Watch Where You Put That Mistletoe
by Charles & Saone

Brennan sighed as he turned on the light in his room. The team's Christmas party had been insane. Shalimar had spiked the egg nog, Emma ruined the Secret Santa game, and as a result of the spiked egg nog, Adam had run around holding a sprig of mistletoe above his crotch shouting, "Who wants to kiss me?"

He kicked off his boots and shrugged off his jacket. That was when he noticed that someone was under the covers of his bed.

"Oookay." Brennan cleared his throat. "Could whoever's in my bed please get out of it. Now." He thought for a moment. "Unless, of course, it's Adam, and you're naked, in which case, stay where you are, at least until I hop the nearest available flight to anywhere but here."

The immediate answer to his request was a long, low, almost painful, and luckily non Adam-sounding, moan. Then, muffled words slowly drifted up towards him. "Shhhhhhh, Brennan. Quiet time now."


"I said Shhhussh."

"Right. Sorry." Brennan blinked a few times at the bedspread covered outline of his friend's body. It was Jesse. A very, very, very drunk Jesse. The brown eyed elemental was tempted to just let his intoxicated friend sleep it off where he was, but Brennan found himself at that level of tired where the only acceptable place to lay his head was the nice groove of his own pillow.

"Umm, Jesse?"


"Do you think you could maybe sleep this off in your own bed, you know, the one in your room?"

There were a few moments of silence as Jesse's alcohol addled brain tried to process the big words and long sentence structure it had just been subjected to. "Uh... whuh?"

"This is my bed." Brennan said patiently.

"Mmmm, no."

"Mmmm, yes."

Suddenly a bedraggled looking blonde head poked it's way out from under the covers. Bleary blue eyes gazed at the interior of the room. "Oh. Huh. Lookit that."

"Yeah, look at that." Brennan stifled a smile as he reached toward his friend. He absently wondered if the blackmail potential was worth trudging down to the entertainment room for the video camera. "Come, on, bud. Let's get you back where you belong."

Jesse avoided his grasp and wriggled into the sheets. "Like it here."

"Jesse." Brennan could hear the exasperation in his voice. "You can't sleep in my bed."

"Why not?"

"Because it's mine!" Brennan resisted stamping his foot. "And, I want to sleep in it. And, you have your own bed."

Jesse shimmied himself over to one side of the mattress "There. Room for you too. Not leaving."

"Jesse..." Brennan figured he'd give pleading a go before he tried forcibly removing the other mutant. That was his bed, dammit, and sharing it with Jesse, especially a drunk, vulnerable Jesse, just wasn't an option You could only stretch self control so far.

"Like it here." Jesse said firmly. "S'comfy. Warm."

"I'm sure you're own bed is very comfortable. And, uh, we've got to have some extra blankets around here somewhere." Did Sanctuary have a linen closet?

Jesse burrowed his head into the pillow. "Smells nice."

"Well, we all use the same laundry detergent, so that really shouldn't be a factor..."

"Nuh uh. Not detergent. You. Smells like you."

Brennan sighed as he sat down on the Jesse-free side of the bed. Jesse grinned drunkenly at his dark-haired bedmate. "C'mon, closer."

Why my room? Why not Shalimar's? Or Emma's? Brennan wondered. Not that a drunken Jesse was something he would wish on Eckhart, let alone one of his teammates.

Brennan turned to look at Jesse. Those blue eyes, though bleary, still sparkled in the dim light. Brennan began to repeat a silent mantra. I will not take advantage of Jess while he's drunk. I will not take advantage...

"Whass wrong?" Jesse slurred. He reached out for Brennan and grabbed an arm. "C'mere." Brennan let himself get pulled down onto the bed, still trying to keep his mantra on a mental loop, but it wasn't easy with Jesse so damned close.

"You smell even better up close," Jesse whispered.

Brennan's libido was fighting with his conscience, and his conscience was losing. He tried to think of things that would get his libido under control. Adam at the Christmas party, that time he had walked in on Shal and Em in the shower.

It was actually working (although Brennan hoped that he would never have to think of Adam with the mistletoe ever again), and he thought that he could actually talk Jess out of doing anything tonight. That was when he felt Jesse's hand running through his hair.

"Jess, I'm really flattered, and oh God, I've really wanted to."

Brennan's monologue was interrupted as Jesse rolled over and kissed him. Brennan resisted for a moment, thought the hell with it, and began to kiss Jesse back.

A few minutes later, Jesse broke off the kiss. Brennan looked at Jesse, confusion in his eyes.

"Sshhh," Jesse slurred as he began to unbutton Brennan's shirt. The confusion in Brennan's eyes was immediately replaced with understanding, and a wide grin lit up his handsome face.

After he had unbuttoned the top half of Brennan's shirt, Jesse slid a hand underneath the black silk, his warm fingertips gliding across Brennan's skin. Jesse left a trail of goosebumps as he made his way to one of Brennan's nipples. Locking eyes with Brennan, Jesse tweaked the nipple and was pleased with the reaction he got.

Before Jesse could go any further, there was a knock on Brennan's door. "Bren? It's Shalimar. Emma and I have been looking for Jesse and we can't find him. He had more egg nog than anyone else, and we're starting to get a little worried."

"Shit," Brennan whispered as he pushed Jesse off of him and pulled the covers up. "You. Be. Quiet," Brennan told his drunken bedmate. Jesse's response was a drunken giggle. Brennan put one hand over Jesse's mouth to muffle him, and silently prayed that Shalimar's senses had been dulled by the alcohol.

She opened the door and stepped into Brennan's room. "You all right? I thought I heard a strange noise in here."

"Everything's fi- fine," Brennan tried to keep his voice modulated, but Jesse had begun sucking on the fingers Brennan had placed near his mouth.

"So, have you seen Jesse?" Shalimar leaned in the doorway as she waited for an answer.

"I, uh, think I heard him mention something about the linen closet when I saw him earlier." Brennan was finding it increasingly difficult to focus on the conversation as Jesse continued to suck on his fingers.

"Figures," she said as she slammed a hand against the doorjamb. "The one place we haven't looked. Emma," Shalimar spoke into her ring, "I'll meet you at the linen closet." Looking over at Brennan, she said, "Get some rest. You're looking a little flushed."

Brennan swallowed and nodded as he waited for Shalimar to leave. Once she was gone and the door had closed, he pulled down the sheets and glared at Jesse. Jesse stopped playing around with Brennan's fingers in his mouth and let them slide out with an audible pop. He put on his best angelic face as he looked at Brennan. "What?"

Brennan wanted to stay mad at Jesse for nearly giving them away to Shalimar, but he couldn't resist that look on Jesse's face.

With an audible sigh he once again leaned down to taste the blond beneath him. Past transgressions were immediately, if not forgotten then certainly glossed over in deference to the warm, soft skin under Brennan's mouth. The elemental let out a tiny moan as his senses were assaulted with the taste and smell, and just feel of his soon to be lover. It was so right, and for the life of him, Brennan couldn't figure out why they hadn't done this sooner. It was obvious from Jesse's body language that he was more than okay with what was transpiring. Brennan slowly licked his way down the younger man's stomach, marveling at how open and relaxed he was. How completely and totally relaxed. Completely, totally, utterly...

Brennan was just shy of Jesse's navel when the realization hit him. Oh, of course. "You're asleep, aren't you?"

A soft snore echoed through the bedroom.

Brennan closed his eyes, shook his head, and with a snort of defeat rolled off the snoozing form.

Merry freakin' Christmas.


Through a truly remarkable feat of willpower, somehow Jesse managed to peel his eyelids open before noon the next day. Or, maybe it was not so much willpower, as the intense sensation of his bladder threatening to boycott any and all future celebrations if he didn't get out of bed now.


As Jesse untangled himself from the bedclothes and began the process of stumbling towards the bathroom he had the vaguest notion that something was a bit off this morning. It was strange, and definitely needed further study, but first....

A contented smile was still on Jesse's face as he flushed, but when he got to the sink the smile was replaced by a look of befuddlement. Where was his brand of soap? And, his towels? And, his toothbrush? And, his bathroom?!

Jesse wildly glanced around trying to get his bearings. He had obviously been kidnapped! Kidnapped, and drugged, stripped, and all right, no that probably didn't happen. But what did? Everything was so fuzzy.

"Okay, I remember the Christmas party," he muttered, rubbing the side of his head. "And, there was, oh God, mistletoe." Jesse shuddered and tried to once again banish that particular memory. "And, then egg nog. I remember lots of egg nog. Mmmm, good egg nog."

He wandered back out into the bedroom, and with a small sigh of relief, found his clothes piled beside the bed. The very rumpled looking bed. Uh oh. Jesse wasn't quite sure which question was more pressing; whose bed was this, or just what had happened in it lately?

Jesse quickly dressed, wanting to leave before whoever it was that usually slept in this bed got back to room. But, before he could scamper away his eyes focused on something on the nightstand. It was a wrist cuff. A very familiar wrist cuff.


Oh. Shit.


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