Teen Titans
Age Of Innocence
Sex pollen happens. By Propaganda & Derry. NC-17
Blind Date
Kon has a crisis. Tim wears pajamas. By Shrift. NC-17
Identity Thief
Robin learns an entirely different meaning to the saying "Somewhere, sometime, everybody has a double." By Karen. PG-13
"Remember when Bart and I got thrown into that alternate dimension by that super-villain's ray? And the effects weren't reversed for almost two days? We got bored." By Propaganda & Derry. PG
Something Wicked
Raven's reflections on her birthday and its connection to back-from-the-dead Slade. By Karen. PG-13
How far will Tim go for authenticity? By Shrift. NC-17
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Danny, underground. By Zara Hemla. R
The Terminator
Fate takes care of itself. No matter what. By Kate Bolin. R
That 70s' Show
A Fool's Zen
"He had always thought grand gestures of romanticism were for fools." By Princess Twilite. PG-13
When She Cries
"It's nobody's fault but mine." By Mercarmaid. PG
Thelma & Louise
You know why she was always so strong. By Kathryne. PG
Threat Matrix
Fuzzy Logic
"You didn't trust me." By Melanie-Anne. PG
Times Square
The Rules Of Making Love
What counts as making love? By Proserpina. PG-13
Kissing Cousins
She was the only thing he ever wanted. By Nicole Clevenger. PG
Touching Evil
and here it is and there it goes
Just a moment in time, one in the morning in a San Francisco fog. By Nicole Clevenger. R
and you'll stop me, won't you
"This is her room. Not that it matters with them." By Tahlia. R
In My Solitude
Susan Branca is a survivor. By Tahlia. PG-13
The Apocalypse Game-Show, Show-Reels Of The Bizarre. In A Democracy... Terrible Tales. Or: Behold My Penis!
It's a political rant. By Simon Field. PG-13
Bad Times, Desperate Measures: Tearing It Up Hardcore-style. Or: Fuck The World, I Want To Get Off
If you're not offended by the end of this, he just hasn't been trying hard enough. By Simon Field. NC-17
The Dark Passion Of Cheerleader Dildonics: Hold Still, This Won't Hurt A Bit: Televise The Revolution. Or, What To Do When The Groaning Starts
Spider is watching TV. Bad things happen. By Simon Field. PG-13
Fuck Buddies
Channon and Yelena and why. By Zeelee. R
The Mystery Of Slaughterhouse-Porno: War Crimes A Go-Go: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Mass-Murder
"Things get horribly out of control. Just how much do I hate it here." By Simon Field. PG-13
Notes From The Edge: Savage Festive Truth. All Alone With Nowhere To Go When The Bad Times Come Rolling In. The Spider Christmas Message, Enjoying The Sound Of Puppies Exploding
"Sometimes, in order to understand something, you have to slit it open and crawl inside the swollen belly of the beast." By Simon Field. PG-13
The Strange Love Of A Girl And Her Hippo: Snapshots From The City
It's the bright future, our will be done. By Simon Field. R
The Tale Of The Little Lost Necrobabe And How My Killer Lollypop Porn Bitch Busted The Law. Or: What Happened When Spider Became Sheriff
"When I became sheriff, I drank and took drugs for about a week." By Simon Field. R
A Breakfast Treat
Val tries to share his fluffernutter sandwich with an uninterested Earl. Things get messy. By Charles. NC-17
Warrior, Father, Prince
Hector's life. By Karen. PG-13
Tru Calling
Heat Wave
Tru, Harrison, and sexy fun. By cheebs! NC-17
Life And Death
Tru expected Jack to be cool to the touch. By Sami. PG
Newark Blues
"Tru you aren't going to believe this. I just fished a tennis ball out of a guy's large intestine." By Sami. PG
Not A Simple Kiss
Davis was inspired to commit acts of violence. By Sami. PG
Shit Happens
Brotherly love, Harrison style. By cheebs! PG-13
Under The Anvil Of The Sun
"If I run fast enough, I can leave all the pain and the sadness behind." By cheebs! R
Whispers In The Dark
It's not the first time. By cheebs! PG
The Truman Show
Happy Ending
Truman finally gets his happy ending. By kbk. PG
Martin is assigned to be the chaperon for Bring Your Child To Work Day. He needs something of a reward for this daunting task. By Peja. NC-17
Try Seventeen
"He will bend his ear then." By Jill. PG
Twitch City
Men Who Love Too Much
So a voyeur buys a dick cake... By Glossolalia. R
Twin Peaks
Audrey is on the rebound. By Croupier. R
Between Love And Hate
An examination of their lives afterwards. By Michelle K. R

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