Hunter's Moon
by Peja

The last set of x-ray films slipped into an already noted manila envelope and set into the appropriate out basket on his work table, Danny Cooper stretched his arms high over his head and rotated his head, finding a tired sweetness in the gentle pop and snap that realigned bones in his spine.

One quick last glance around his station. He gave a satisfied nod and snatched his jacket off the hook and stuffed the remnants of yesterday's newspaper into the deep pocket. He intended to escape the stress of the day's horrors in his favorite after work hot spot. A couple mindless hours over a long cool sparkling rose brought a wistful smile to his full pouty lips.

Dan Cooper strode quickly down the hall and out the front door. It was a mildly windy night, nothing too unpleasant, just enough to play with his hair and whip the jacket about his muscular body.

He paused at the top of the steps, considering his next move. Take his car, or walk. The lounge was only a couple blocks away. The walk would do him good. Clear the cobwebs the day had formed in his brain. So walk it was.

He sprinted down the steps and headed on his way.

Half a block away, his phone rumbled in his pocket. Grumbling under his breath about too long hours and vastly inconsiderate bosses, he flipped open the phone and read...

'Its a Hunter's Moon.'

"Oh, Jesus," he whispered, casting a wide-eyed glance around in search of his beloved Wolfe.

'I'm watching you' sprang up on the tiny screen.

"Ryan." Cooper drew a ragged breath, scouring his surroundings for the smaller man.

'Run!!!' flashed in the phone's screen.




This repeating message was enough to get him moving, all thoughts of spending a boisterous happy hour around a table full of friends and acquaintances at the lounge banished as he broke into a sprint across the street toward the dubious protection of the nearby park.

There was a dark side to his lover. A side that sent fissions of excitement and terror through him when it came out. And he always called it a hunter's moon when it surfaced.

Glancing over his shoulder, Coop caught a glimpse of Wolfe striding determinedly behind him a block away. Ryan's expression, even from this distance, was apparent in his stride and in the way he held his body. Ryan was indeed hunting him.

This knowledge was enough to spur him to greater speed. He had to get to the little bungalow they kept before Ryan brought him down. For he had no doubt, the smaller man would advance the hunt until he had his trophy. Until he could claim the prize. In his current frame of need, Ryan would claim him body and soul. In public, or in private, he would claim his conquest in the most palpable of ways.

Cooper sped his pace from the easy sprint to an out and out scramble over the sidewalk, veering off sharply as his run led him past the park. He paused at the entrance long enough to cast a quick glance over his shoulder.

Ryan was still behind him. Big surprise there. And he had also sped his pace. Not too fast, that would make the chase to easy. Just enough to keep it interesting.

Cooper's dark eyes darted around, searching for some protection. If he could not make the privacy of their bungalow, he shuddered against the direction of that thought. He so did not want to be brought down in the gathering dusk without some sort of cover to hide them from prying eyes. Oh no, that did not bear thinking about. Not at all

Spurred by the phantom "what if's" rimming his mind, he took off hard and fast, toward the waiting grouping of trees. He knew from less speedy strolls through this park that the trees would cover his dash almost to his goal. Almost.

It had to be enough.

Scrambling over the one-foot hedge that trimmed the walk path, he raced into the wooded area.

Darkness was gathering more swiftly now, and the landscape was anything but flat, making the dash for escape more dangerous. Halfway through the woods, a ragged root tripped him up and he went down hard, knocking the wind from his lungs and set brilliant, silver balls of light spinning behind his eyelids. He bit his lip, stifling the groan and rolled a bit on the ground until his breath found its way back to him.

A snapping twig was enough to get him back on his feet and zig-zagging the rest of the way through the woods.

Pausing at the edge of his concealment, he scanned the area, searching for his pursuer.

Ryan was a couple hundred yards from him, smirking with his hands on his hips. The smaller man turned his head slightly, looking at the waiting bungalow, then back to Cooper.


The taut jarred Cooper's prickly nerves, sending him hurtling out of the woods and across the street, one hand searching his pocket for his key. He had the key in hand by the time he hit the door. Trembling hands made opening the door a bit tricky but he was turning the knob as Ryan slammed into him from behind, propelling them both inside.

The men landed in a jumble of arms and legs in the middle of the floor, the door standing open for anyone passing by to see.

Cooper scratched for freedom, and got it, just long enough to kick the door closed before Ryan was on him again. Hard, gentle fingers shredded Cooper's shirt, leaving him bare to the other man's dark eyes. The naked beauty stilled Ryan for a long moment as his glance drifted lazily up and down the sweat oiled body below him.

Smiling, Coop reached up to cup Ryan's face, breaking the silence between them.

"Concede, my own." Ryan didn't wait for an answer, claiming as his right, a kissed so filled with passion that Coop tasted his own blood on the other man's lips.

Somehow by the time the kiss was over, Ryan's shirt was dangling from one wrist and Coop's jeans were opened and snaking down his legs. Ryan made quick work of Coop's pants and his shirt, then leaned up enough to peel his own jeans down.

Naked as the day they were born, Ryan bent to nibble Coop's neck, sending a shiver through the taller man. Ryan leaned back on his heels, his dark eyes gleamed an inhuman golden in the growing darkness.

Spell-bound by those strange, mesmeric eyes, Coop didn't resist as Ryan began a long torturous nibble and lick from his throat down to his nips, taking long moments to tease and torment the tender flesh.

He couldn't hold back the moans of pleasure bubbling through him when Ryan finally pressed into him, his hands grasping for the dominating man above him but Ryan captured his wrists and kept up a slow tortuous pace until Coop heard him own voice scream for release.

"Concede." Ryan whispered against Coop's ear even as he continued his sensual attack. "Concede to me."

"Love..." Coop rasped out. ", Ry. Please...I need..."

Ryan's fingers wrapped round Coop's swollen cock, squeezing, stroking as he pounded the pleasure spot inside his lover.

Coop screamed again as his pleasure soared. The rippling climax was enough to send Ryan soaring after him, spending his seed inside the man he loved.

Coop caught him as his body drifted back into itself. A smile whispered over his lips as Ryan's body relaxed against him.

The smile dissolved into a blinding smile as Ryan whispered. "I love you back."

Minutes later with Ryan draped over him, snoring gently into his neck as they lie on the floor, Coop couldn't help thinking he didn't mind one bit offering himself up as a sacrifice to the horrors that found a home in Ryan Wolfe's hyper mind.

Nope, not at all


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