The Vampire Diaries
Awakening Again
Elena has a really good evening. By LindaMarie. R
Black And White
Stefan's life is new shades of grey. By LindaMarie. PG-13
Everything's different, when you're young. By LindaMarie. PG
"I dream about fire..." By LindaMarie. R
Elena dreams. By LindaMarie. NC-17
Elena, Aged
Time doesn't stand still, even for them. By Hecate. PG-13
The Feast Of St. Joseph
During Spring Break at college, Matt gets a surprising invitation. By LindaMarie. NC-17
Like Adam
Thierry is fallen, but masks it well. By LindaMarie. PG-13
Lone, small comfort in a brief sphere of sanity. By LindaMarie. NC-17
The True Meaning Of Christmas
Damon teaches Stefan the true meaning of Christmas. By LindaMarie. PG
What It's Worth
"Oh, make sense of me, night; I can see so much from this cold height..." By LindaMarie. PG-13
Wild Nights
Mutual need and discovery. By LindaMarie. R
Vampire High
Half Life
Then and now. Karl reflects. By Northlight. PG-13
Velvet Goldmine
Perfect And Poisonous
Mandy Slade never once thought she'd lose her husband to his dreams. Until that fateful day Brian met Curt Wild. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. G
Trick You With A Smile
The very thing from which you are hiding is so very often the one thing you need the most. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Veronica Mars
Three days after. By Zeelee. R
The Color Of My Envy
Veronica makes a friend, who becomes a nuisance, who becomes a partner in crime. By Jennifer-Oksana. PG-13
The Distance To The Sun
He'd always kept his distance. Except that once. By Signe. PG
The Evil You Know
You think you know someone. By Laura Smith. R
Few Variables Change
"You never told me you were such a slut, Veronica Mars." By Lavender. R
Weevil figured that there were three possibilities: 1) He was completely queer and he should just accept it, 2) He was only queer when he was really fucking smashed, or 3) He was only queer for Logan Echolls. By Zeelee. R
A Ghost At Beck And Call
Veronica's learned from experience that a tragedy without warning is the worst kind, and if ever there was a person who embodied that, it's Logan. By Winter Baby. PG
How To Hold Your Breath Underwater
A long fatal love chase, or: your ex-lover is dead. Well, as good as dead, anyway. By Sara. NC-17
Neither Thought Nor Memory
Veronica checks the car twice before she enters. By Keren Ziv. PG
Nobody Wants To Uncover
Six college application essays that Weevil didn't write. By Mosca. PG-13
It was about a month before she died that Lilly brought up the idea of fucking Veronica. By Kate Andrews. NC-17
Quadrille (Find The Fourth)
The one who wins the windfall is the one who... By Jennifer-Oksana. NC-17
Some People Die Who Aren't Lilly
Something had to happen that night with or without her. By Sami. PG-13
Sweeten The Pot
Logan, Veronica and Weevil up the ante. By Laura Smith. NC-17
Viva Las Vegas
Lianne is not leaving Las Vegas today. By Jennifer-Oksana. PG-13
The Weight Of A Schoolboy Crush
Beaver doesn't grow up. By winter baby. PG-13
(What Passes For) Another Plane Of Existence
You don't remember dying... By Michelle K. PG-13
Where Your Wings Have Gone
Three girls. Three falls. One ocean. By Jennifer-Oksana. R
The Village
Who Would Have Thought
It will have blood, they say, and so thinks Noah Percy. By Lady Grey. PG
winter, and seasons after
We have always lived in the village. By Gale. PG-13
Waking the Moon
Sweeney discovers the perfect gift. By LindaMarie. PG-13
Weiß Kreuz
The Schwarz team go to an Esset debriefing after one of their early missions together. Nastiness ensues. By Tosca. PG
Songs Of Innocence And Experience: Five Qualities Schwarz Never Lost
A little boy lost, a sick rose, a lamb, a poison tree, and the human abstract. By Tosca. R
Was Sie Benötigen (What You Need)
Crawford and Schuldig meet. It isn't exactly love at first sight. By Tosca. PG-13
The West Wing
About Him
Tonight it's all about Sam. By MelWil. PG-13
Advance Copy
"It's printed and about to break, but he wants her to read the original." By Katrina McDonnell. G
Again, With The Music
Not that anyone liked Amy much. By Teanna. PG-13
all around him, glass shatters
Infinitely, it will be just like this. By tahlia. PG-13
All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
"Suddenly, you're pushed against the wall and he grabs you." By Oro. PG-13
All The Wrong Places
She vowed never to be taken in again. By Katrina McDonnell. R
and another angel earns his wings
clap your fucking hands, it's time for another round. By not jenny. R
And One Day Soon
"And one day, soon, she'll wake up and she won't care what Josh thinks or feels anymore." By Francis. NC-17
And The Busy World Is Hushed
"I take a card and recompose myself from what we call 'the world'." By Oro. PG
And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
She knows this is not the answer. By not jenny. PG-13
The Anniversary Party
It's not the way it's supposed to be. By Tahlia. R
Are You Now, Or Have You Ever
Toby, Sam, and CJ have a conversation. By Simon Field. PG
Are You Now Or Have You Ever (The Silence Remix)
Conversations without words. By Michelle K. PG
Ashes Of American Flags
"I thought we'd made it clear to Al Kiefer that I'm not interested in the flag-burning amendment." By Katrina McDonnell. PG
"She has to pretend it isn't bothering her the way it is." By tahlia. PG-13
Ball Dropping
"She timed her escape from the Residence perfectly..." By Katrina McDonnell. G
Before This Shield Of Glass Breaks
"If she could make this nervousness go away, she might enjoy the feel of luxurious fabric covering her skin after a hot shower in a hotel suite." By Oro. PG
A Bird In The Hand...
Toys. Make of that what you will. By Katrina McDonnell. PG-13
"The skies were awesome and grey the day Leo came back from war." By Oro. PG-13
Casual Sex
Their relationship has to end. By Sängerin. R
"A baby -- it'd change everything -- and I don't think for the better." By Katrina McDonnell. PG-13
Come Home
"It's not my home anymore." By MelWil. R
He knows, of course, that it's a bad idea to be alone with her in his office but he can't stop himself. By Emily. PG
"He can't say no to her." By Katrina McDonnell. G
Compromising Positions
"Can you move?" By Katrina McDonnell. PG-13
"CJ can taste Andi on his lips, and it frightens her." By Oro. PG-13
Could've Been You
Abbey doesn't want what C.J. has. By Emily. PG-13
Crossed Some Line
"One day he crossed some line/And he was too much in this world." By Victoria P. R
Dance Me On And On
"They emerge from chaos, their ego bruised and hair tousled, and they are still shaken up." By Oro. PG-13
Deconstruction Of Falling Stars
"It is a quaint home he bought for her." By Oro. PG
Despite Appearances
"Amy doesn't care whether or not you're in love with Josh, she just asked it to be polite." By Oro. PG
Matt Santos didn't answer Josh Lyman's question about whether he had ever had marital problems. By Your Cruise Director. PG-13
"I only thought I saw it." By Katrina McDonnell. G
"He wrote his book into her..." By Oro. PG-13
an empty cage, if you kill the bird
Endings, farewells, and dead-ends. By tahlia. R
an empty cage, if you kill the bird (the shattered glass remix)
An infinity of possibility between one second and the next. By Jennifer-Oksana. PG-13
Empty In Between
"She can practically hear the chaos behind his silence." By Oro. PG
The Face Of The Enemy
"You can feel the music throbbing through every bone in your body." By tahlia. PG-13
Fame Is
She hopes, absentmindedly, that she'll be able to conjure up a happy face for the press. By Emily. G
Feeling Of Gaze
"You thought you were the killing kind, but..." By Oro. NC-17
"She was resting her eyes when the phone rang." By Katrina McDonnell. G
The First
Abbey Bartlet: The First. By Oro. G
Fish, Flies And Showerheads
"You said we weren't having sex." By Katrina McDonnell. NC-17
Five Times You Wished You Were That Other Guy
Five things that never happened to Joshua Lyman. By Oro. R
five words that don't mean anything
hurry up, little girl. By bj. PG
from the point of no return, you're leaving
"Cold snow in her red hair, transparent-to-white drops shining in the city lights, indignant against flashes of American flags and snow, snow, snow." By Oro. R
Girl Talk
It's nice to talk to someone who doesn't know who she is. By Melanie-Anne. PG
Guilt-Ridden, For All The Good It'll Do
"They celebrate." By Oro. G
Habeas Corpus
It's amazing what one learns during med school. By Abaddon. PG-13
Hair Shirt (The Pret-a-Porter Remix)
"She'd bought herself her very own hair shirt. St. Claudia Jean, martyred on the altar of Bartlet's lie and her own mistake." By Victoria P. PG
Happy, Never, After
It will end the way it the midst of loss. By Katrina McDonnell. R
Hard Ball
"Something startled her awake." By Katrina McDonnell. G
Him To Her
"It wasn't signed, but no name was needed." By Katrina McDonnell. G
"You know, Ainsley, if you're going to be so open about your sexuality, you're going to have to accept that you might have the desired effect on someone other than Sam." By Melanie-Anne. R
Idiots And Axes Don't Mix
Josh and Donna are idiots, Donna's grandfather is very smart, and the ax wants to be left out of it. By wyoluvr. PG
If A Man Answers
You aren't shocked. By Emily. PG
"So, I'm your friend?" By Katrina McDonnell. R
"That day she will wake up feeling whole, feisty, delighted in her rage at him." By Oro. PG-13
Irrefutable Proof
Danny's point of view when the proofs arrive. By Katrina McDonnell. G
killing time
"It's been 329 hours since you were kidnapped." By Oro. R
The Last Poem's Poet
"After their release of public service, all of the words became invisible." By Oro. G
Josh is young and angst-ridden. By kbk. PG
Life But Not Quite As We Know It
Five things that never happened to John Hoynes. By Katrina McDonnell. PG-13
The Lifeboat
He'll be waiting for her, sitting in the chair in front of the desk. By Katrina McDonnell. R
Like A Daydream I Am Guilty
"CJ had bad eighties hair when they met." By Oro. PG-13
Love Will Tie The Slipknot
"The suitbag's her enemy." By internationalprincess. PG
"He will begin to lose his mind three years and five months before he stops breathing." By Katrina McDonnell. G
Maybe It's The Heat
"CJ can almost taste the warm night air when she steps outside into the night, and it hits her; too hot and nearly liquid." By Oro. PG-13
Mirror, Mirror
Donna and Mandy look for themselves in each other. By Victoria P. G
"There was a sprig of mistletoe hanging in her doorway." By Katrina McDonnell. G
Moments, Brief And Precious
A single-appearance character reflects on the emotional aspects of life in the White House. By Sängerin. G
my life as an ephemeron
It was bound to fail. By tahlia. R
Napoleon's Battle Plan
"She runs in the circles of Donna's body." By Oro. PG-13
Paper and pen last longer than flesh or mind. By Katrina McDonnell. R
No Comment
"The only two words you'll ever have to learn: no comment." By Oro. PG-13
No Song Has Gone Unsung
Five things that never happened to Zoey Bartlet. By Tahlia. PG-13
Opening Night Jitters
"It's not as if I haven't seen that before." By Katrina McDonnell. R
"I keep the hours and the company that I please, Abigail." By Emily. PG
"Sometimes he thinks it would have been better if he had died that day." By kbk. PG
"The time is here for being straight, it's not too early and never too late." By Oro. PG-13
Pretty Boys
"I'm much prettier than...Will" By Katrina McDonnell. G
A Probable Impossibility
"By the way, when I said I'd run in his place, it's not like I meant it." By Victoria P. G
"They say it takes all kind of people." By Oro. PG-13
She recognises the way Mandy smiles. By Sängerin. R
"This what I think it is?" By Katrina McDonnell. G
She has to look at the proofs. By Katrina McDonnell. G
Proof Reading
"Can't I read just a little?" By Katrina McDonnell. PG
They're all dressed up with nowhere to go. By Michelle K. R
"They follow the steps laid out the first time." By Katrina McDonnell. NC-17
The Rhythm Of In-Between
"And you managed to fuck that one up, didn't you?" By aj. PG-13
Rhythm Of The Night
"But you're going to need someone to untie that dress." By Katrina McDonnell. NC-17
Sentimental Review
This isn't a situation that demands inspiring oratory. By Seana Renay. PG
Shades Of
She needs to be somewhere else. A place where she's the professional. By Katrina McDonnell. R
She Won't
It'll make no sense. By Michelle K. NC-17
Snaking Along
"I thought you might like to get away and have a break before you have to start a new job..." By Katrina McDonnell. PG
So Where Are All The Martians At?
Toby, Josh, Sam and a smidge of Donna talking. By Simon Field. PG
Donna is warm, willing, and present. By Emily. G
Something About The Open Road
"She comes to accept that it is over." By Oro. PG-13
Staring Down The Barrel Of A Gun
"Not scared, are you, Sam?" Silence. "Though maybe you should be. My daddy taught me to shoot, real well." By Signe. PG
The State Of Play
What is the etiquette for post-lesbian affairs? By Abaddon. NC-17
Still Orbiting
They'd been repeating this dance for two years, with the twins as the conduit. By Katrina McDonnell. PG-13
still playing lost and found
"It's like you don't need the drugs to get high anymore." By Oro. PG-13
The Substance Of Things Hoped For
Needing to believe. By Kyra Cullinan. PG-13
Sunshine Days: Five Things That Never Happened To Sam Seaborn
Sam, Sam the sunshine man... By cgb. R
Takeout, Wine, And Bubble Baths
"Happy birthday, CJ." By Katrina McDonnell. G
Taking A Dip
On the campaign trail... By Katrina McDonnell. G
The Taste Test
"I wanted to spend some time with Gail..." By Katrina McDonnell. G
Temperature Anomalies
Hot and/or cold. By Katrina McDonnell. PG
Things You Pretend You Know
"One of these days, he's going to come into your office with his blue eyes looking like the broken sky." By Kyra Cullinan. PG
This Invisible City
They say what happens in Los Angeles stays in Los Angeles. By Seana Renay. PG
This Mess We're In
A problem. By Michelle K. PG-13
Three Phone Calls
Mallory and Sam talk. By MelWil. PG
When they fire at her, Mandy swears at least she won't die unfucked. By Teanna. PG-13
Too Much Information
"I need new seamless panties." By Katrina McDonnell. PG-13
Trio In The Key Of E Minor
She used to be invincible. By Sängerin. G
Many years later. By Michelle K. R
"Subtlety isn't working. So I'm going to be the first to be blunt." By Katrina McDonnell. PG
Under Your Skin, Can You Feel It?
"Her nails graze the space between her and oblivion..." By Oro. PG-13
Safe sex redefined. By Katta. PG
waiting for the dark to burn away
"And it's like, so what's a pretty face like yours doing in a happy city life this?" By Oro. NC-17
Way Over Yonder In Minor Key
"It's too bright in California these days." By Oro. G
Wearing Shoes
Sam deals with being unemployed in California. By MelWil. R
we're not the same inside
this story should be writing itself. By tahlia. PG-13
Where Logic Ends, Faith Begins
"They celebrated." By Oro. PG-13
while tides and seasons steam
It would be funny, if it wasn't so fucking pathetic. By not jenny. R
"I have dreamed every word you whisper." By Katrina McDonnell. R
the world outside that room
It's the year the Red Sox win the world series, and Toby is still in love with his ex-wife. By not jenny. R
Would You Caress A Broken Wing?
"She has a necklace that she wears all the time." By Oro. PG
You'll Remember It
This is what'll happen. By Michelle K. R
your arms, when they cry
"(why boys like girls) -- the way they fall into your arms when they cry." By Oro. PG
You're Forgetting To Fly, Darling
"Bright lights and noises and clutter and his eyes." By Oro. R
What Katy Did
Clouds Over Paradise
Cecy remembers days in paradise. By Rowan. G
Close My Eyes And Leap
Glinda the Good will never fly. By Kaite. R
Like Magic
Two girls, in all of Oz. Why them? Why not? By Amy. PG-13
Will & Grace
Nothing New
Karen is like New York. By Kyra Cullinan. PG-13
Three Ways To Say I Love You
"She can't tell that one day, one day she's going to look at you and the world is going to crack." By cheapmetaphor. PG-13
Witch Baby
Los Diablos
She had to be prepared. By Rae. G
Ruminations on Ian Nottingham. By Voleuse. G
Without A Trace
Brute Heart
An arrangement of sixteen to Sylvia Plath's "Daddy". By Luna. R
Lies, a little July heat, and apple martinis. By Tahlia. PG-13
Alcohol. Food. Flirty shoes. New York. By not jenny. PG-13
The Equation Of Me
Am I one-third passion? Am I two-thirds pride? By Tahlia. PG-13
"Nothing lasts forever, Jack." By Melanie-Anne. PG-13
For All Have Sinned
"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." By Melanie-Anne. R
a form of heat that doesn't rise
Here is the line between sex and something else. By Tahlia. PG-13
In The Future (Tense)
This may or may not happen. By Tahlia. PG-13
Playing With Fire
There are things in the world more dangerous than firecrackers. By Melanie-Anne. PG
"A decision is a decision, Jackie boy." By Melanie-Anne. PG
The Secret Life Of Samantha Spade
"He said she had 'good instincts,' but maybe that wasn't the only reason." By Tahlia. PG-13
sotto voce
And life goes on, one day at a time. By Melanie-Anne. PG
'Til It Bleeds
Getting drunk is your objective thought. By Melanie-Anne. PG
We Have Ended So Many Times
They're over. By Michelle K. NC-17
Wizard Of Oz
Just Add Water
There were only four witches in all the land of Oz. By Kaite. PG
Rum Punch Is A Color Of The Rainbow
Dorothy has heard of Harlem speakeasies filled with poets and painters and people who just might believe her story. This, she realizes dimly, is not one of those places. By Shaye. PG-13
The Woman In White
The Seven Deadly Sins
"The weather is unseasonably warm for May, but it's the most beautiful day for a picnic." By Kaite. NC-17
The Wraeththu Trilogy
The Fall Of Angels
Some people have further to fall. By Pablo. PG-13
More Beautiful From A Distance
"Tell me, Vaysh, don't sulk. Why do you always dye your hair that colour?" By Pablo. R
The Plans Of Others
The hardest thing to learn can sometimes be the easiest to forget. By Pablo. PG-13
Tyron's dreams hurt. By Twinkledru J. PG-13
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
A retelling of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. With wrestlers. By Charles. R
An Interview To Remember
Jamie gives Gregory Helms, ace reporter, one helluva interview. By Charles. NC-17

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