Downhill Slide
by Peja

Eddie Torres, his best friend and lover, was slowly drifting farther and farther down the slippery slope of devastation. Knowing that Eddie was growing away from him filled JCs heart with dread. He had to find some way to bring the man back to him. To save him from the seedy side of life his undercover assignment to vice was taking him.

But it wasn't going to be easy. Oh no, not this time. Eddie had taken the assignment in secret, knowing JC would disapprove of him taking it. That hurt. Hurt to the heart.

So here he was striding through the back streets and alleys of the worst part of the red light district in search of the fiery Latino. Two hours and a dozen strip bars later, JC was tracking down the last lead. The snitches and whores had been more or less willing to give him the information he wanted...when they found out he meant business. He had two sets of bloodied knuckles to testify to that, and a fire in his gut that had nothing to do with being turned on.

Eddie was gong to have a lot to make up to him for. And he damn sure had better be pretty freaking convincing when he was at it.

Pushing through the door to the rat trap little backwater bar, JC had no trouble what so ever finding the smaller man. He walked slowly toward the naked little dancer on center stage with predatory grace.

Eddie's eyes widened slightly, watching JC approach. A quirky little smile tugged the corner of his lips and he shimmied forward until his hot body writhed against JC. Brown arms lifted to wrap around JC's stiff neck, soothing the bristling temper as he shimmied and thrust against the long hard body.

JC knew he was lost as Eddie slowly slithered in an easy slide down his body. Hot fingers drew down his zipper and reached inside to fondle and ...


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