERFocused. NC-17
Five Things Sam Carter Shouldn't Do In Uniform
Sam commits five uniform violations in one day. By Abbey. PG-13
"He did the mash. The monster mash." By dirty diana. G
Happily Ever After
Adjustments. By Halrloprillalar. PG-13
In Or Out
Playing well with others. By s.a. PG-13
In The Telling
"These are stories I don't write down." By cgb. PG
It's cause and effect. By Emily M. PG
Inverted Symmetry
It's just your standard, run of the mill body swap. By Emily M. PG-13
Is That What You Fought The War For
"Did you really think you were the best your species had to offer?" By nostalgia. R
Kobayashi Maru
Sometimes Daniel doesn't want to think. By Halrloprillalar. NC-17
Last/First Day, The Night, And For Her
She was there. By Briana Aisling. PG-13
My First Stargate Story
Daniel's in trouble. Jack helps him out. By Halrloprillalar. PG-13
Out Of The Shadows
"There is an unidentified ship, about four times the size of a Goa'uld mothership, on course for Earth. If they continue at their present speed, we estimate they'll reach us in a little over an hour." By Lin. PG-13
The Queer Sisters
"This whole planet seems to be a recreation of a fifties pulp novel, sir." By not jenny. R
Progressions: First Contact
Men, longing, and the call of unreality. By tigermoth. R
"Jonas is always smiling. Even when he's not." By cgb. NC-17
Rhythms And Rituals
The undertones to the fishing invitation. By Brianna Aisling. PG
Sense Of
Memo to self: you're living in a vacuum. A vacuum of nothing more needing to be said. And it's getting bigger. By Vanessa Nichols. PG
Seven Days
Five little soldiers went to war... By Vanessa Nichols. PG
He only wants to be blind. By Vanessa Nichols. R
That Laugh
Jack watches Jonas and Sam talk. By Brianna Aisling. PG
"Daniel still wanted her. He couldn't help it; the desire lingered, in his mind and in his body, thick and heavy." By Brianna Aisling. PG-13
the way things are
"No one is sad to have saved himself./He lives. And what is better than a cold beer?" By not jenny. PG-13
who daily conquers them anew
"He only earns his freedom and existence who daily conquers them anew" - Goethe. By not jenny. R
"They saved the world then and later it became a habit." By cgb. PG-13
Stone Kiss
Scenes From An Imagined Novel
Decker, Donatti, and father figures. By Dale Edmonds. R
Sweet Home Alabama
Searching For Barry Lowenstein
An Alabama gay boy in the big city. By Mosca. R
Swing Kids
Thomas finds out something he didn't want to know. By Bastet. PG-13
It's Too Hot In The Desert (To Launch A Counter Argument)
The Prince is a smart man and it's really too hot for good New England boys to think. By Lady Gray. PG-13

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