Chasing Away The Pain
by Peja

Ryan Wolfe winced as another lancing wave of agonizing pain swept through his head, or more accurately through the point where months ago nail had met eye. Pushing phone books and journals over the side of the bed, he gingerly laid down on the brilliantly orange bedspread and curled into a fetal position, rocking himself in a comforting motion.

The door opened, letting in the light from the outside as Coop slide inside and closed the door again with a soft snick. Without speaking he crept across the room and eased up against Ryan, his spooning body warming away the freaky chill that always accompanied the devastating migraines

"Feels like my head's a dozen huge eggs that someone broke so they could watch the insides leaking out," Ryan murmured, cuddling deeper into the curve of Coop's protective embrace.

Ryan rolled him over with practiced care, knowing just how to move his lover without causing any new hurts. "Want me to call your doctor?"

Ryan slitted his eyes open just enough to met Coop's eyes. "Not an option," Ryan managed. "These damn headaches become public knowledge and H is gonna have to ..."

Coop laid a finger across Ryan's pale lips. "Got it. We need to look into other options, right?"

A weak smile crossed Ryan's lips. "I heard sex was a good way to kill a headache."

Arching one golden brow, Coop smiled and leaned up on his arm, staring down on his lover. "Sometimes I think you pretend you have a headache just to get me into bed."

A wicked grin broke over Ryan's pale face as he cupped Coop's cheek. "Wanna test that theory, Coop."

"Brat," Coop chuckled, gently claiming Ryan's eager lips. He like nothing better than to test theories with the strong, fragile man in his arms.


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