All That Glitters
by Pablo

"So you don't think I'm a freak for liking them?" Clark shifts slightly on the leather sofa so he's facing Lex.

Lex has a half full glass of scotch in one hand and he takes a long sip before he takes his eyes off the wide screen television and looks at Clark.

"Freak is a strong word, Clark. The sort of word you save for a kid who's bald at age nine for example."

A flash of colour from the screen lights up Lex's face in dips and hollows of shadow. Clark can see the bright colours reflected back in the pale blue of Lex's eyes.


Clark moves and covers Lex's hand with his own. He gives it a gentle squeeze before he moves it, so they're both now resting along Clark's leg. Lex's skin feels warm in Clark's hand and when he squeezes, Clark feels shivers that course down his back.

"Clark? Disapproving voice and it's not even half past eight?"

Lex is smiling though and Clark smiles back. It took sometime for Clark to feel this comfortable around Lex and tonight has been an important step towards opening up to him. Now that they're ‘seeing' each other.

Clark still has trouble naming what exactly it is they share. He doesn't mind that though because even without a name he knows he likes exactly what they have.

"Lex! You haven't said a thing since I told you and, well, do you think I'm a freak for liking them?"

Clark looks away when he speaks, he still can't get his head around sharing all his deep dark secrets. There's a moment's silence and then Clark feels Lex's hand cup his chin and move his face so they're looking at each other again.

Lex has a look that makes Clark want to open up, even a secret that's so much bigger than his faraway origins.

"To be honest I'm more intrigued on how you were able to purchase the DVD this far away from modern civilisation."

"God, Lex. This is Kansas, not the far side of the moon!"

Lex smiles again. He moves Clark's hand up to his mouth and kisses him lightly. A soft touch on the back of his hand that makes Clark melt. Clark almost forgets everything with that touch.

"So which one is the one you like?"

"I like them all Lex. But, that one, he's my favourite."

Their focus is back on the screen, the volume is turned down but there's a flash of movement, focus on one person in particular.

Flash of yellow, like the sunflowers his mother loves to grow and the screen is filled with a man's face, turned towards the crowd, singing.

"Clark? Are you blushing?"

"Maybe a little."

"So that's..."


Clark moves closer to Lex. Covers the distance that separates them and moulds his body against the heat of Lex's own. An arm wraps around his shoulder and Clark doesn't think he's ever felt more comfortable or safe. Wrapped in the arms of his lover.

"Ah, JC. I like... that one."

"Lance? I would have thought you'd be more into Justin, what with the short-cropped hair and all. All things considered."

Clark moves his hand, moulds it against Lex's head and strokes him. He can feel Lex push back against his hand. Clark traces a line over Lex's bald head, down to his ear. He can feel Lex shiver under his touch.

"Clark, I may sometimes appear to be an egomaniac but that doesn't make me want to have sex with somebody, solely because they look like me."

"Sex? Wha..."

Clark can see Lex clearly laughing at him, his smile is broad and Clark tries to avoid the way Lex looks at him. After only a moment he gives up.

"Oh come on, Clark. Tell me. If JC were to walk in here and throw himself at your feet right now you'd say no? Wait a minute. That actually sounds like something I'd like to see happen too."

Clark covers the distance that separates them and silences Lex with a kiss. Soft on his mouth, Lex's lips are warm and melt under Clark's touch. A strong hint of scotch and heat and Clark has to stop himself from taking more.

"Of course not, I'm not an idiot, but that's not the reason why I like him. I mean his voice, have you heard him sing? And the way he dances, nobody dances like that... and..."

"The way he looks in his pants right here?"

Lex has the remote in his hand and pauses the DVD. Clark's attention is diverted from his lover's face back to the screen. Lex does have a point.

"Okay, maybe it's a little to do with why I like him." Clark shifts his weight uncomfortably, the creak of the leather sofa under his long legs. When he sits up slightly, Lex snakes his hand underneath the heavy weight of his body and when Clark rests down on the leather again, Lex's hand is under him, twining under his shirt. A heavy warmth against the small of his back.

Clark feels even more content now and Lex's voice sounds heavy. He's so close that when he speaks, Clark can feel his breath wash over his skin.

"JC doesn't have Lance's arms, I'll have you know."

"Thankfully, because that would just be sick and Hannibal Lector-ish."

"You know what I mean, Clark."

"So you like Lance?"

"He has a certain appeal, yes."

Lex is focused on the screen, his mouth is slightly open and Clark can see the tip of his tongue moisten his lips before he speaks. Clark wants to lick him, to taste Lex.

"Like, like? Or want to jump his bones like?"

"Let's just say if NSync were to ever perform in Kansas, Lance Bass would need to up his security."

Lex is drawing lazy circles on the small of Clark's back with the tips of his fingers. He dips lower with every word and Clark can feel a heat burning through his body with every touch. A heat that starts with Lex and ends on the surface of his skin.

"They won't be performing together for a while so you'll have to wait."

"Don't worry, Clark. Lance won't be going into space until at least next April so that gives me four months."

When Clark looks back at Lex his mouth is turned up slightly in a smile. He reminds Clark of a panther, animalistic and predatory, the sort of look that tells him Lex will get exactly what he wants.

Clark likes seeing Lex look that way.

"Wait a minute?"

"Yes, Clark?"

"How did you know Lance was planning to go into space?"

Lex is suddenly uncharacteristically silent. So silent in fact that Clark can hear the soft exhalation of breath Lex makes through his nose. Clark wonders if he can't hear Lex's brain ticking over as he flounders for an excuse.

"Look, Clark. It's JC."


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