Her Habitual Disguise (Discarded)
by Keren Ziv

Lois Lane felt pretty.

Ridiculous but pretty.

She made jokes about her dress to anybody who even looked in her direction ("Pink!" she sighed to her old gym teacher, an unfortunate soul chaperoning the event. "Why did it have to be pink?") and bemoaned in the direction of her cousin the number of hairpins sticking into her scalp ("At least three. Ouch!"). She refused to dance with those who came up to ask ("Go. Away.") and questioned the collective sobriety of the entire senior class at the social event of their high school career ("This high school sucks, Chloe.").

But she felt like a princess and was having a blast.

She and Mrs. Kent were currently huddled in a corner decrying the tastes of Smallville's senior class at this, their prom. Lois held back in deference of Mrs. Kent's desire to curtail any truly nasty comments about the students. After all, Mrs. Kent said quietly after snickering over one girl's backless wonder, they're high schoolers. They can't be expected to dress like ladies.

Lois pulled the front of her dress up a little more past her cleavage, then pointed out someone's glaring white mistake ("What girl, Mrs. Kent, wears socks with her formalwear?").

Mrs. Kent had no answer


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