And Then They Make Sex!
by Keren Ziv

They were at this time completely naked.


"This isn't really the time for small talk, Carter."

"It happens to a lot of men."

He grunts, both in annoyance and with the effort, elbow flying so quickly at his side as to jab into the headboard twice before he notices.

"Yeah, well, thanks. That really makes me feel better."

She sits up and leans over the side of the bed, ruffling through his bedside table. "You don't have anything in here, do you? Levitra or something?" Does it look like he'd want this to go on for four hours? He hopes that his glare manages to convey that without his having to say it. "I understand, sir, I truly do. I mean, this has been a long, long, long, long time in coming."

"I get the point, Carter." And a long time will be waited before any coming, so to speak, commences if she doesn't quiet down so that he can concentrate on the task at hand.

He doesn't understand. It's never failed him before. Sure, they've had their disagreements and difficutlies, starting with that time his mother woke him when he was fourteen (the last time, he amends, his mother woke him), but it has never broken down on him like this.

"I'm just saying, we have a lot to live up to, both of us."

"Not me, anymore." Should he offer her a cigarette while she waited? She could get some coffee if she wanted, as it was getting rather late in the night. He's pretty sure that he's got a porn film or dozen in a box underneath the bed, if she is so inclined.

"I could help." Unfortunately, he didn't think that she would be help by this point. "Or we could reschedule. Today was hectic. We're tired. Tomorrow's Thursday. We always have tranquil Thursdays."

Thor... with his tiny little alien mouth. All wee and grey, with large eyes. And that deep automaton-like voice coming out of his diminuative form. The way he says O'Neill, with that bit of amusement hidden in there ...

Oh, hey.

"I'm good, Carter!"


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