L.A. Confidential
Black And White
"Eight months later, all his parts worked right except his dick." By Your Cruise Director. NC-17
La Femme Nikita
Shadows Into Demons
A stranger in a strange land. By Abi Z. NC-17
Susurrus Glitch
Coda. By Briar. PG
Last Act
Thoughts & Cigarettes
Jeramie thinks about the past and takes a little trip to Marlboro country. By Sami. PG
The Last Samurai
In Winter
Their love is so canon. By Zara Hemla. PG-13
Law & Order
So a guy walks into a bar with this look on his face. By s.a. PG
Getting Lucky
It's a Friday. Everyone's getting lucky. By Kate Bolin. PG-13
The flip side of Law. By s.a. PG-13
Never Again
Jack McCoy has seen too much. By s.a. PG-13
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Actions, Reactions
Sometimes it's not about choices. Only reactions. By Nicole Clevenger. PG
Bar Hopping With A Sledgehammer
Goren and Eames are undercover. Sam gets in the way. By Nicole Clevenger. PG
What they do and who they are. By s.a. PG
In the end, she decided, it was all about control. By TangledAria. PG-13
Eyes Forward, Shoulders Back
Leather skirts meant date night. By tahlia. R
Fear Of Falling
Bobby knows that fear too. By Nicole Clevenger. PG
Goren doesn't need drugs to get him high. By s.a. PG
"Eames gripped the bedstead with shaking hands and tried to stifle a moan." By Bast. R
The Heart, The Heart, The Heart
He'll always have a weak spot. By TangledAria. PG-13
Hearts And Swords
"He saw a man, betrayed by his own strength." By Mandy. PG-13
The History Of The World
And he taught her how to love, the American way. By tahlia. G
Incomplete Information
Not everything is included in that file. By Nicole Clevenger. PG
Renaissance Man
Goren's philosophical, but she's practical. By cgb. PG-13
Sorrow And Silence
Sometimes you just don't draw the cards. By Nicole Clevenger. G
The Two-Step
Everyone searches for the perfect partner. By s.a. PG
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Around Again
"Absurd to think something so easily foreseeable in her line of work could become unbelievable in the retelling." By cgb. NC-17
She walked the streets back to her building, getting wetter and wetter, ignoring the stares and the one, hesitating offer of an umbrella. By Sängerin. PG
I was so comfortable in my certain little world and my single, individual experience of pain and exclusion, that I'd closeted myself off from reality. By Sängerin. G
Dii Manes
The souls of dead heroes. By Rachel. PG-13
Head Above Water
"He had a fight with his wife. He's always having a fight with his wife." By cgb. R
my city of rain
"Casey tastes like cheap whisky and burnt toast. Or strawberries." By not jenny. PG-13
nous sommes tous les gourmands
There are five senses. This is a story about one of them. By not jenny. R
Objects In The Mirror
"Olivia is real. Not a phase or a fashion." By cgb. R
Alex returns to an unexpected situation. By Giantessmess. PG-13
one hundred steps from there to here
Olivia Benson, newly accepted into the academy. By not jenny. PG
"Say you couldn't be a sex crimes detective anymore. What would you be?" By cgb. NC-17
"And in local news, a girl was found raped and murdered in a back alley today..." By s.a. PG
Ultimately Futile
"He's the only person who comes looking for her." By cgb. R
We Need Lies To Make It Through The Day
Alex closes her eyes and tries to remember how this came to be. By The Net Slayerette. PG-13
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
"Hawley Griffen is a chemist. Mina Harker is a chemist. Henry Jekyll is a chemist." By Gemma Files. PG-13
"Sometimes, Hawley Griffin gets ideas that even he knows he cannot possibly afford to indulge..." By Gemma Files. NC-17
When a gentlemen defends a lady's honour, it is traditional for the lady to extend her thanks. Even when the gentlemen in question is Edward Hyde. By Kathryne & Naomi. R
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Movie
A Master Of Deceit
There's a face that we hide/Till nighttime appears. By Kathryne. NC-17
Life On Mars
After Stevenson Square, 2AM
Sam really doesn't know anything. By Kate Bolin. R
The Little Mermaid
seeing your world from the outside
She isn't the child she once was, and her dreams are no longer what they once where. By Northlight. PG-13
The Lion King
Nala knows little of mercy. By Twinkledru J. PG
Lizzie McGuire
Chemistry Prep
Gordo offers to tutor Ethan in Chemistry, but it's Ethan who really teaches Gordo. By Joyful. NC-17
The Lord Of The Rings
At The Closing Of The Day
"And at the closing of the day,/She loosed the chain and down she lay..." By Twinkledru J. PG
"You defined beauty as you had been taught." By Celli Lane. G
"All will love me and despair..." By Kate Bolin. PG
Blood Remembers
Éowyn loves her brother, and knows he loves her. By Victoria P. R
It is only fitting that they be his funeral guards. By Nightbird. G
Cloaked By Snowfall
Aragorn and Faramir take shelter during a blizzard. By Your Cruise Director. NC-17
Legolas wears no trinket about his neck. By Voleuse. R
A man and a hobbit together would be unthinkable, thinks Boromir. By Your Cruise Director. R
The Darkness That Endures
Eowyn goes another way. By Branwyn. PG
"One filthy human deserves another." By Twinkledru J. By Twinkledru J. R
Dream Of Green And Home
"Merry had never known cold like this." By Vivien. G
Today, as ever, Aragorn will not feel like a King. By Your Cruise Director. PG
Eowyn Waits
"She lies awake at night and she waits. By Skadi Snowshoe. PG
Folk Unfree
Aragorn and Eowyn, after the battle of Helm's Deep. By Two Ladies Of Quality. PG
Fragments Of Truth
What Aragorn doesn't tell Arwen when he sees her again. By Your Cruise Director. PG
Gold And Steel
Sacrifices made. By Sofie K Werkers. PG
Hammer And Tongs
Eowyn is waiting. By Halrloprillalar. R
Heart Of Refuge
"If we could tell our lives as tales of ordinary Men, not as if we were names inscribed in scrolls in a library, who would you want to be?" By Your Cruise Director. PG-13
Heaven Dissolved So
"Till thy tears mix'd with mine do overflow / This world, by waters sent from thee, my heaven dissolved so." By Victoria P. G
The morning of Finduilas's death, as seen through the eyes of her elder son. By Twinkledru J. PG
I Love To Go A-Wandering
Getting away from it all. By Halrloprillalar. PG
...I Thee Wed
Rosie Cotton marries and mothers with a shiny gold ring on her finger. By Kate Bolin. PG
In Bloom
"Éowyn sometimes wonders who this creature is that she's become." By Victoria P. G
In The Beginning
How does a Dwarf make another Dwarf? By Halrloprillalar. PG
In The Dying Light Of Day
They are all afraid, and the sun is setting on Imladris. By Twinkledru J. PG-13
Aragorn accumulates heirlooms the way he accumulates names. By Victoria P. G
Just A Thought
Elrond has a secret weapon. By afrai. PG
King Under The Mountain
"And ever so our foes shall fall!" By Zara Hemla. PG
The Lady's Favor
Not all jewels lie underground. By Milady Hawke. PG
The Last One To Weep
"Had she gone, she would not be the last one to weep." By Francis. PG
Light And Memories
"This night is now nothing but another memory." By Bounce. PG-13
Master Samwise
If someone else had the ring... By Nightbird. PG
Night's Pursuit
Legolas watches Gimli sleep and wonders how it would feel to die. By Your Cruise Director. PG
Nor Iron Bars A Cage
"Other women looked upon him kindly as his influence grew, and some of them were fair." By FayJay. PG
Nothing More Than Core And Stem
Pippin sleeps; Merry remembers. By Giuliana. PG
Out Of Winter, And Twilight, And Storms
Aragorn had sent him back to Lorien, with orders that brooked no argument. By Twinkledru J. R
Too much of a good thing is never enough. By Twinkledru J. NC-17
Precious Love
Remember how Smeagol got the ring? By kbk. PG
Faramir of Gondor shows his quality. By Victoria P. G
Reflections On Absent Men
Faramir, Arwen, and Eowyn share a man and a ghost. By Your Cruise Director. PG
Aragorn knows how to relieve Boromir's tension. By Your Cruise Director. NC-17
The Right Of Kings
"Mostly, he wanted Aragorn to look at him as an equal, a brother-in-arms, a leader of Men worthy of the title." By Victoria P. R
river dirges
Legolas grieves for Gandalf. Boromir seeks distraction. By Twinkledru J. R
Seem'd A Part Of Joyous Spring
Although an icy chill yet lingered in the Mark, it was summer, and they were summer winds that bore a stranger from the South. By Twinkledru J. PG
Seven Drops
"The drop spattered, but did not run. His eyelids fluttered, but did not stir." By Twinkledru J. PG
She Follows
Eowyn understands that she has no place in the reunion between Aragorn and Legolas. But she still follows. By Victoria P. R
"Eowyn had fancied herself the strongest woman in her kingdom, but she was in Gonor now." By Twinkledru J. PG-13
Song Of The Dispossessed
They have been banished. And any comfort is a blessed relief. By Kate Bolin. PG
When there is no light for it to shine by, the Ring makes it own. By Twinkledru J. PG
The Stone In The Bed
They're married, they're in bed, they're in love. With someone else. By Your Cruise Director. R
Arwen always knows when Aragorn takes a new lover. By Victoria P. PG
Many long months passed before they were able to stand side by side as companions, not as the Steward of Gondor and the King. By Your Cruise Director. PG
A Surfeit Of Honours
The Houses of Healing. By Halrloprillalar. PG
The Tale Of Myra And Merrilil
Something about Myra Proudfoot isn't quite hobbit. But then what is it? By Katta. PG
Then I Desire
"The west wind, it blows change through all things." By Simon Field. PG
This Night
While resting in Lothlorien, Aragorn thinks over his feelings for both Legolas and Arwen. By Soulstarsinger. PG-13
Through The Leaves
Light seems to change when there are leaves before it. By Twinkledru J. R
Troubled Minds Of Men
"He is tired, more tired with every passing day, and there is no rest to be found in sleep." By Twinkledru J. PG
"Yet Arwen is in his bed, having crept into his room while he slept." By Your Cruise Director. NC-17
"She moved in her webs, slow as a mountain." By Roz Kaveney. PG
What Remains
"It is a smaller death than you expected, quieter than you hoped." By Match. PG-13
White Tower, Silver Tree
"When Denethor was just sixteen, he wanted to ride out and see the world." By Halrloprillalar. NC-17
Who Gave You That Jewel
This is the woman who gave him that jewel -- and this is what she might have been. By Twinkledru J. PG
14 characters together. By Jengrrrl. G
Alone, Together
Sun is lonely. By Northlight. G
Eyefucking is a time-honored art. And Sawyer? He's an artist. By Lar. R
The Curse Of The Would-Be Jedi
Hurley could've been a contender. By zahra. PG
he will bring (jin's eulogy)
Just as she had told Claire. By Keren Ziv. PG
It Was A Good And Quiet Life
Locke would tell them both that it doesn't work that way, but neither one has gone to him for advice on their sex life yet. By Keren Ziv. PG
The Juniper Tree Crazies
Locke rose up the matter of what to do with the boy. By Keren Ziv. PG
Making Nice
It's a fair trade. Or maybe a rough trade. Well, some kind of trade, anyway. By Shrift. NC-17
It's all a matter of understanding how the machinery works. By Mari. R
not to keep
"It was a deserted island, Mother. We were there for three years. It's not a terribly exciting story." By Gale. PG-13
The Old Man Who Lived In A Shoe
Sometimes Mother Nature makes up your mind for you. By zahra. PG
The One Thing
Her touch is like a narcotic... By Catlin O'Connor. PG-13
The Road To Damascus
There was never any doubt about what he was going to be. By Paradoqz. PG
Selfish (Little Fugue Remix)
"You even start to think you might love the way Boone stares you over, with those eyes of his, after he's gotten through lecturing you." By Jengrrrl. NC-17
Sex And The Stranded Girl
"Boone would ask her how her hair got so dirty and she'd just smile." By Lavender. R
"His arms were driftwood on the beach." By Gaeriel. PG-13
this act of searching
And now imagine that the beach is on an island. By Keren Ziv. PG-13
Three Sticks And 26 Minis
"Sawyer hunkers down in the sand beyond the light of the fires on the beach." By Lar. R
The Weak One
Shannon isn't stupid. By Northlight. PG
The Lost Boys
"You've been sending so many mixed signals I just don't know what you want from me..." By Fay. PG-13
Michael gives in to David. By Fay. NC-17
All of the others have more purity than he can stand. By Scy. PG-13
Lost In Translation
She Clicks Her Ruby Shoes
"Everywhere she goes she feels as though a piece of her is snagged on the doorstep." By Lavender. PG
Love & Rockets
Neon Groves: Ray D In Transit
Ray's got to stop making comparisons all the time. By glossolalia. R
Thursday's Child
"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." By Shrift. PG
Madeleine L'Engle
Nine Moments In The Life Of An Artist
Polly O'Keefe goes to a concert, with unexpected results. By Amy. PG
The Magnificent Seven
Nothing New Under The Sun
The New Year brings change to Ezra's life in the form of two friends, both wanting more, forcing him to make a choice he may not be ready to make. By Lumina~. NC-17
The Watershed Trilogy
How sex becomes more, welcomed by one and doubted by the other. By Lumina~. NC-17
The Manchurian Candidate
...And Tomorrow...
"What you are doing is not wrong." By Charlotte. PG-13
Marvel Comics
Barbarians At The Gate
"The hauntingly familiar yet alien wailing echoed throughout the night shrouded city." By Karen. PG-13
Fallen From Grace
"I pray for the love that's fallen from grace, the tears left behind won't wash from my face..." By Karen. PG-13
Hell's Angel
Selena takes a walk through Hell to visit an old acquaintance. By Paradoqz. PG-13
Mary Poppins
"But really, she's so much more than you are." By Kaite. PG
Cold Comfort
Hawkeye's been feeding a fire. By Swamp. R
"He'd come to talk, but Hawkeye's two words tore the air from his lungs." By Alison. PG
It's the 1980s, and someone has been asking questions. By Am-Chau Yarkona. NC-17
Game 22
What would Frank do to be wanted? What would Trapper do to get what he wants? What would Hawkeye do to know himself? The games that are played and the people who lose. By Alison. NC-17
Like Soldiers Do
"We need surgeons, son, however deviant they may be." By Nostalgia. PG-13
"The pictures on the mantlepiece told you everything you needed to know. By Alison. G
The Shadow
Winchester has a not-so-secret admirer. By iolanthe. G
so much for the afterglow
Afterwards, Hawkeye listens. By Kyra Cullinan. PG
Wedding Jitters
Hawkeye and BJ got Margaret's fiancé plastered. One of them has to tell her. By Swamp. PG
The Mask Of Zorro
Never Bet Against The Dealer
"Alejandro Murrieta knew he was dreaming, but he didn't want to wake up." By Karen. PG-13
Master & Commander
"It was shocking, yet at the same time quite unsurprising, when Stephen Maturin realized that he was going to die at sea." By Your Cruise Director. PG
"The first time Stephen Maturin woke after the surgery, it was to pain and heat..." By Your Cruise Director. PG
You'd like to think that the joy of love is worth the pain. By Syal. PG-13
The Matrix
Neo wakes up in the hospital. By Your Cruise Director. PG
"You never thought it was fair." By Bob J. Montonelli. G
Mean Girls
Bubble Gum
Nothing even remotely resembling love in Girl World. By Amy. PG-13
A Quality Of Loss
"Sometimes we just have to go home and put away the groceries." By Keren Ziv. G
Men With Brooms
Novelty Accounted For
Some things start by accident, others continue on from there. By Scy. PG-13
The Mighty Ducks
Good men are hard to find. By s.a. G
The Flame In Your Eyes
Masks are familiar, and he slides into the Circus like he has always been there. By bantha fodder. PG
Mona Lisa Smile
Bohemian Like You
Giselle and Betty behind the scenes. By Faithtastic. R
Calico Girl
Giselle could spend four years here in utter bliss, if only she could shake the feeling that this place didn't really want her here. By Sängerin. PG
Birthday Song
Another anniversary, another dark night. By Nicole Clevenger. PG
Mr. Monk And The Day's Diminutive Disaster
It's not especially tragic, but everything's relative. By Nicole Clevenger. PG-13
Picture On The Wall
"The picture on the wall is slightly crooked." By Joseph Q. Publique. G
"Before I was...this way, I said what was on my mind." By s.a. PG
Much Ado About Nothing
"I have this twelvemonth been her bedfellow." By Ijemanja. PG-13
Murder By Numbers
King Of Hearts
Led by the hand. By Lassiter. PG-13
Murder In Mind
You can't trust your mind. By Michelle K. PG-13
About Last Night
After their first night together, Richie and David realize they still have a lot to learn about the way their relationship works. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. PG-13
Behind Closed Doors
Richie interrupts Jon in a very private moment and decides to take control of the situation, whether Jon wants him to or not. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Bounce On This
Richie does exactly what Jon's t-shirt says... By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Bound To Enjoy It
Richie has one hell of a fantasy he wants to act out. Jon and Heather are more than willing to oblige. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Coming Clean
Jon. Richie. Shower. Sex. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Dead Or Alive
A vampire seems to stalking Bon Jovi. But what does it have to do with Jon? And where does Alex fit in? By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
That one's for Richie if he's out there watching TV. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Master T owns Desire, an exclusive BDSM club in New Jersey. j is a very popular male sub, adored by tops, subs, and club security alike. A drunken top tries to assault j in the club and security intervenes, but there is a bigger shock in store for j when he discovers the identity of the mysterious Master T. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. PG-13
Desire: The Answer
Jon gives his answer; Tico tells him the rules, inspects him, tests him, and rewards him. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. R
Desire: The Morning After The Night Before
Jon and Tico talk about the previous night's events. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Desire: Tico's Proposition
Tico offers Jon a solution to his problems. But is Jon willing to take what he needs from someone he actually knows? By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Desire: Making An Example Of Her
Through the eyes of a sub being punished, j gets to watch Master T in action. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Do What You Should
Keith has a pressing matter, one he has a feeling Bryan knows how to deal with. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Don't Stop Believing
Jon's feeling insecure about his place in Richie's life. Is there anything the guitarist can do to convince him of the way he feels? By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. PG-13
Flying High
Long night flights can be very boring when everyone else is asleep. Tico and David find a way to make this particular flight slightly less boring. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
For Truth And For Love
Jon's in love. But is he willing to risk taking the chance to learn whether or not his attentions are returned? By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. PG
Jon has a certain pair of tight old pants that Richie is extremely fond of... By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Good Enough To Eat
It's Richie's birthday, and Jon decides to celebrate with strawberries and cream. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
I Felt Him
Paul remembers. By Annika. PG-13
Innocent Erotic
A quiet morning spent together, relaxing in the privacy of a hotel room. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. PG-13
Into A Man
The guys are all still getting to know each other, and sitting in a motel room one evening, the conversation soon turns to the topic of sex. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Johnny In America
Trent Reznor's tour snapshots, 1995. By Match. NC-17
Lie To Me
Alex thinks Jon is cheating on him and confronts him with her suspicions but the bass player's accusations hide a much deeper truth. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. PG-13
Lust And Cigarettes
Jon and Richie's celebrations after Livin' On A Prayer makes it big take a different direction than they expected. But things change again after an interruption. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. PG-13
Make Me Come Alive
David wants Alec. Alec wants David. But things are rarely ever that simple. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
A Night To Remember
Keith is not having a good day. But when he comes home to find Bryan sprawled naked on their bed waiting for them, he has a feeling the day is about to become much much better. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Nights Like This
"Only two things are worth making so much noise about: death and sex." By Nitro. R
Nothing But Some Feelings
"He told me he loved me. And I believed him." By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. G
Session Musicians Get Around (Especially The Good Ones)
You should always read the small print before signing anything. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Sleepless In New Jersey
Richie can't sleep. Jon can't sleep. They kill some time. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. R
Slippery When Wet
Strange things happen in communal showers late at night... By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Something For The Pain
When Jon pulls a muscle in his shoulder, Richie helps him take his mind off the pain. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Still In My Bed
"There's a bottle of vodka still lodged in my head and some blond gave me nightmares I think that [he's] still in my bed." By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. R
Comfort is one of the most basic needs of a human. Jon and Richie are willing to offer Bryan some when he needs it most. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Wheel Of Fantasy
Jon gets Richie a very special present for Valentine's Day. And like all good presents, it comes wrapped in a ribbon and a bow. By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
When It Gets Too Much
Bryan and Keith agreed that when Keith got married their relationship would be over. But when they both find themselves missing the other, Keith finds himself tempted to break his vows. Will Keith remain true to his wife, or will his desire for his ex-lover prove too strong? By Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan. NC-17
Mutant X
All These Wasted Dreams
"It wasn't as thought she'd meant for things to turn out as they had. Not intentionally." By Catlin O'Connor. NC-17
and you can't deny
It's all part of Flirtation 101... By Catlin O'Connor. R
Brief Candle
Emma's thoughts on her friendship with Jesse. By Karen. G
The Knock Of Dust
We run as if we believe they'll never catch us. By Catlin O'Connor. PG-13
Lady Lazarus
"Before her death, Emma deLauro would have called the rest of the Mutant X team her family." By Jengrrrl. PG-13
Watch Where You Put That Mistletoe
The team's Christmas party doesn't go well. And then there's something, or someone, in Brennan's bed... By Charles & Saone. R
My Own Private Idaho
A Better State Than This
"Where do I go from here to a better state than this..." By HYPERFocused. R
My So-Called Life
So. Like.
There's a rumor about Brian that is, like, totally weird. By Alejandra. PG
Angela is always a process. By Alejandra. PG

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