Decisions, Decisions
by Pilar

So when Britney decided that it was over, it was truly o. v. e. r. And there wasn't a damn thing anyone was going to say to try and change her mind.

She decided things and that was truly about it.

Then again, she decided things quite often and sometimes undecided them the next day. She could do that. She decided that she could do anything that she wanted and undecided that the next day, too. Then, she redecided it. And fuck anyone who wanted to tell her that she couldn't do that.

Because, hello. She had already decided that she could do anything that she wanted. Could that be any more clear? She thought not. So there it was. She decided that it was over.

The pretty and petite dancer whose name she hardly remembered anymore -- even though that was a complete and utter lie -- just blinked at the announcement of the overness as though she knew it had been coming. And who wouldn't have known? Britney changed her mind everyday.

And she had decided that she could do that too.


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