Sunshine, Showers Forecast
by SpikeDru

Rose knew it couldn't last.

Every time he took her home - or as close as he was likely to get - she thought he'd be gone in the morning. Every time he stood next to a new stranger and looked at them like they were the most important person in his world, she thought of how many others had fallen for that unconscious charm.

That was the problem.

She had fallen for him and she wasn't even sure he'd meant for it to happen. When his attention turned to her, she felt giddy. Like she really was the most important person in his world. Touching him was like having sunshine tingling on every nerve. He lit up skies with his laughter.

Except he had changed.

Not physically. In the nights when they danced themselves into a shared bed his hips were still thin and bony within her thighs, his tongue was still ticklish against her lips and his fingers were still long, thin and oh so talented. And he made love like she was the most important thing in his universe.

Except every new landing brought new universes and now he stepped out to explore them through his new eyes. Eyes that weren't just for her any more. So she clung on, making him notice her. Filling those new, faulty eyes with her. Now she had his sunshine in her veins, and she wanted to hold back the dusk. How could she live in the darkness to come if she didn't grab every second she could now? They burned so very brightly together.

She knew it couldn't last.


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