If Wishes Were Horses
by Karen

Reliving events in one's life is usually a good thing, when one has time indulge in reminiscing, but not when you are flickering through entire eras in a matter of nanoseconds.

Kathryn Janeway knew this to be true as a jolt of electricity sent her jolting out of the current timeline and into the next. "Time travel makes my head heart, and not because of the mathametical logistics of it, Damn, Chakotay and his vision quests anyway. I think he would even be proud of me, maybe even envious."

I feel like I'm trapped in the universe's largest bag of flour, one more tolerable. Another jolt of energy swept over her entire body and she passed invisible and intangible through a crowd of elegantly dressed Starfleet diginitaries at an embassy ball.

She could overhear and only observe events as they occurred. To her surprise one face in particular stood out in profile, one she would know anywhere, at any time. Her father.

"The offer is still good," said her father. or the image she retained in her memory.

"I don't understand."

"You will, when you find a solution to the time loop. You really did enjoy solving puzzles as a little girl. I have confidence you'll solve this one."

"If wishes were horses, I'd have an entire ranch."

"Trust your instincts, Kathryn, I always have."


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