Sex Before Breakfast
by Embitca

Justin loved hotel showers. It was the water pressure. No shower anywhere else had the power and strength of the pressure in a quality hotel shower. He'd been enjoying them for years in hotels all over the world, but American hotels were the best. Still enjoyed them now that he had his own home with its own spacious shower cubicle in a large bathroom remodeled to his specifications. He should have specified he wanted a hotel shower though, but he'd forgotten it. As the water beat down on him, he idly considered remodeling the bathroom again and this time telling the contractors to install a "hotel shower". Did that even make sense?

He'd been in the shower awhile, washing slowly, enjoying the wet heat and the steam, and giving Marshall plenty of time to decide to leave without saying goodbye. He was so sure that this would happen that he never noticed the bathroom door open. It wasn't until he heard the unmistakable sound of a stream of fluid hitting the toilet bowl that he realized he wasn't alone in the room. Surprised, he slid the shower door open and stared as Marshall shook himself off and then rewrapped the hotel bathrobe around himself. "Hey."

A smile, shoulders shrug. "Sorry, I was ready to bust a gut. You been in here forever."

"I love showers." Justin grins, studies Marshall in the morning, eyes smudged from the liner applied so carefully the night before, short blond hair spiked around his face instead of carefully combed flat and a red crease down his cheek from lying pressed against the edge of a pillow all night long. Justin feels himself hardening and scolds himself silently. Because seriously, Marshall does not look good.

Marshall leans over the sink and stares at himself in the mirror, futilely trying to rub away the evidence around his eyes of last night's foray into cross-dressing, cosmetics and homosexuality. Mutters to himself, "You can never do anything halfway, can ya, Slim?"

"You say something?" Justin, under the shower again with the door closed.

Marshall frowns at the shower door and it occurs to him that Justin has no intention of leaving it until he's drained every drop of hot water in the entire hotel. And that could take days. So he walks over and slides the door open hard so it slams and shudders against the end of the rail, catches Justin in the act of stroking himself into a hard-on and immediately forgets that he was going to threaten and glower until Justin turned the water off. Instead, he just stares. He doesn't remove his eyes from Justin's hand on himself until water flicked off Justin's other wrist lands on his face.

As their eyes meet, Marshall shrugs off the hotel bathrobe and then he's there, in the shower, one hand wrapping itself around Justin's cock. When Justin gasps in delight and surprise, a hot wet tongue squirms into his mouth as a very wet Marshall presses him against the shower wall. The hand at his cock tugs furiously, almost painfully and Justin groans into the mouth assaulting him. He brings his hands up and wraps them around Marshall's head, leans into him and pushes him back under the spray so they're both being pounded under the powerful water pressure. Licks at Marshall's mouth as the water courses between their lips, runs his fingers through short wet hair and then pulls it, forcing Marshall's face away from his so he can look down at him.

The gaze fiercely daring him to question is undermined by the mascara and eye liner streaming down Marshall's face. The make-up rubs off easily now and Justin runs his thumb down the side of Marshall's cheek, slowly moving it across wet lips until they part. Marshall's eyes close as he draws Justin's thumb into his mouth. Justin watches his greedy mouth for a few moments, enjoys the scrape of teeth across the pad of his thumb and then when Marshall has a mindless sucking rhythm going, he leans forward and whispers in his ear, "There's something else I'd like you to be sucking on."

The words are like a jumper cable attached to Marshall's cock and he's embarrassed by the involuntary shudder that goes straight through him. Feeling completely legless, he puts his hands on Justin's hips to support himself, then can't stop himself from pulling those hips closer to him, until their skin meets and Justin's erection is pressed against his belly. Moans when he feels Justin's damp, curling pubic hair brushing against his own hard cock and bites the thumb in his mouth. When he opens his eyes, Justin is just looking at him, watching his mouth. The thumb is gently removed, replaced by lips that kiss him and then whisper against his mouth, "Do you want to suck me?"

Panic for a moment flutters in Marshall's chest and then disappears as quickly when pruned fingers stroke his face. He's surprised to discover that he does want to suck Justin's cock and that he's more embarrassed by the fact of his inexperience than he is anything else. Look at Justin and nods his head, "Yeah, but I..."

Justin kisses him quickly, cutting off the words. "Just do it like you've always wanted it done to you."

The kisses, soft little sipping of water off his lips, distract Marshall from his nervousness. He kisses back, wanting something deeper, harder than soft teasing pecks, explores Justin's mouth when it opens for him, sucking at his hot tongue and sliding across velvety textures. Moves his hands off hips to run up slender ribs and then wraps his arms around Justin's neck, brings him closer. When Justin slides a hand between his legs and cups Marshall's balls, he groans and thrusts into the hand holding him. Justin laughs, biting and pulling on Marshall's lower lip before breaking the kiss. "You're gonna suck me off before I let you come, right?"

It's the flaming pink embarrassment that is killing Marshall. He doesn't mean to thrust so wildly, lose so much control, doesn't mean to groan and shake, but he can't help it. Justin strokes strong, elegant fingers up the length of his cock and he shakes again, then moans when Justin removes his hand. The hand moves to his shoulder and starts to exert subtle pressure, not forcing, just encouraging, inviting him to slide to his knees. Marshall accepts the invitation. As he sinks to the tiles, he runs both of his hands down Justin's chest, rubbing, massaging, petting as he moves down the other man's body. The water beats on his back and he bends back into the pelting spray, closes his eyes and lets the water run over his face.

Justin leans back against the shower wall and just waits, watches Marshall breathing out his anxiety. The room is filled with steam now and when Marshall opens his eyes and looks at him, he can no longer make out the color. He wishes he could see that startlingly clear blue gazing up at him. Marshall's skin is pink all over. He looks down at himself. He's pink too. The water is still hot though and it'll last forever and he has no desire to get out of the shower. He wants to feel Marshall's mouth wrapped around his dick right here and right now. He strokes himself lightly while Marshall watches him, breathe quickening when Marshall's pink tongue darts across his lips. He wants that tongue licking him and he raises his hand to Marshall's mouth and rubs that sexy and swollen lower lip until Marshall's tongue slides out and licks it. He sees Marshall glance up at him beneath his eyelashes, but he's not ready at all when Marshall practically swallows his cock in one swift motion.

"Oh God!" His legs nearly give out beneath him at the shock of that hot mouth around him. Justin presses himself against the wall and watches Marshall inexpertly suck him. He thinks he's had better blowjobs before, but then he's also had worse, much worse. There's nothing like a lack of enthusiasm to kill the moment, but that's not a worry right now. Marshall approaches sucking cock in the same greedy, desperate way he approaches every other aspect of sex. No hesitation once he's actually made up his mind to do something, just throws himself wholeheartedly into it. Justin enjoys that kind of wantonness. It's exciting and not something he ever experiences himself, being the control freak that he is.

There's something else about it too, something Justin hates to admit even to himself. He collects celebrity fucks like their fans collect autographs. The thought floats through his head. Eminem is sucking my cock. He regrets it instantly, hasn't thought of him as Eminem for a long time now. But now that it's there, it won't go away and it ramps his excitement to a whole new level. He thrusts lightly into Marshall's mouth, testing it out. Marshall chokes briefly and then puts a hand against his stomach and pushes back, controls the depth.

That was fine. Justin thinks there might be plenty of time in the future to work on Marshall's gag reflex. He has a quick, extremely graphic fantasy of himself thrusting hard into Marshall's mouth repeatedly and the image ignites inside him. His balls tighten and it's just enough notice of his impending orgasm for him to decide not to come in Marshall's mouth. He grabs the back of Marshall's head as he separates himself from those luscious lips and then releases his load all over Marshall's face, takes the head of his cock and spreads some of his spunk across Marshall's mouth so he can taste it without committing to it.

Marshall gasps, startled by the blast of cum into his face, but it's already being sluiced away by the jets of water. He can taste the slightly salty bitterness on his lips, but before he can decide what to do about it, Justin's on the tiles beside him, licking him clean and thrusting a tongue into his mouth. He kisses him back frantically, tries to adjust to their awkward position on the floor of the shower cubicle and then loses his balance as Justin pushes forward and lands hard right between his shoulder blades against the faucets. "Aaaah, oh fuck."

He winces when Justin reaches out to grab him. "I'm sorry, what...shit, are you ok?"

"Fuck. No, my back. Fuck." Holds himself, tries to get up and can't move with Justin so close. "Help me up."

Justin stands in the shower quickly, lowers the water pressure and then reaches for Marshall and pulls him to his feet. Marshall moves like he's going to step out into the bathroom and Justin puts a hand on him, stops him. "Let me see."

"No!" But he stops moving and Justin turns him, grasping his shoulder. He leans against the wall of the shower while Justin slides a hand over his back, gently massaging. He sucks in his breath quickly when Justin hits the spot where he banged himself.

"You're such a baby. Here, stay still." Justin unhooks the showerhead and increases the water pressure again and then aims it at Marshall's back.

The heat is soothing and he sighs as the pain starts to fade under the hot water and Justin's probing fingers. He raises his arms so he can lean his head against them and notices his hands. "We need to get out of this shower before I turn into a raisin."

Justin laughs. "I've decided we're living here forever."

Marshall grins. "Can't, man, I gotta do Leno tonight!"

"They can film it here, can't they?" A murmur against his back. Justin's kissing him now, lips pressing lightly where his fingers were rubbing before. When Justin moves his mouth from between his shoulders down to his lower back, it tickles, but it's also doing some interesting things to his cock as an electric sensation laps slowly up and down his spine. His cock is fully hard by the time Justin's mouth reaches his ass.

The kisses alternate between soft and delicate brushes against his skin and hard little nips of his flesh. Marshall's already forgotten to worry about turning into a raisin because all he can focus on is the feeling of Justin's mouth against his buttocks. He's exposed it dozens of times on stage or on film, harmless mooning, but no one's ever touched it like this. Nobody has ever kissed him there, not even Kim. He wonders if it would even feel the same as he feels Justin's stubble scraping against him, knows that it wouldn't. When Justin's tongue unexpectedly slides across the tight rim of his ass, Marshall nearly climbs the shower wall.

When he starts to move away from the mouth that is suddenly touching him so intimately, Justin's arm wraps around his hips and pulls him back down, pressing that hot, wriggling tongue deeper. Marshall moans then and sinks onto Justin's mouth, wants to push him down to the floor of the shower and just grind his ass against that wet heat. Christ, it was just so fucking hot. And dirty. His feelings keep splintering off, veering wildly between disgust and excitement, fear and lust and the obvious fact that the fear and disgust were just as thrilling. And Justin's tongue just keeps probing relentlessly, teasing, sucking, licking, blowing lightly against sensitive tissue and then stabbing into him until he feels opened up, exposed, and very much in need of something more...filling.

As the thought drifts though Marshall's mind that he needs something... what... something... no... something... yes... inside of him besides Justin's squirming, teasing tongue, Justin pauses from his attention to Marshall's anus long enough to deliver the answer. "I want to fuck you so bad, Marshall."

And suddenly the pieces slip into place, like interlocking gears finely lubricated and Marshall knows what he needs. He sighs, holds the answer there for a moment, examining it, and then in a very quiet, but clear voice he says, "Yes."

Justin stops then, confused. It hadn't really been a question, just a statement of desire, maybe some frustration. He didn't think it would happen. Wasn't expecting it to happen and he could live without it because this, touching Marshall, kissing him, was enough. Fuck, it was more than enough. It was incredible. Did he really just hear? "What?"

For a moment, Marshall doesn't answer. Just reaches out and turns the water in the shower off, then he glances back at Justin, looks away and murmurs, "I want you to ...but not in here."

Justin wants to say "What" again? In fact, he wants to shout it. Suppresses the urge because if he asks again the answer may change. He runs his fingers through his hair and then grabs Marshall's hand and pulls himself up. Marshall's just standing there, like he's waiting to be told what's next, so Justin kisses him lightly on the lips and then tugs on his hand until he follows him out of the shower. He stops and picks up a bath sheet, releases Marshall's hand, but then wraps the towel around him, pulling him close. Marshall slides his arms around him and buries his face in Justin's neck and plants soft, fluttery kisses in the hollow as Justin rubs him dry, more or less, with the towel. When he's done he doesn't bother toweling himself off, just drops the towel to the floor and says, "So let's go then."


Back in the bedroom, Marshall feels all shy and awkward again as he takes a seat on the bed. He's too naked and he wishes he'd grabbed the bathrobe he'd been wearing earlier to cover himself. Justin's walking around the room, completely naked and sporting a hard-on, obviously very comfortable in his own skin, as he looks for a condom. Marshall wishes he could be like that instead of feeling like a blushing, shy virgin, which come to think of it, is exactly what he is.

"Hmm, I got the lube, but I can't find...I can't find the fucking condoms." Justin pouts, continues to search frantically, afraid this encounter is about to go south due to his own absent- mindedness. He's afraid the longer it takes to find what he's looking for, the more likely it'll become that Marshall will change his mind.

"I brought some."

"What!?" Crap, he was repeating himself. Too many fucking surprises.

Marshall was concentrating intently on the bedspread he'd drawn into his lap, his face aflame with embarrassment when Justin turns to look at him. "I said I brought some."

Justin's across the room in a heartbeat, pressing him down onto the bed, kissing him and holding his heated face in cool hands. "You really are full of surprises."

Marshall stretches out beneath him, more comfortable with Justin on top of him like a protective covering than he was sitting on the bed alone. He touches Justin's face and smiles. "Yeah."

"Where are they?"

Marshall's eyes glance around the room, settle on the black athletic bag he'd brought with him the night before. As he moves to get up, Justin pushes him back gently and says, "I'll get 'em."

"In the side pocket."

And then Justin's gone and Marshall feels naked again, but it's only a moment or two before Justin is climbing back on top of him and he can relax. For a second they just look at each other and then Justin grins. Marshall just can't help it, he breaks up. "You move like a monkey."

"What? Shut up!"

"You do. You scamper around like a monkey."

"Shut it! I don't scamper. I move gracefully."

"You scamper."

Justin pokes him in the ribs. "Get fucked!"

Hesitant now. "I'm just about to, aren't I?"

Justin settles down then, just looks at him. "Yeah, you are."

Marshall swallows. "Do I need I need to roll over?"

Justin smiles and shakes his head, runs his hand lightly down Marshall's arm. "No, I want you facing me." Leans in and whispers in Marshall's ear, "I want to see your face when I put my cock inside of you."

Marshall gasps, arches his back, and thrusts up against Justin's body, turned on and only mildly terrified, "God, yes!"

Justin licks the shell of his ear and then starts whispering things, dirty things, making Marshall buck and moan and pant. And while he tells Marshall exactly how he's going to fuck him and exactly how much he, Justin, is going to enjoy plowing his tight, virgin ass and how he's going to make Marshall scream and beg, his hand is sliding down Marshall's body. When he reaches Marshall's thighs, he pushes them further apart and runs his fingers gently along the crack dividing one butt cheek from the other. Just teasing, lightly stroking in lazy circles around, but never exactly touching, Marshall's anus.

"Ride you...slut...plow...cock...scream...bitch." They're just words and Marshall misses most of them because one word will echo in his brain and he forgets to keep listening for the rest. Mostly clichˇs, but they have the desired effect. His blood is pounding in his cock and he feels light-headed, revved up and just a little bit desperate. He still feels soft and open from Justin's tongue earlier and now his touch is driving him crazy, distracting him further from listening to the words being whispered into his ear. And finally, when he can't stand it anymore, when humping up against Justin isn't cutting it, and the fingers are too stingy, too playful, he hears himself beg. "Please, God, just fuck me already!"

"I'm gonna fuck you right now, monkey." Marshall laughs and Justin nips at his earlobe and then sits up and reaches for the lube and a condom. He tears the packet with his teeth and nimbly slips the condom down snugly over his cock while he watches Marshall's face. Marshall's looking at his hands, so Justin strokes himself a few times until Marshall bites his lip and pants. When he uncaps the small bottle of lubricant, Marshall reaches out and grabs the hand holding the bottle.

"Is it gonna hurt?"

Justin smiles and strokes the fingers of his other hand down the length of Marshall's cock until he reaches his balls, slides them under and places a finger against him, but doesn't push it in. "A little, maybe. But not much and not for long. You feel open, don't you?"

Marshall frowns slightly. "I feel like I...yeah."

"And you want me to shove this finger right up inside you, don't you?" As Marshall shakes in wordless response, Justin can feel the pucker beneath his finger relax even more. When he removes his hand, Marshall moans, nearly sobbing in his frustration. Justin finishes applying lubricant to his cock and then slicks up his fingers with it, warming it up before he reaches for Marshall's body again.

For a moment Marshall shies away from the sticky wetness on Justin's hand, but then it starts to heat up and he wants to push himself against it because, again, Justin is just applying the slightest pressure to Marshall's asshole and he won't fucking push in. He reaches out and grabs Justin's free hand, squeezes it and pulls on him to bring him closer, but Justin won't move. He just laughs a little bit, and the sound is much lower, deeper than he would have expected. "If you want me to fuck you, you're gonna have to open up for me, show me what a horny fucking slut you are."

Marshall wants to beg, but he's already done that and it hasn't worked. So he does the only thing he can do and pushes himself onto Justin's finger, sighs and trembles as it glides inside him easily and then Justin's covering him with his body again and moving his hand so Marshall can feel it inside him. Justin kisses him, licking and sucking on his mouth as Marshall keeps squirming against his hand, wanting more of him. "I need you in me."

Justin nods, slowly removes his finger from Marshall's body and then positions his cock against him. When he starts to brace himself for it, Justin pats his hip gently and says, "No, just stay relaxed like you were before. And push down, just a little bit, push down against me."

The thought goes through Marshall's mind that relaxing is easier said than done, but Justin's just waiting again and he can feel that hardness pressed against him, but unmoving and suddenly he can feel his body relax and open, like it wants to welcome it inside, draw it in, grasp at Justin's dick because he really is a fucking greedy slut. The moment he presses down towards Justin's cock, he feels him push up and then the thickness invades him and it hurts, but he's still pushing against it anyway and when it strokes away from him, he follows it so when Justin strokes back in, he finds he's filled up with it completely. And Jesus Fuck, it still hurts, lying pop star bastard, but at the same time he's full now, not empty, and it's Justin inside him and it's just fucking incredible and why the fuck isn't he moving?

Justin waits. It's what he does, patiently and quietly, because he always knows he'll end up with exactly what he wants. And he's where he wants to be right now, inside Marshall, and watching him, watching his face and wondering where Marshall is and what's going through his mind, but he doesn't ask, just waits patiently for Marshall to refocus and as soon as he sees it, as soon as he's sure Marshall is present again, he strokes out and thrusts back into the tightness of his body. And if that isn't quite a scream that Marshall emits, it's close enough for Justin.

Eyes flash at him, blue glints, and Justin smiles and refits himself, molding himself around Marshall. And Marshall's grabbing at him, pulling him close, and rocking against him, frantic whispering, "Do that again, do that again, God, Justin, fuck me."

And Justin does it again and again, making Marshall cry out each time. He pries Marshall's hands off him and pushes them over his head, holds them against the headboard and angles himself upward, using his arms for leverage as he pushes Marshall's hands into the pillow above his head and slams his cock into the hot, tight sheath, one, twice, three times until Marshall is gasping and moaning, face pressed against Justin's arm. When he pauses, Marshall stills, but then slides a tongue out and licks the perspiration off Justin's arm, sucks on the skin and then bites down as he rocks again, wanting Justin to thrust into him. Teasingly, Justin starts to pull out, only stopping when Marshall gives a long, shuddering, "No."

When Justin stops moving, Marshall glances at him from the corner of his eyes, brushes his face against Justin's arm and then brings his gaze back around as Justin watches him, a small smile playing against his lips. Marshall wants to lick his mouth, slide his tongue between the crease of his smile and lick across his perfect white teeth. Oh, and he also wants the fucking to continue. "Stop torturing me."

Justin smiles like a cat, thrusts lightly. "Am I torturing you?"

Marshall groans, bites his lip. "You know you are."

"You're so easy to torment." He runs two fingers over one of Marshall's nipples and pinches it until he hears an intake of breath. "Your buttons aren't hard to find."

Marshal growls then, thrusts himself against Justin's cock, but he doesn't have the leverage to get much satisfaction. Even his cock, hard against his belly, doesn't quite rub against Justin's skin, due to Justin's angle off his body. "Just fucking fuck me!

Justin laughs and rocks into him once, then stops. "What a bossy bottom."

Marshall moans then, arches his back and thrusts against Justin again. Finally, he does what he should have done in the first place and wrenches his hands out from beneath Justin's grasp and reaches up with them, pulls at Justin until he topples onto him. Face to face now, Justin giggles and cups Marshall's face in his hands, kisses him slowly and deeply, before whispering, "I love messing with you."

"You shouldn' shouldn't mess with me."

Justin pumps into him again, slowly this time, building a rhythm. "Why not?"

Marshall opens his eyes, tries to think, issue a serious threat, but he can't, not with Justin so close and making him feel so good, so he says "I'll pout."

Justin laughs then. "Your face is arranged in that expression permanently, so I don't think that'll stop me."

Marshall considers. "What will?"

"Nothing. I'm relentless."

Marshall sighs, closes his eyes, caught in the rhythm of Justin's hips now, doesn't answer. So Justin runs his fingers over his eyebrows until he opens his eyes again and looks up at him. "Does this feel good?

Softly, "Yeah."

Holds his gaze, strokes fingers over his mouth. "As good as when I was slamming into you?"

"Mmm, yeah. This is...I like you close."

Justin picks up the rhythm a bit, keeps close contact to Marshall's belly as he moves inside him, Marshall's cock hard between them now. "I wanna see you come like this. While I'm watching you."

Marshall's breath quickens, and Justin slips a finger into his mouth. When Marshall starts sucking on it and beings to close his eyes again, he tugs on his hair until they open. "Did you like sucking my cock?"

Marshall groans then, sucks his finger harder, but Justin pulls it out, wet with spit and rubs it across Marshall's lips. "Tell me."

"I...yeah." Marshall gasps as Justin thrusts into him a bit faster.

Justin leans in to kiss him, sucks at his wet lips and then draws Marshall's tongue into his mouth. He can still taste himself on Marshall's mouth, faint traces of salt when he starts sucking on Marshall's upper lip. "I can taste myself on you."

Marshall grabs for him then, wraps his hands around Justin's head and pulls his mouth back down against his, kisses him hard, sucking at his lips, and thrusting his tongue wildly into his mouth as he rubs himself against Justin's belly every time Justin moves inside him. Justin breaks the kiss again, keeps his eyes on Marshall's as he rocks inside him, changing the rhythm slightly to rock back and forth so he can feel the hot stickiness of Marshall's pre-cum against his stomach as he slides across the head of his cock.

Marshall's panting and gasping now, so very close. Justin kisses his face and then slides his tongue down to Marshall's ear, slips it in and thrusts in time with his cock inside Marshall. When Marshall starts to make keening noises against his cheek, he bites the earlobe gently and then whispers, so softly that Marshall has to strain to hear, "After I cum inside you, I'm gonna take the condom off and let you suck my dick clean, cause I think you liked it." Marshall nearly whites out when he comes.


It takes him a moment to gather his senses back. He feels completely unglued, utterly boneless. Justin's lying still on top of him and he can feel the hot mess of his cum sticking their bodies together. Justin's pressing his lips against his temple, just holding them there and he can feel warm breath coming from his nose. When he finally feels like he can manage to speak coherently, he clears his throat and says, "You have got a dirty fucking mouth."

Justin snorts a laugh and kisses his temple this time, then kisses his mouth. "You're one to talk."

Marshall snakes his arms around Justin's neck and pulls him down so they're nose to nose. Serious now, but full of wonder. "I've never come so hard in my fucking life."

Justin kisses him then, happy. "I know, I could feel it. I was right here the whole time."

Marshall grins then, slightly embarrassed, but not really caring. "What about..."

Justin shakes his head. "I'm done too." Looks at Marshall contemplatively, "you hungry?"

Marshall's eyes go wide as he starts to protest. He's not turned on anymore and there's no way...there's just no way...

Justin laughs then, pulls out of Marshall and grabs a pillow and smacks him with it and says, "I meant for breakfast, loser!"


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