Happy Endings
by Victoria P.

Chloe grinned at Clark as she reached into the glass on the night stand and picked up an ice cube. She slowly slid it down the center-line of Lex's chest. Lex squirmed, but the scarves tying him to the bedposts held.

She leaned forward, her tongue darting out to lick the moisture from his smooth skin, enjoying the taste of fine old brandy mixed with the sweat from his body.

Clark moved closer, trying to watch both of them at once. The dim light of the dying fire cast the rest of the room into shadow. Lex and Chloe were a beacon of white and golden skin against the dark sheets. Lex hissed as Chloe circled first one nipple and then the other with the rapidly melting ice cube.

Clark moved onto the bed, nudging Chloe over. She frowned at him, but he ignored her, bending his head to lick at Lex's damp nipples. She had to smile at his possessiveness, and his inability to keep from touching Lex. She knew that this would probably be their last night together like this.

Once Clark went to Metropolis, there would be no need for her, the beard to hide his relationship with Lex. The fact that the three of them would sometimes come together like this -- in heat and need and hard, urgent touches -- would be forgotten, another secret oddity amidst Smallville's unquestionable strangeness.

Her heart swelled with love for both of them -- for Clark with his brilliant smile and earnest desire to do good, and for Lex with his sharp wit and hidden vulnerability. She knew they loved her, too, but that their feelings for each other were far deeper and less easily explained in words.

But they were her boys, and she wanted to please them.

She trailed a finger down Clark's cheek. He turned his head to smile at her as she scooted down the bed.

Clark's cock was warm and hard in her hand, already slick from her mouth and his come. Lex moaned again, and Clark covered his mouth, slipping his tongue inside. Chloe knew their tastes were mingled there, and she felt another flush of warmth between her legs.

She licked the head of Lex's cock, enjoying the slick saltiness of it, and the way Lex's body arched into her. Clark's hand skated over her body and then tangled in her hair. She looked up to see him dropping kisses along Lex's jaw.

"Chloe." Lex's voice was hoarse and demanding.

She didn't answer with words; with the hand not busy stroking Clark, she squeezed Lex's balls, rolling them between her fingers as she took him deeper into her mouth, savoring the way his body writhed beneath her.

Clark reached down and grabbed Chloe's hand as he pressed another kiss to Lex's mouth. He slid down the bed then, rubbing himself against Lex in the process. Lex's eyes were closed, his body tense and arched as he reacted to the sensations his lovers elicited.

Clark slipped behind Chloe, and she trembled with excitement as he rubbed his cock against her ass.

Clark slipped a finger between the wet folds of her sex to stroke her clit.

She moaned deep in her throat, the vibration causing Lex to jerk again at the bonds holding him. "I wish you'd let me touch you," he ground out.

She just laughed around his cock, making his hips buck.

"Later," Clark promised. "We've got all night."

Chloe sighed in pleasure as Clark slowly slid into her, pushing her hips back against him, trying to get him to move faster.

She grabbed Lex's hips hard when Clark pulled all the way out and then slammed back into her, riding her roughly.

She hummed with pleasure as Lex climaxed. He spurted into her mouth and she swallowed hard, so proud to have mastered her gag reflex after all these months together.

"Chloe," Lex moaned again.

She raised her head, licking his come off her lips, then nuzzled at his belly, dropping kisses along his hip bones.

She was so close to coming herself, with Clark's cock inside her and his finger circling her clit. She rubbed her breasts against Lex's cock, the friction against her nipples contributing to the overwhelming wave of pleasure that swelled and broke through her. Her body convulsed, shuddering, as Clark continued pistoning into her. He leaned forward and fastened his lips to her neck, grunting as he came.

They collapsed into a sweaty, sticky heap on the bed.

After a few silent moments to regain her breath, Chloe slinked up to the head of the bed where she kissed Lex deeply. Clark joined her, and they took turns kissing Lex and each other.

Clark untied Lex as they kissed, and he wrapped his lovers in his arms.

"You'll pay for tying me up," Lex murmured, sated.

"Bring it on, Luthor," Chloe said, dropping her head on his chest sleepily.

"We can take it," Clark agreed, curling up on Lex's other side. "We'll even give you a few minutes to recover."

Lex laughed softly, and they were all content.


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