Chemistry Prep
by Joyful

"Okay, you know, Ethan, you really should study the Periodic Table of Elements, you know," Gordo said with a sigh. It was eleventh grade, and Gordo was tutoring Ethan Craft in Chemistry.

"Dude, like, I tried. Seriously. I don't think it's in English, man." the blonde hunk replied.

"Okay, it's a good thing I'm sleeping over. We're going to need to study all night. Possibly all weekend."

"Aw, man, why? This Chemistry stuff sucks."

"Actually, I find it all fascinating. Science is life. It exists in everything," Gordo said.

"Science? I thought we were talking about Chemistry." Gordo sighed in frustration.

"Ethan, Chemistry is a branch of science."

"Oh, yeah, I knew that," Ethan replied. The doorbell rang. "Oh, cool, pizza's here. Let's take a break."

"Ethan, we've only been studying for ten minutes."

"That explains why my brain is so fried." Gordo had to smile at that. Ethan was such a goofball sometimes. They grabbed their pizza and sat down on Ethan's bed. Ethan put the football game on, and they sat around shooting the shit for awhile.

"So, Gordo, what exactly happened between you and Lizzie, man? Why'd you break up?" Gordo sighed.

"I dunno man. It's like, well, I love her and all, but as it went on, I realized I think I love her more as a sister than a girlfriend. Plus, I think I' m a bad kisser."

"Dude, like, kissing's not hard. You just mush your lips together and go for it. All you need is practice. Come here," Ethan patted the bed next to him. "I'll show you." Gordo's eyes widened.

"Wait, you mean, like, you and me, kissing?"

"Why not? Girls do it all the time to practice. And a lot of guys do to. You're my friend, I figure I might as well help you out." Gordo looked up at Ethan, with his perfect hair, perfect skin and perfect lips. Don't look at his lips, don't look at his lips, Gordo repeated silently to himself, but he couldn't help it. Ethan Craft just offered to kiss him, and he sat there, his mouth open.

"O--okay," Gordo said weakly.

"Dude, okay, first thing you gotta do is relax. Press your lips together and lick them," Ethan said, demonstrating. Gordo followed Ethan's orders, feeling his heart start to race as Ethan placed one hand behind Gordo's head pulling their faces together. Hesitantly, their lips pressed together and Gordo gasped slightly. Ethan ran his tongue across Gordo's teeth, allowing Gordo to get the point. The shorter boy's teeth parted allowing Ethan's tongue access. Gordo tentatively stroked Ethan's tongue with his own, feeling every contour of Ethan's mouth. They broke away, breathless.

"See? You're not a bad kisser," Ethan said. "Better than most of the cheerleaders, actually." Gordo blushed.

"You're a better kisser than Lizzie."

"How far did Lizzie let you get, anyway?"

"Shirt off, bra still on."

"Little Lizzie let you feel her up? Way to go man."

"She was okay about it at first, but afterwards she freaked out. What about you and Kate?"

"Kate is not as big of a slut as people would like to believe. She barely let me get my hands up her shirt. Claire on the other hand put out."

"Oh my god, you slept with Claire?!"

"Yeah, it was her idea. She's like a dog in heat. You're a better kisser than either of them." Gordo looked down.

"Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I liked that."

"Me too, dude. Kissing a guy is way better than kissing a girl." The two started getting hot and heavy. Ethan made sure the bedroom door was locked, and then pulled off his shirt. Gordo stared at Ethan's chest. He'd seen him naked before, in the locker room, but it was different now. Ethan slid his hands down Gordo's back, gently pulling the boy's shirt over his head. Gordo was very self-conscious, and moved his arms to try and cover his chest.

"Don't do that," Ethan said softly, "You're beautiful." Gordo blushed as Ethan gently nudged him back onto the bed. He tentatively kissed Gordo's left nipple, and hearing Gordo moan he took it into his mouth and bit down gently. Ethan looked down at Gordo's crotch, and saw the large tent in his pants. Absentmindedly he adjusted his own erection before setting his hand on the cloth-covered bulge.

"Do you want to?" Ethan asked. Gordo nodded silently.

"Very much. Do you?" Ethan took Gordo's hand and brought it to his own bulge. Gordo caressed the member through Ethan's jeans, before opening the button and zipper, allowing the throbbing organ to poke out through the fly. Ethan stepped away for a minute and took off his pants and boxers and threw them aside. Gordo reached out and took Ethan's penis into his hands, just doing what he knew felt good, slowly jacking Ethan off.

"You have too many clothes on," Ethan said, undoing Gordo's belt and pulling down his pants and boxers in one smooth motion. Gordo kicked off the offending clothes and the two moved closer together on the bed. They kissed again, reveling in the feeling of each other's tongue and hands and skin against skin.

"Does this make us gay?" Ethan asked quietly.

"I don't think so," Gordo replied honestly. "I mean, I think I am, but I don 't know about you. From what I've read, it's normal to experiment. Truthfully, I've always found you attractive. But if you're attracted to girls or guys or both, it's okay, it doesn't really matter."

"Okay," Ethan said. "I guess that makes sense. I mean, I like girls, but I find guys hot too sometimes, and this just feels so good, so right."

"It could just be because you're really horny," Gordo said, laughing. "But to have gay experiences doesn't make you gay," he reassured the taller boy. That seemed to be all Ethan needed to hear. Reassured, he took intense interest in Gordo's cock. He jacked it firmly a few times while staring at it intensely.

"I want to try something, dude," Ethan said, lowering his head to Gordo's lap. He'd gone down on Claire, but he didn't really like it. She was all wet and sticky. But Gordo's circumcised penis looked perfect. He kissed the tip of it, and took it into his mouth. He tried to remember what felt good when Claire went down on him, and fisted the rest of the length he couldn't take. He moved his other hand to fondle Gordo's balls. Gordo panted heavily, his eyes rolling back in his head as Ethan sucked him off. With a strangled shout, Gordo came, peripherally aware that Ethan was humping the mattress while he blew Gordo. Gordo reached his hand over, squeezing once, twice, and Ethan came in 3 hard spurts. Both boys lay there a while before Ethan grabbed a towel and wiped off.

"Now's that's what I call Chemistry," Ethan said, grinning.


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