by Peja

Marshall Sumner had a lot to think about. Hell, he had More than his mind could wrap around to think about and it was all because he'd followed his conscience and stepped through that damn shimmering ring and into what could only be described as a trip through the looking glass into hell.

Hell....How the hell was he supposed to know that that little step across the universe was for him a step into complete and utter confusion of a sexual kind.

No. It wasn't right. He'd always loved woman. Svelt woman, curvy women, carpenter dream woman, fat women. He loved them all and loved them well. The sight of them. The smell of them, the way they seemed to slip in and out of his orbit with a wift of flowers, a lilt of laughter. Women were the first and foremmost pleasure of his life.

Until John, who the fuck do you think you are, Sheppard slipped into his radius like a wraith on the night winds. Until Sheppard had slipped into his thoughts and dreams, brutally thrusting the memories and flavors of all the woman he'd ever know out of his life. Filling his mind with thoughts of cuddling with him, thoughts of kissing that cocky mouth shut, of going down on his kness and sucking the man's hard cock down his throat until Sheppard collapsed in a seething mass of goo.

Fuck! The man was a vampire of lust. A seductress beckoning him into the darkest regions of love.

God. He'd thought the "L" word.

Marshall leaned back in the pilot seat of the puddle-jumper and groaned.


Nah, can't be.


Ah, this is too much.

he sighed heavily, accepting the inveitable.

"I love the black-hearted bastard." He scrubbed his face with trembling hands. "I love him."

A smile ghosted over his lips and he nodded.

Damn. Life was good


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