Strange Love Addiction
by Käthe

He liked her because she was different. He liked that he could find blonde hairs all over his office after she left. He liked that he had to bend down to kiss her, that her lips tasted of sweet fruit instead of the creamy, lipid heavy lipstick that other women wore. He liked that she was small and round and he liked the way she would melt into his body, forming a second skin. He liked that she wasn't toned and that he probably couldn't bounce a quarter off her ass. She was too good for a mere quarter. She deserved a fucking Krugerrand, a cold gold coin running over her creamy skin, teasing the skin of her inner thighs and breasts.


He liked that she bit hard enough to leave marks. He liked it that she never screamed out his name; he liked that she threw her head back and fucking grinned instead. He liked that she had very few sexual inhibitions but would get on people for airing their personal dramas over cell phones in public. He liked the way she would tap her fingers on the table when she was impatient and the way she loved the smell of tobacco shops just as much as cafˇs. He liked that she would call him at all hours of the day just to bitch about traffic or strange foreign foods or the fact that the shower in her hotel was possessed by some demon seeking revenge.


He loved that she never backed down from him. She would look at him with her critical eye and dare him to tell it to her straight. He loved that she hadn't run yet. She wasn't always around and they weren't really together like that in the first place, but he liked that it never felt like she was away and that when she came back as though she was there one-hundred and ten percent, infused into his skin.


He loved that she didn't try to reform him, that she loved him 'as is'. It hit something inside him, made him want to be better. He thought that maybe she was the one thing that kept him from going over the edge; she was the one thing that kept him grounded. Others had tried and failed, but she had stayed. They were two sides of the same twisted little coin and she understood that. He understood it too. He didn't like that it scared him to death.


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