Harmonic Relationships
Kay and Zombie Charity fight over Miguel...among other things. By Amy. PG-13
Pearl Harbor
Evelyn tells her story. By Francis. PG-13
PeeWee's Big Adventure
I Know You Are But What Am I?
Francis'll do anything to get that bike. By Kate Bolin. R
Peter Pan
Everyone grows up. By Gunbunny. G
The Phantom
"Don't you care about anything?" By Kathryne. G
Phantom Of The Opera
"Sometimes you think you just do it to stop her talking about that infernal opera ghost." By Kaite. R
Pluto In Retrograde
It is years later when Erik comes back for Christine. By Robyn. PG
The Philadelphia Story
black and white (and shades of grey)
As long as it was sex, at this point, it didn't matter who with. By Kessica. R
Pirates Of The Caribbean
black eyes
In which Jack Sparrow is the Han Solo of the Caribbean. With makeup. By Zara Hemla. PG-13
Young Jack gives what he gets. By Anne Hedonia. PG
"She watched the flames consume the wooden barrels and the rum they contained." By Kari. PG
Jack isn't much of a piano player. By Collie. PG
Bootstrap Bill reflects. By Collie. PG-13
He cannot breathe. By Voleuse. PG-13
Games Of Chance
Jack plays with cards and Will's nerves. By Collie. PG
One day, Elizabeth returns to Port Royal. By Voleuse. R
Hurricane Jack
In which Will Turner most emphatically does not avoid familiarity with pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow cheats in his infamous and fabulous fashion, vast quantities of rum lead to drunkenness and debauchery, and there are no silly nautical euphemisms for sex (so long as the barnacles don't count). By Shrift. NC-17
The Knight Steps Aside
A good player always knows when to give up, no matter what the cost. By Siryn. PG-13
Mermaid Kiss
It happened, sure as anything. By Zara Hemla. PG
The Pearl Of Great Price
What you have forfeited, what you have found. By Sibilance T. Spooner. PG
A Pirate's Life For Me
Some girls dream of being princesses, and others dream of being pirates. By Ishafel. R
"It was after Elizabeth lost the second baby that Will began to notice a change." By Pearl-o. PG
Quiet Treasure
Treasure is in the eye of the beholder. By Siryn. PG
Sailor, Pirate, Privateer, Spy
The tale of how Commodore Norrington won a bride, foiled a French plan to win the 7 Year's War, made truce with Jack Sparrow, and matched wits with a clever agent of the crown. By Jennifer-Oksana. PG-13
Every scar tells a story and theirs are no exception. By Siryn. PG-13
The Slippery Road
Become a pirate in three easy steps. By Zara Hemla. R
"Will makes the best swords in the islands..." By kbk. PG
Gillette will always remember this day. By Halrloprillalar. PG-13
Truly, Madly
Wind and rain and Captain Jack Sparrow. By Northlight. PG
With Gannets
"It is I! Who am the rocks!" By Briar. G
The Wistful One
Elizabeth contemplates a few things while upon the Interceptor. By Collie. PG-13
Yearnings Fulfilled And Unfulfilled
An inventory of sensual ravishments and unconscious desires in the hotwet beauty of the Caribbean. By Jennifer-Oksana. R
The Devil's Own
He holds himself accountable to none save for his master. By Minim Calibre. R
Five Routes Out Of Kansas
The America/Iraq crisis is complicated and volatile. If only life were like Sci-Fi. By Don't Make Eye Contact. PG-13
A New Hope
Charles Kennedy has a new hope for modern politics. By Don't Make Eye Contact. G
Planet Buster
Phone conversations between two good pals. By Don't Make Eye Contact. PG
You Just Don't Have The Presence
Baroness Young hated queers. Ever wondered why? By Kate J. PG
Poolhall Junkies
Sharks Patrol These Waters
"Are you out of your fucking mind? No, I'm sorry, there's no way I'm gonna let you do this. In a million years, you are never gonna pawn my car." By Shrift. NC-17
Another Day
Will why is he so sad? By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. PG-13
At Swim, Two Boys
Mark and Robbie were always close, but then they got closer. By Dolores. NC-17
Nick gets all tied up. By Embitca. R
In which Justin crushes. By Megolas. PG
Buried Above The Clouds
"Everything I had to give gave out before." By Pablo. PG-13
Chicken Voices
Chris can't sleep. By Megolas. PG-13
Come On, Everybody
No one's quite sure why they're pissed at him, but they take their revenge on Justin anyway. By Embitca. NC-17
Cry Me A River
In which Britney is a mistress and Justin is the slave. By Francis. NC-17
Das Vampyr
Pop always eats its darlings. By Kate Bolin. PG-13
Decisions, Decisions
Britney likes to think things through. By Pilar. PG-13
Sometimes you need to discharge the battery completely. By Embitca. NC-17
French Germany
Nick liked Alex better; he was more normal-cool than celebrity-cool. Or whatever. By Seara. PG-13
Giving Up The Ghost
Being second-best is never good enough. By Icebun & Pablo. PG-13
Goldilocks & The Four Bears
Goldilocks & The Three Bears, recast with the members of *NSync. By Charles. R
Green Room
You think Lance was the only one to eat Russian? By Kate Bolin. NC-17
Sometimes what you want isn't necessarily the best thing for you. By Pablo. R
Hazard To Myself
Britney knows it's wrong. By Amatia. PG-13
The House Call
Justin receives a visitor after a dance-related mishap. By Embitca. PG
I Just Love Your Brain
The incredibly strange popstar that stopped living and became a mixed-up zombie. By Kate Bolin. PG-13
I Know This Bar
Looking for perfect. By s.a. PG
I Love L.A. (L.A. Fantastico Remix)
JC goes to L.A. L.A. does something to a person. By Kate Bolin. PG
Bobbie wants to be permanent and Britney loses. By Liberty. R
In The Dark
Lance wants. JC is unsurprisingly blind. By Ice and Pablo. NC-17
In The Flow
Marshall has a bashful bladder. Nick has a cure. By Embitca. NC-17
Just A Fucking Fantasy
Marshall wants Nick to do something new. By Coreopsis. NC-17
Dancing around a relationship. By Megolas. R
Koo Koo Ka Choo
*NSync, confusion, cross-generational relationships, and just a hint of incest. By Kate Bolin. PG-13
The Latest In Innuendo
Patience is a virtue. By s.a. PG
Sometimes words really are enough. By Ice & Pablo. R
Lost Not Found
Sometimes to get what you want, you have to give up everything. By Icebun & Pablo. R
Mephistopheles Is
"Mephistopheles wears a leather corset and blonde hair this time around." By Kate Bolin. PG-13
Midnight Sun
In Detroit in December it is always dark. By Ishafel. PG
Fantasy: Imagination unrestricted by reality. By Megolas. NC-17
There's a paw and you can wish on it. Bad idea. By Kate Bolin. PG-13
Movement In Still Life
A typical night for Lance Bass: club diva. Six glasses of champagne, two bumps, four lines, two arguments, one crush, and much more. By Icebun & Pablo. R
The very first memory Britney has -- the first faint image she can remember -- was a mylar balloon. By Kate Bolin. PG-13
not now I love you
It's a universal appeal. By Gale. R
Not Solidarity
Madonna wears her conquests. By Faithtastic. NC-17
Off-Season Transactions
Mississippi spring and coming home. By s.a. PG
On Again
A brief on-again spot in an on-again/off-again relationship. By Criss Moody. NC-17
Acting out is sometimes the easiest thing to do. By Ice. R
Saturday Night At The Movies
When Disney movies attack. By Megolas. PG-13
Sex Before Breakfast
Justin takes a shower and Marshall gets all wet. By Embitca. NC-17
The Shirt
The shirt was soaked in sweat and clung to JC's chest. By spasticat. R
Sky Full Of Clouds
Aaron Carter reads slash. By Dale Edmonds. R
Sleeping On Empty Dreams
Ignorance is bliss. By Icebun & Pablo. PG-13
Soft Rain
Need. Want. Desperation. By Icebun. NC-17
Some Kind Of Beautiful
"It really is nice out on the open road." By Jill B. Wilde. R
Someone Like You
I would sell my soul for something pure and true, someone like you. By Megolas. PG
Sometimes it's easier to lie. By Icebun. R
Thinking Of You
Green eyes and green thoughts. By Ting Ting. G
Time Out
Marshall is having a bad night at the VMAs. JC isn't helping any. By Embitca. PG-13
To Hit And Not To Miss
Justin wonders if you only get one shot at the most important things in life. By Pablo. R
Lip-synching is dangerous. It leads to bad sex and existential crises. By Match. NC-17
The Trouble With Love Is
Britney. From Justin to Chrissy. By Jill. R
Lay down your weapons, and love your neighbor as yourself. By Betty Plotnick. PG
Under The Sun
They give new meaning to Roman holidays. By Voleuse. NC-17
When The Dealing's Done
You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. By Mere. PG-13
Without Me
Without Paris, it would never have happened. By Ishafel. R
The Pretender
Fallen Angel
What could have been, had things happened differently. By Melanie-Anne. R
I Can't Catch My Breath (The Darkness Visible Remix)
Only Harold's mine. Which is a damn shame. By tahlia. PG-13
Mirror Phase
"Everyone pretends." By cgb. PG-13
Sibling Song
"She's not her mother -- her mother never smoked, was never promiscuous and she's pretty sure her mother never carried a Smith and Wesson." By cgb. PG
so many soldiers
"only so many soldiers come home." By not jenny. PG-13
"this is where the world drops off"
And I will make you a weapon. By Tahlia. PG-13
Pretty In Pink
Just Duckie
Duckie deserves better. By HYPERFocused. PG
Pretty Woman
All These Broken Wings
Viv's thoughts on prostitution and more. By The Net Slayerette. G
Proof Of Life
Dino contemplates his relationship with Terry. By Bob J. Montonelli. PG-13
The Prophecy
After stopping the war in heaven, the Devil plays Thomas Daggett a nocturnal visit. By Your Cruise Director. NC-17
Quantum Leap
Eight Seconds
The first eight seconds of the Leap. By nostalgia. G
"Don't call her Donna Beckett." By nostalgia. PG
Sam Beckett
Leaping from life to life... By nostalgia. PG
Queer As Folk UK
High Priest Of Babylon
Every God needs a High Priest. By Käthe. G
Queer As Folk US
Come The Spring
A look into the start of Ben and Michael's relationship. By Glenn. R
Emmett must make a difficult decision about Ted's future with Blake. By Annie. PG-13
Fear Of Heights
Three different couples taking a different angle on a theme. By Annie. PG-13
In The Way You Do
On one of the many random nights after its resolution, Ben thinks about Brian, Michael, and the infamous White Party incident. By Glenn. R
There are too many reasons. By s.a. PG-13
Multiple Orgasms
Is a climax just a climax, or can it be something more? By Glenn. NC-17
"Brian remembers what it was like before." By Morvoren. PG-13
Blake struggles to survive the winter. By Annie. PG-13
Suite For Violin And Justin Taylor
What hurts most is hope. By Hth. R
It was going to be a happy new year. By Annie. PG
When I Was Cruel
"I just tried to make them feel good and let them know I'd been down on my luck lately and they offered to help me out. I wasn't a whore." By Annie. PG-13
Queer Eye For The Straight Guy
Fairy Eye For The Knight Guy
Five faaaabulous fairies help a knight in need. By Charles. PG-13
The Quick And The Dead
Counting Birthdays
She has measures of her life. They aren't the usual ones. By tigerlady. PG-13
The Abbe in his cell. By Beth C. R
Laughter (The Laughing Wild Amidst Severest Woe Remix)
"Is it worse to be laughed at by the living, or the dead?" By Gemma Files. PG

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