Nancy Baker
The eye of the storm. By LindaMarie. R
National Treasure
Pain au Chocolat and Things More and Less Pleasant
Paris, a few months later. Ian has a scheme, Abigail has an indecent proposal, and Ben has pastries. By Twinkledru J. NC-17
Navy: NCIS
He Said Please
Gibs has a need. By Peja. R
Worth Talking
I set fire to the phone book. By Voleuse. PG
As Madge lies dying, Susan's mind, and hands, drift. By Kate J. PG
Susan had a brother, and knew what that meant. By alicamel. R
Six Ways To Fall In Love
Susan hasn't lived a lot of lives. By alicamel. PG
New York Undercover
Downhill Slide
Eddy is on a slide into hell. By Peja. PG-13
Butterfly Dreaming
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had; or, Julia is unsatisfied with life. By Jennifer-Oksana. PG-13
The College Experience
This is all Christian knows. By Wintertime. NC-17
New York
Maybe Christian is already asleep and baiting Sean in his dreams. By cgb. NC-17
Nochnoi Dozor/Night Watch
And Zavulon Smiled
The war started some days after they lost Jegor to the Day Watch. By Hecate. G
The Only Question
In the end it always comes down to this question. By Hecate. R
The Blood On Their Black Hands
The first time is always the hardest. By Ijemanja. PG-13
beautiful, and dangerous to know
Short skirts and high-heeled boots. By Northlight. PG-13
The Living Follow
Mireille goes home. By Northlight. PG-13
Paris Light
"Outside, the streets of Paris go by in a blur of colour and sounds." By Ijemanja. PG
silence, and the spaces between
"The cause of her silence matters less than her silence itself." By Northlight. PG-13
Notting Hill
Grainy Love
Anna muses and comes home to Will. By the net slayerette. G
The O.C.
The Aesthetic Of The Mistake
Summer goes to Pittsburgh to escape Marissa. By Alejandra. PG-13
Anna Thema
Anna begins to change her mind. By HYPERFocused. PG-13
Blood And Rust
"When Seth was seven years old, his father brought home a stray Golden Retriever mix he'd found in a box by the side of the road." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
Blood In The Water
Everybody wants something. The trick is knowing who to trust. By Ishafel. R
The Breakfast Club
"Learn to make a good omelette, and she would be yours for life." By HYPERFocused. NC-17
California Dreaming
"Seeing Tom Welling in a tool-belt and white T-shirt was what gave Seth Cohen his first inkling he wasn't the straightest arrow in the quiver." By HYPERFocused. R
Date Single Millionaires In Your Area
"It's a Sunday night, and Ryan is sitting at his laptop, trying to make sense of that week's history assignment, and catch up on email." By HYPERFocused. R
the distance is only an obstacle
Summer has felt guilty all summer (except she didn't feel guilty at all). By Alejandra. NC-17
The First Night At Sea
"Seth Cohen is lying pale and naked on Summer Roberts' 600 thread-count eggplant colored sheets." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
The Happiest Place On Earth
The best laid plans, generally, don't happen. By zahra. R
Hardcore Batman
Upon his return from Tahiti, Seth must prove to Ryan that they are true friends -- but he can't do that unless he can get Ryan to look at him. By Alejandra. NC-17
How The Light Gets In
Sandy's been around the block a time or two. By Ishafel. R
"Ryan was a worrier." By dirty diana. PG-13
Kiss. Angst. Rinse. Repeat.
Seth would not make a good fish. By zahra. PG-13
Kissing Seth Cohen
Don't put the cart before the horse. By zahra. PG-13
Not Bad, Not Bad At All
"It was such a delicious discovery..." By HYPERFocused. R
Old Prada Slingbacks
All the clothes she'll ever need, but nothing seems to fit. By dafnap. G
The Outsider
Ten connected stories about ten outsiders. By HYPERFocused. PG
Passing Over, Passing Out
"Now my head has started spinning." By HYPERFocused. PG
Play To Your Strengths
Ryan knows Summer plays to his strengths. He also knows that people are more than the sum of their parts, especially when they have a gun. The OC NC-17
The Prize Inside
Seth is sweet. Ryan is thirsty. By HYPERFocused. PG-13
Question Mark
Ryan and Theresa, just before the end. By Ishafel. PG
What if Marissa doesn't make it? By dirty diana PG-13
Running Away
"You might never know that I want you to know what's written inside of your head." By Alejandra. NC-17
Summer through the seasons. By HYPERFocused. PG
Secrets, Lies, And The Home Shopping Network
Everything is Summer's business and no one is allowed to have secrets. Also, there are rhinestones. By alejandra. PG-13
Seth And Luke's Big Gay Adventures In Portland
There was a point, Seth felt, in which everything in his life had gone wrong. He estimated that it was roughly a day after he'd been born. By Sara. R
Seth, Lies, And Videotape...
S.E. Hinton never pictured it like this. Seth and Ryan have a blockbuster night. By HYPERFocused. R
The Shores Of Freedom
"Seth has known he was gay since he was twelve years old..." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
Shut up, okay?
Ryan, Summer, Seth, Anna, all variations thereof. By alejandra. PG
Ryan never expected a Hollywood ending. By Voleuse. PG-13
Some Girls Wander By Mistake
"Just because Gwyneth was doing it didn't mean everyone needed to." By Alejandra. NC-17
"Ryan is walking through the halls of the O.C. jail..." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
Summer's Lovers
"Exasperated with them both, Summer has hot, steamy sex inside her head." By HYPERFocused. R
Survivor's Guilt
"The night before Ryan left for Chino, he let Seth fuck him." By HYPERFocused. R
The Tease
"...but my tongue breaks down..." By HYPERFocused. NC-17
These floods of you are overwhelming
"Just dying to be saved; run on, girl, run on." By Alejandra. NC-17
Those Soft Skin Boys
"When Seth is with Luke, which admittedly is not so often anymore, Luke feels powerful." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
True And Deep As The Sea
A father questions. A son evolves. By HYPERFocused. PG
Twenty One Days Of AP Economics
Every day is like an eternity, especially when Summer has to take AP classes. By Alejandra. NC-17
Two Cripples Dancing
If at first you don't succeed, try again. By zahra. NC-17
Wheel In The Sky
"Ryan should have just said no." By HYPERFocused. PG-13
The Wild One
"Even more silent than usual, he carries a cloud of bitterness everywhere he goes..." By HYPERFocused. NC-17
Ocean's Eleven
Among Thieves (On A Scam)
There is honor among thieves. By zahra. PG
Cookies And Ink
Consider, if you will, that theirs is a cookie-based relationship. By Shrift. NC-17
The Guy That You Came In With
Tess, off the straight and narrow once more. By Amatia. PG
I'll Never Be Anything I Hate
Life's a scam, so you're either the operator or you're being conned. By Alejandra. PG-13
Leave Emotion @ The Door
Never con a con. By zahra. PG-13
A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action
"Rusty knows that whatever else happens, he and Danny are at their best together." By Victoria P. NC-17
One More Cup Of Coffee
Diamonds, dates, doughnuts, and details. By Shrift. PG
Sending And Receiving
Rusty puts up with a lot, but these family functions are the limit. By Scy. PG
Six To Eight Months
Tess, Rusty, six to eight months, and the life that went before. The con is all about who we are. By Cherry Ice. PG-13
The Vig
Rusty pays his debts. By Victoria P. PG
The Odyssey
Two songs tore at him, one of wisdom and one of war, and both were in Her voice. By Twinkledru J. PG-13
Odyssey 5
December 23, 2002
"Both times December 23rd, 2002 had rolled around for Neil Taggart, it had rained like a sonofabitch." By Tara O'Shea. R
Might Have Beens
"You ever think about having kids?" By Tara O'Shea. PG-13
The Office (US)
"That's the saddest thing I've ever heard," he said. By Kate Andrews. PG
Once Upon A Time In Mexico
Relationships take many forms. By Mari. NC-17
Empire Of Dirt
"What have I become, my sweetest friend?" By Gemma Files. R
The Feed And Care Of Madmen
Sands is not the only one experiencing a rebirth. By Mari . R
Three Days
He's figuring it out, one little bit at a time. By Mari. R
One Tree Hill
Speak My Language
What right did she have to do that? Just do that and walk away like it was nothing, like she'd see him later? By Zara Hemla. R
3am Where St. Charles Avenue And The Ponchartrain Expressway Meet
Light the red candle, light the white candle, and light the candle with the picture of Saint Lazarus pasted on. By Kate Bolin. G
Five Things That Never Happened To Tricia Cameron
What could have happened, but didn't. By Kessica. PG-13
Francesca's Ennui or: the rainbow connection Caws
"Die. Die. DIE." By Jill B. Wilde. PG-13
"It was cold," Jack says after a moment. By Bob J Montorelli. PG
In The End
You can't help who you fall in love with. By Kessica. PG-13
"He'll tell me, later on, that he didn't even want to go." By Bob J. Montonelli. PG
Opus Dei
"Hato knew it was his turn to die." By Jill B. Wilde. PG-13
Difference, or variation. By Bob J. Montorelli PG-13
Regrets And Broken Bread
"The heart attack wasn't swiftly brutal." By Jill B. Wilde. PG-13
Right Astride The Memory Of
"I remember how good your back felt when I scratched it, shirt over bareback with your large hands clamped on my thighs." By Jill B. Wilde. PG-13
Stranger Touch
"Yet uncertain, this stranger touch." By Bob J. Montorelli. G
the war of the roses
"She would star and think, 'I have to end this.'" By Kessica. PG-13
Ouran High School Host Club
Game Two
Hikaru and Kaoru come up with a new twist on an old game. By Northlight. PG-13
Bleed To Love Her
It's not just the inmates who seek to escape Oz. By Annie. R
Boys Don't
"Turns out there's a part of him that isn't broken." By cgb. R
A Collision On The Road
"If only it could be like this all the time. Maybe then they'd have a chance." By cgb. NC-17
Adebisi's rhythm. By Kate Bolin. PG-13
"One day he will walk out of Oz and he will need to remember who he is on the outside." By cgb. NC-17
"After it happened he dreamed in shades of red, old blood and technicolour, sunsets and fires, all behind his eyes when he slept." By Hecate. R
Happy Ever After
Toby thinks about Chris. By Glenn. R
Idle Hands
"With him gone, I have near nothing left to take up the day." By Pilar. R
Some things can't be left behind. By Mandy. R
"Genevieve tried to kill herself a year ago. She must know by now ending it is harder than it looks." By cgb. NC-17
Two Things
There are always two things. What you want, what you get; what you need, what you take. By Mandy. NC-17
Vision: A Trilogy
What could have happened... By Glenn. R

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