by Megolas

It was Kansas when Lance kissed Justin for the first time, up against the hotel window. Soft curious lips on Justin's and fields of corn outside the window. Lance's mouth was warm and his hands slid under Justin's t-shirt, up his ribs and finished up curled around his jaw, the window cold against Justin's back.

When Justin blinked, Lance was gone.

JC came back to their room fifteen minutes later and Justin was still there, back against the window, fingers tracing his jawline and blinking.

It happened again in another small hotel two towns down the road, only this time Justin was ready. Large hands on Lance's hips, holding him in place and Justin tried an experimental blink. This time, Lance was still there with his hands wrapped around Justin's shoulders, fingers smoothing gently across the nape of his neck. A longer kiss this time, one of Justin's hands running though waxed and bleached spikes.

Relaxed his grip for one moment and Lance was gone again.

They went out clubbing after a concert and ended up down a dark corridor. Lance pushed Justin up against the wall and kissed him so hard that Justin banged his head on the wall and saw stars. Lance slid down Justin's lanky body, his mouth latched onto any exposed skin that he passed before he melted away into the darkness.

When Justin examined his body in the shower the following morning, he found little dark bruises on his stomach, hips and chest.

Justin's turn next. End of dance practise and Lance was still there, tongue caught between his teeth in concentration as he carefully retraced the newest steps. Joey, Chris and JC had left the room and gone hollering and hooting to shower so it was just Justin, Lance and walls of mirrors. Justin could see them reflected all around as he trapped Lance against one wall, pining him in with his hips and kissing him. Mirror Justin's hands running possessively across Lance's body, reflected back at them multiple times.

Lance's skin felt like it would burn his hands.

Another town, another club, another dark corridor and Justin was down on his knees, making sure that he slid down Lance as his legs folded underneath him. Listened to the hissed breath and laughed as Lance's hips jerked forward into his hands. Quick tug on the zip and Lance's hands were in Justin's hair and his cock in Justin's mouth. Lance had porn in his voice when he came.

It was Justin's turn to vanish into the darkness, leaving Lance leaning against the wall.

Twice on the two-man bus: once tangled up in a bunk feeling like they were one person with too many legs and arms, the second time on the couch. Justin's feet hung over the arm as Lance held him down against the cushions and straddled him. Lance's mouth hungry and fierce and Justin's hands in a death-grip around Lance's waist.

Back in Kansas again and when Justin felt the cool glass against his back, he smiled.


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